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12 Guns and Knives!

 Adam finally arrived at the venue. He is hiding behind the tree at the back of the bar. There's not much light on the area where he is standing, from his location he can observe the venue well without going inside. Then he starts concentrating, trying to locate Jess' scent. He was able to trace her faint scent at the women's comfort room. Then her scent spread out into the parking area...he starts following the trail of her faint scent as far as one mile from the venue.

Why would Jess astray far away from the venue...?

Unless she was abducted! That's the only conclusion he can think of.

His heart beats in frantic worry...

He already passed several houses, trees and vacant lot along the way.

Then her scent is getting stronger...

He thinks he is getting nearer to the place where she was held captive.

Then he suddenly stop in the middle of the road. On the left corner, is a pathway, he decided to walks on it, then he see an old building at the end of the pathway.

Her scent is more profound now...

He is now standing outside of an old abandoned building. It's a bit far from the highway and located in a remote place, with lots of surrounding trees. He found two cars, parked at the back of the building.

He tried to concentrate more, scanning every room and spaces of the building. Then he finally located her scent in one of the rooms. He enters the building and went straight towards it, then he stops on his tracks outside the door. He can hear men's voices talking and laughing inside, he can see their outline, four of them. Then on the right corner which is a bit darker and hidden part of the room, there's a body lying on the floor, that must be Jessy!

He went inside passing through the wall, unnoticed. He stands directly near where Jessy is lying. Her clothes are still intact including her shoes, she's still breathing. He felt relieved seeing she's still not harmed in any way. From where he is standing, he can see the four men, naked from their waist up, busy snorting white powdered substance on the table, along with some alcohol. He won't be surprised if they are snorting cocaine, heroin or even fentanyl in there. He also sees four handguns and four knives on the table besides those white powdered substance.

These men are very well prepared, Adam told himself.

What they will do to Jessy later is very clear on his mind...scumbags!

If he came a bit late, he might not able to save Jessy. He closes his eyes, trying to control his rage which is already reaching fever pitch!

But he will wait a little bit before taking actions, he can think of so many ways to kill them...he wants the best way to kill them that can truly satisfies him.

"So, after we are done with her? Where shall we dump her body?" The man with a big scar on his arms asked. "The usual way-?" he added.

"We're not going to kill her yet. After we have our fun tonight, we keep drugging her. Am thinking of making her my sex slave. Keep her in the dungeon in my basement for six months and after I'm bored with her, I will kill her, dispose her body and find another." The man with the mustache spoke.

He seemed to be the leader of the group, Adam said to himself.

"Greg, can I bang her first? You always got to be the first to bang those women. Why am always last on the line!?" the short guy grumbled.

"Because you're slow," the fourth guy responded and they erupted in laughter.

Adam, glanced at the guns and knives on the table, either way, he will kill them all using their own weapons. But he wants this incident to be as quiet as possible. This involves Jess and him. If he will kill them brutally the police will investigate thoroughly and it might lead them to him and Jess, it's something he can't afford. There must be no mistake tonight.

After a while, the leader of the group stood up. "Okay guys, the first person who can reach her, will get her first. I will begin counting from one to ten," he said. The other three men stood abruptly, grinning. Perverse anticipations were showing on their faces.

Adam flinched...scumbags!

"Am going to count"

Before the leader can finish counting...Adam uses his power by waving his right hand upon them...freezing their bodies from their neck down to their toes...he wants to torture them a bit, mentally at least. He wants his revenge for Jess! And revenge for all the women they raped and killed before!

The four men look at each other in total panic...

"Why can't we move our body? What the fuck is going on!" they talked in unison.

Then Adam suddenly appeared in front of them...

They were even more surprised and puzzled to see a masked man appeared in front of them out of nowhere.

"W-Who are you? B-Batman?" the leader asked with a quivering voice.

Adam laughed. "Am better than Batman. You don't have to know who I am." He picks up the gun from the table and pressed it on their heads one by one. "How about five bullets per head?" he said in a menacing voice.

His vicious actions and words created instant fear on their faces...their eyes showing helplessness knowing they can't even move a muscle.

"So-you guys love to kidnap, raped and kill women? What kind of sick hobby is that? Don't you have any wives, mother, sisters, daughters or girlfriends? Where's your guilt and conscience? You all deserve to rot in hell! You don't belong here on earth! I will make your heads explode with your own guns!" he exclaimed in angry voice.

"I will count one to ten, who wants to go in hell first? Answer!" Adam shouted menacingly at them.

"No! You can't do that!! Somebody help us!" the leader of the group starts shouting at the top of his lungs.

Adam is totally annoyed. "Lol, do you think somebody can hear you? Shut up!"

Then the other three men followed suit and they screamed much louder this time...shouting for help.

Adam is truly pissed now. He would love to smash their faces with the gun he is holding but he stops himself, instead, he waves his right hand at them again and freezes their heads except for their eyes.

Silence take-over the room...

"That's better." Adam murmured to himself.

He put back the gun in the table and pick up the knife, then he unsheathes it and pinned it on the men's faces one by one just like what he did with the gun.

"I've changed my mind. I think the gun is too easy and not much fun. But I can do a lot of things with this knife. I can slice your dick and feed it into your mouths, cut your fingers and toes, disembowel your stomach and feed your intestine to the wild dogs, how about that?" He grinned like the devil himself behind his mask.

The four men must be really terrified now because tears have begun to form on their eyes...

"Have you ever think and consider how your victims feel before you raped and kill them? Have you!?" He shouted ferociously at their faces.

Then Adam sighed...he no longer wants to see their despicable faces...he might as well send them to hell right now.

He put the knife down beside the gun and gathered the powdered substance from the table. There are more like hundreds of powdered substance pack in transparent cellophane scattered on the table.

Four sets of eyes stared at him with trepidation...

"Ah, I changed my mind again, the knife is too much gore and blood. I don't want to dirty myself with your filthy blood. So, I will use this instead." He showed them the powdered substance. "You like consuming these drugs too much, right? So, I will feed each of you large quantity of drugs, am sure you will die happy before the night is over," he laughed wickedly.

Then he starts the process, he emptied twenty packs of the powdered substance into the leader's mouth. Then he freezes his mouth so that he won't be able to spit it out. He did the same thing to the rest of the three men. By the time he is done with the fourth guy, the leader was already convulsing...then he unfreeze them and they all crumbled into the ground.

He waited for one hour to passed before he checked their breathing, negative. They're dead. If somebody found them it will be too late to save them.

He retrieves his smartphone from the inside pocket of his sweatshirt and called Nana Aida.

"Adam, did you find Jess?" urgency in her voice.

"Yes Nana, I found her. She's fine. I will bring her home now. See you tomorrow in the mansion."

"Thank God!" Nana Aida exclaimed in relief.

"Did you call the police, Nana?"

"No. I did not call anyone. I told my children to keep quiet," she reassures him.

"Good. See you tomorrow, Nana." Then he put his smartphone back on his sweatshirt's packet.

He glanced at Jess sleeping form, she's still in a deep slumber. What kind of drugs did they feed her? With all the commotions going she still not awaken. He checked her body for any serious wounds or bruises, he did not find any that can cause alarmed.

Then she moaned...eyes still closed.

Adam unties his long black flowing cloak and covers Jessy with it. He kissed her forehead. "You are now safe, Jess. I will bring you home now," he whispered softly into her ears.

He was so close to losing her tonight...those morbid thoughts still give him a chill on his spine even if the perpetrators were already dead.

It's over now...he tried to calmed himself down. He lifted Jess' body gently and they exited the room...out from the dilapidated building...and within seconds they disappeared into the darkness of the night.