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8 Magic Of Love

 Jessy stayed on her room the whole day. Nanny Aida brought her breakfast, lunch, and dinner in her room. She told her that she suffers from recurring headache and feeling sick. Nana brings her some medicine and told her she needs to take them all in time to get well. She's allowed bed rest.

The truth is she can't see Adam without breaking down in tears in his presence.

She takes pity on his fate. Not only of his hideous appearance, but he also has to die early for her. It's the worst fate anyone could have. It's the cruelest aspect of the prophecy, one must sacrifice his life for others to live, and she hated it very much. She can accept and face everything as long Adam will live.

But she can't even negotiate with anyone for his sake!

She sighed.

She went back to her laptop and open her movie list. She finished watching Beauty And The Beast yesterday, now it's Hunchback Of Notre Dame on her playlist. She pushes the play button. She can relate well to those types of movies because she and Adam shared the same fate.

She paused the movie in the middle and went inside the bathroom to take a shower.

She pretended to get sick and now she feels like she is really going to be sick. She let the warm water run down through her skin. After showering, she emerged from the bathroom wearing only her bathrobe.

She almost screamed when she found somebody sitting on her chair in front of her laptop. It's just Adam!

She tried to calm her nerves. "Adam, please knock the door before you enter next time-okay? You give me a scare!" she complained pouting.

"Sorry, I did knock earlier but nobody answer. Am worried of you, so I entered through your window," he winked at her.

She sighed, so much for hiding! She went back into the bathroom and changed into her pajamas.

When she emerged from the door, Adam was still sitting and watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame on her laptop.

"I think, I look better than Quasimodo right?" There's a hint of amusement on his voice.

She did not answer, instead, she walks slowly to where he is sitting. Then she starts messing up with his shoulder-length, messy hair. Then she starts massaging his scalp, up and down in a gentle manner.

Adam closes his eyes, loving the way her hands work magic on his scalp, he groaned in pleasure. Every time her fingers come in contact with his ears, it produces a sweet tingling sensation, spreading through his body. The combination of her womanly scent and her sensuous massage, lit his body on fire. He groaned again. What's with Jess? That every time she's near him, he wanted to touch and devour her completely? She's very addicting!

"Stop now Jess!" He can't bear anymore her sweet torture. He snatched her hands and kissed them both.

Surprised, her brows raise. "I thought you like my head massage," she asked him sweetly.

"I like it very much, please don't get me wrong. But if you don't stop right now, we might find ourselves naked under your bed sheet before the night is over," he grinned, teasing her, amused by the way she blushed and step back away from him.

"Oh," she smiled a little, blushing...

She went into her bed and sit on it, creating a distance between them.

"Why are you here?" she asked him.

"Nana said, you were sick so I come here to check on you. Am really worried about you. Please don't be so disheartened about the future, okay?"

She started to look sad and it makes him want to comfort her more.

"Come here, Jess. Let's talk some more," his voice husky, laced with intoxicating tenderness.

She stood up and quickly walk towards him, like a moth drawn to a flame.

When he opened his arms widely, she enters willingly into his loving fold, then he imprisoned her in his tight embrace. She closes her eyes and inhaled his manly scent. Why is it that every time she luxuriates in his embrace she always feels contented and happy, she feel secured and protected.

"What are you thinking-Jess?" he takes a peaked at her closed eyes.

"Am thinking of us," she replied softly. "I don't want to lose you..."

"Neither do I..." He runs his palms up and down on her back in a loving manner, trying to reassure her that everything will be all right in the end.

"Can we find a solution, another option? I just want us to live forever-together," she added in a thick voice heavy with emotion.

"We will try to find a way, Jess." He reassures her. "I want you to know that no matter if I'm dead or alive, I will always find a way to protect you. In this lifetime, you are the only girl I love."

They both freezes with his sudden declaration of love...

Adam admits to himself that he used to hate her, but the hate gradually turns into love and grow stronger with each passing day.

"Y-you love me?" She asked surprisingly.

"Why? Does a beast like me has no right to fall in love with a beauty like you?" He nuzzled her hair.

His confession of love, so sweet it makes her heart flutter. She feels like a million butterflies are trying to burst open from the confinements of her heart.

She remains speechless...

Then she started to feel his breath coming down to her lips, she felt a bit alarmed.

Then she untangles from his loving embrace and pushed him gently towards the door. "Time for my sleep, Adam," she explained. She dare not look into his eyes, afraid she will see hurt and disappointments.


"Thank you for the lovely night, Adam. Sweet dreams...goodnight." She closed the door gently.

Adam was left outside the door scratching his head. Asking himself if they are officially a couple now or not yet?

Well...duh! There's still tomorrow then. He began walking towards his room on the far corner of the hallway.


Jess was tossing on her bed, she had difficulty sleeping.

She had to admit to herself that she does started to develop feelings for Adam. She does enjoy his lingering touch, his hugs and all the tenderness he showered her with. It feels wonderful spending time with him.

Just that she hesitated to officially enter a relationship with him because she will surely suffer much in terms of emotional trauma if the prophecy will start unfolding. She will be left alone with all their memories, good and bad, tortured alone for eternity.

She wonders if he's worth it?

But she's also aware what Adam's heart wants...

How can she deny him this one chance of happiness to love and be loved by the girl of your dreams?

When she asked her heart if he's worth it? It answered yes...

If what she feels for Adam right now is 'true love' then she might as well show it to him while he's still alive. Make his life happy and give him all the love he needs. Her complete acceptance of his love can make his remaining life on earth a meaningful one. She will make sure his remaining days will be full of love and worth living.

"I love you-Adam," she whispered the words into the darkness of her room. It echoed back into her heart and she feels elated.

So this is what the magic of love is all about. You will feel euphoric...

The moment she accepted his love and acknowledged her true feelings towards him, she feels amazingly good.

She starts feeling sleepy, after a few minutes she finally fall sleep with a radiant smile on her lips.