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9 Sealed With A Kiss!

 Every three months, Nanny Aida visits her family and bring Jessy along with her.

Jess always find it exciting every time she meets her Nanny's family. It's seldom she was allowed to see and explore the world outside.

"I miss playing with Ivy, Nana!" Jess exclaimed. Ivy is Nana's youngest daughter who has the same age with her.

Nanny Aida has five children and three of them were already married.

"Okay, don't forget to pack your things tonight because we will be leaving tomorrow morning." Aida smiled.

Adam is listening with the girl's chatter, occasionally he will steal a glance on Jessy's direction. But she always avoids his gaze. He toyed with the untouched food on his plate. He attends breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the girls because they insisted it should be the way things should be. That has been the arrangement ever since...he just goes along with it. He's not really eating the food, he just played with them, pushing them here and there on his plate. They do not mind at all. They just want his company at the dining table.

He cleared his throat. "Nana, please don't bring Jessy with you tomorrow," he pleaded.

Aida looked at him with a mixture of amusement and surprised. "Oh, why? I mean what is the reason-?"

"I don't wanna be left alone here," he replied. He glanced at Jessy who is busy cutting the spicy pork steak on her plate. Pretending to be busy...that's it, he told himself wryly.

Jess has been avoiding him for two days already. He feels like his confession of love has been rejected completely by the girl of his dream and he was devastated. Her cold treatment is killing him!

Nanny Aida, focused her attention on the two teens in front of her. She's trying to figure out why these two young people are not talking to each other. "Hmmm...What's wrong with you, guys?"

Both Adam and Jessy fell silent...

"What do you think-Jess? Do you still want to go with me or stay here?" Aida said.

"I will go with you tomorrow, Nana. I will not miss it for the world." She finally smiled at her but ignored Adam altogether.

Adam sighed deeply...

He's feeling frustrated!

He slowly put down the spoon and pork on his plate and stood up. "Am done eating. Thank you for the lovely dinner-Nana." He exited the dining room area and went upstairs straight to his room.

He lay on his bed, thinking of Jess and her weird behavior recently...

Was he wrong all the time, expecting that she will love him back? But he was damn sure, she has some tiny bit of attraction towards him. 'I guess I was wrong,' he told himself. After all, in real life, pretty girls don't fall in love with an ugly looking guys-especially like him. Thinking and hoping she can learn to fall in love with him is just a foolish fantasy created by his lonely heart. He's stupid to believe that Jessy can see through the sincerity of his heart and not focus much on his physical appearance.

He was deep on his thoughts, he almost missed the soft knocking on his door.

"Adam, please open the door!"

It's Jessy! His heart does the somersault three times...

Yet, he did not reply.

"Can I come in?" she said.

"Suit yourself..." He answered finally with a grumbled voice. He's planning to give her the taste of her own medicine by giving her a cold shoulder. He turned his back on her and face the window instead.

"Why are you sulking? Why are you in a bad mood today? You okay?" she asked.

He was able to detect a huge amount of concern in her voice. The ice covering of his heart is slowly melting...

He can feel the intensity of her stare on his back, slowly digging a hole towards his heart. But he still refused to look at her. He maintains his rigid posture.

Jess sighed deeply. "How long are you planning to ignore me?"

"I should be the one asking you that. How long are you planning to ignore me?" he fired back.

"I'm here...Am I...?" she walks towards the other side of the bed and sat on the floor where he is currently facing, their eyes meet.

"Kiss me, Adam," she said softly. She wants to know if there's pity involved on her feelings towards him. If he can set her on fire with his kiss, then her feelings for him is not born out of pity.

"W-what!?" his eyes widened in disbelief. He was completely taken aback by her aggressiveness. He can feel his heart jumping up and down in glee.

"Just shut up and kiss me!" she's starting to get annoyed.

The moment her voice penetrated his thick skull, he was up on his feet and scoffed her from the floor in seconds time and deposited her gently on his bed. With his body hard pressed on her, she has no escape. By this time all the cells on his body are getting alive and hype up. When Adam's lips descended into her moist lips...Jess closed her eyes...there was a moment's hesitation when she was trying to block his lips from entering her mouth.

There is only one way to make her open her mouth willingly, he starts grinding up and down on the lower portion of his body which is well connected with Jess nether region. Tiny volts of electricity begun to spread fire on every corner of Jess body, she started to moan and about to protest in alarmed by the sudden electrifying sensation that assaulted her down there...making her deliriously weak...that's the perfect time he's been waiting-for...his lips hungrily entered her mouth and devours it with so much passion. The taste of her mouth is heavenly, then gently he starts sucking on her tongue, God...he can't get enough on her! He's been kissing her like this on his dreams a thousand times and making love to her in so many ways, but this reality that is happening right now is a million times much nicer than his dreams...

Jess is now feeling relaxed and comfortable under his weight, she's responding aggressively with his kiss, inhibition gone. And this makes their kiss more heated...more satisfying and more euphoric. "I love you so much-Jess," he whispered huskily into her ears. Then his lips claimed her mouth once again. Occasionally, he will grind hard down there just to hear her moaned, he loves the sound of her moaning, seductively sweet. Her moaning drive him crazy, awakening a blinding desire he has been keeping hidden for so long down there...

Then his hands move on its own, they found their way inside her blouse, hovering above her bra. The moment his fingers molded her breast, she moaned louder and her body start to hyperventilate. Then after a few seconds of heightened frenzy...she decided to stop his hands from exploring her upper body, too soon.

"What you like best, babe? Kissing or grinding?" he asked her naughtily after awhile.

"What is grinding?" she asked innocently, playfully.

"Like this..." Then he starts grinding again with the lower region of his body connecting to her body parts between her abdomen and her thighs, the heat emanating from her body and her nonstop moaning drive him insane all over! He did not stop grinding until she will tell him to stop, and when she finally did, he already has his fill, he slumped on her side, feeling tired yet satisfied.

"Let's kiss some more," she demanded.

Jesus...he groaned, then he smiled at her tenderly. "Let me rest a bit..."

Then she start laughing. And he laughed along with her.

"What a tease!" then he starts tickling her on her side. She has to muffle her voice, afraid somebody will hear them.

Then he wrapped her in his loving embrace. "I love you-Jess," he whispered in her ears. "I love you so much."

"I love you too," she replied, then she snuggled deeper into his delicious embrace.

Few minutes passed...He can hear her gentle breathing, she fall sleep in his arms like a baby.

She's mine, he said softly while nuzzling her ears. Then he stop...allowing her to rest.

Adam feels so blissfully happy, so contented having the girl of his dreams sleeping soundly in his arms...He feels like the God's in heaven favors him today.

This can be considered one of the best days of his life.