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6 Vampire Essence

 After dinner, Jess went into her room. The night still young. She's feeling a bit bored, she's already tired watching youtube and exploring the web on her computer over and over again, she's been doing that almost every night.

She went out of her room and headed to Adam's room.

She knocked on his door. "'s me."

"Come in Jess," he replied from the inside.

She found him playing video games on his computer.

He paused the video game he is playing and turn around to look at Jessy with an inquiring glance. "You want something-Jess?"

She sat on his bed. "A-am here to ask you something."

"What is it this time?" he raised an eyebrow, feeling a little bit suspicious.

"I've discovered your blood bank in the kitchen," she said casually, her eyes not leaving his face.

Adam shifted from his chair, he folded his shoulder. "So-?"

"H-how does human blood taste-?" she asked innocently.

Adam looked at Jessy with a gleam of amusement in his eyes. "Why- you suddenly ask me about this? Do you want to try some-? I can bite your arms right now and we will make it bleed a little so that you can taste your own blood. Or if you don't want to hurt yourself, we can take one of those red little bags downstairs and we shall have a merry toast here in my room. What do you think-?" He said grinning, mockery evident in his voice.

"Nah, I will skip both!" she replied quickly. "Have you killed a human being before?" she added.

"No, not yet. As far as I can remember...I have not killed anyone yet. I don't want to kill. I simply consider killing not fun to do. As long I have a steady supply of human blood at my disposal, then am contented with that. No need to hunt and kill..."

"Cool! You're a good vampire Adam!" she praised him with a hand salute. She started to develop a deep respect for him. If only, all vampires shared the same principle with him then things might have been different, human beings and vampires can co-exist on earth without harming each other. But she knows, it's just wishful thinking on her part.

Adam continues to look at her with amusement in his eyes.

"What else you need to ask-?" he asked too sweetly.

She looked into his eyes, unwavering. "I want you to teach me about vampire skill and everything you know about vampire powers. I want to move fast just like you, levitate in the air and do some powerful stuff..."

Adam's eyes widened in total surprised. "Huh? Seriously-?

"Yeah, am serious!" She declared.

He eyed her countenance wearily. Trying to digest what he just heard from her. "Why are you asking me a lot of question lately-Jess? Why are you suddenly interested in all this stuff? What you're up to-?" he stepped forward and sit beside her in the bed.

She shrugged her shoulders, then she started to speak again. "I don't want to stay weak and innocent when I turn twenty years old. How am I going to protect myself when that time comes? Although I want to help save your clan, I want to help them in my own terms. I must control my own destiny and not be controlled by others. I don't want anything bad to happen to me when I turn twenty years old. I must live longer to find my father and mother, dead or alive." She said with a deep longing and sadness in her eyes.

Adam was silent. Somehow-he feels proud that she's strong and brave enough to wish for her own freedom. Unlike him, he has no choice. He is destined to eternal doom, alone and ugly in the remaining years of his life. He felt pathetic.

Jessy has been waiting for him to react, but he seemed to be zooming out again, lost in his own thoughts.

"Hey, what are you thinking?" she asked him, poking on his shoulder.

Her touch awakens him from his reverie. He scratched his head. "Hmm- to be honest...It's hard to teach you right now-Jess. Your vampire essence still none existent. You're still a human being and a weak one. I still can't smell the vampire essence in your body," he pretended to sniff at her body, his face lingers much longer on her face, his lips were now hovering in front of her red inviting lips. He must be thinking of something....And that something must not be the appropriate thing to do at this moment. He is so close to kissing her on the lips...Then he kicked himself hard mentally just in time before he loses control with his senses.

Jessy squirmed under his intense gazed. "W-what are you doing?"

Damn! That sentence brought Adam back to his senses. "C-can't you see what am doing? Am trying to smell your vampire essence, unfortunately, I can't smell it yet. I highly doubted if you are up for anything." He said in a relax and calm manner, the smirk on his lips remained. He stood up abruptly and created a distance between them. Crap that was so close...he told himself.

"I understand," she said in a disappointing manner. Then she sunk her body into his soft and comforting bed, she's a little bit disheartened...because of that she needs to close her eyes for a little while.

Adam feels surprised that she accepted his reason without any further argument. He folded his arms and continue staring at her lovely form lying on his bed. She is on his bed! Lying on his bed! Crap!... His mind screamed again, alerting him of the beautiful sight on his bed. The sight of her like that...sent his nerves and emotion into overdrive again. He feels like all the circuit of his body is trying to explode! He got circuit overload! Damn! Damn! Damn!

Before he knows it, with the speed of light he was already in front of Jessy's lying form...

"Jess, wake up! Please don't sleep on my bed, it's dirty and I have not changed my bed sheet yet for the last three years already," he joked.

"Epany of this girl for eternity. That is how powerful his feelings are towards her. Then he kissed her head gently. All the pent-up emotion that's creating havoc in his body right now, he channeled it all on that one kiss.

"A-are you okay?" she asked worriedly, peeking at his face. She tried to understand what has been happening a while ago. His eyes unreadable.

He smiled and slowly untangle from her. Then he grabs her hand and pushed her towards the door. "I still need to finish playing with my video game-Jess. Let's talk some other time, okay?"

She was about to protest...

He already knows what to do. Adam picked up a piece of paper on his computer table and give it to her. "Why don't you try practicing making this paper float...there in your room? Let see if you already had the vampire essence in you, even a tiny bit of sign will do. Let's start with that-okay?"

He winked at her and closed the door gently on her beautiful startled face, leaving her no time to react.

Then he walks back towards his bed and curls down in a fetal position in the place where she lay her body earlier. He closed his eyes and drifted into a blissful sleep...dreaming of his lovely Jessy.