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4 The Fallen Vampire Kingdom

 They were sitting side by side, under the shade of a big oak tree. There are lots of big trees of the same kind surrounding the man-made lake. The wind blowing steadily, fanning their skin, blowing Jessy's hair in the process.

Jessy has been studying Adam's face for a while. "You don't want to go swimming-?" she finally asked.

His gaze is fixed on the far distance, beyond the wall of the mansion. He seemed to be detached from the beautiful scenery surrounding them. She noticed that.

"Nah, you go ahead. I will just watch you from here," he replied blandly.

"Hmm-I think I will skip today," she said. "By the way, you are the happiest yesterday celebrating your birthday, but now you are back with your old self. You looked like a cow who just lost all his front teeth," she tried to laugh with her lame joke, trying to cheer him up.

The joke was indeed lame, but somehow it was able to produce a tiny smile on Adam's lips, and that was enough for her.

"W-what are you thinking? What is bothering you? Care to share-?" she persisted. She is interested to know what's on his mind.

For a while, he stared at her. "What-? Are you getting obsessed with me now?" he laughed mockingly.

She rolled her eyes, sighing. "Lol, am just trying to help. After all the bad things I've done to you, I have this intense urge to be on your good side."

Adam chuckled. "That's nice to hear-Jess. But you really don't have to try so hard. You already apologized-I have forgiven you, the pain is already gone. Am over it. You should move on. Trust me, you're already forgiven. Besides, I can't stay angry at you for a long time," he said softly.

She examined his face thoroughly, he seemed to be telling the truth, she felt relieved.

She still has lot's of questions to ask him though. She might as well start questioning him now. "Tell me more about the vampire kingdom ruled by your father. Is your kingdom as beautiful as this-?" She waved her hand around the beautiful scenery around them. "Is your castle magnificent just like those in the stories I read?" she asked excitedly.

Adam replied gravely. "Your place here is more beautiful and comfortable, compared to the place where my family is currently living."

"Huh? You mean to say that the King and Queen of the vampires are no longer living in a grand place-like a castle or something?" she asked disappointed.

"You're right. When the powerful vaccine was finally created and was released to the masses, it brings massive annihilation to our vampire clan, our clan went into hiding underground. Staying above the surface is pretty dangerous. There are also some human vigilante groups who love hunting vampires. Some vampires are running for their lives and many were scattered far and wide trying to save themselves. Those under my father's command were a bit safer though. We can only run and hide as far as we can or else die. For how long the dire situation last...? I really don't know. But you are our last hope for survival...maybe there's hope after all." He explained sadly.

Jess suddenly feel sad for all vampires, after all, her father is a vampire. "Am sorry. So, how many siblings you have?" she continued. She tried to divert her question in other much lighter topic upon seeing his crestfallen look.

"I got one older brother and one younger sister. I and my siblings get along well with each other... until I was brought here forcefully against my will," his voice spoke volumes.

She looked at him with compassion in her eyes. "I'm sorry. You must have missed them very much, especially your parents."

He did not reply right away. He got mixed feelings when it comes to his relationships with his parents. He resented them for abandoning him, yet he can still remember how doting parents they were to him before the destruction begun...

"Yeah. I truly miss them all," he said miserably.

Silence temporarily descended on them...

They were both lost on their own thoughts.

Jessy smiled at him. "How does it feel to be a 'Prince'? Am glad to meet you-your majesty! I'm your humble servant, Jessy- bowing before you," she curtsied in front of him. It was intended to lighten the heavy mood surrounding them.

But Adam's face darkened even more. He was not amused by her joke!

"Damn! Are you making fun of me now!?" He demanded in a hardened voice. "What is the used of being a Prince-when you don't even have a kingdom to rule?" he added forlornly.

Upon seeing the displeased look on his face, Jessy froze. She can only stammer and say. "A-am s-sorry Adam."

"From now on-don't call me Prince!" He glared at her.

"Promised I will never call you with that word again," she said quickly, trying to appease his anger.

Adam did not speak anymore.

Once again they were engulfed with a thick silence.

Jessy still has one last question for the day. She will consider her day complete if she can get an answer from him. She studied his face intently...the scowl and brooding seemed to be fading...he looks fine now.

She inhaled deeply. It's a very sensitive question. He might not like hearing it. But she's been dying to ask this question for a very long time. "Adam, I h-have another question for you," she hesitated a bit.

He looked at her, trying to gauge what her question will be. The only way to know is to hear her out. "Go ahead-bring it on," he finally said.

"W-why your appearance is vastly different from my father and other vampires?" She blurted the question nervously. She dare not look into his eyes. Instead, she busies herself wiping imaginary dust on her left shoulder.

Adam's eyes darkened again. He felt uncomfortable with her question. It's one question he doesn't want to answer. He shut his eyes tightly. This girl can really irritate him to no end.

After a few seconds of silence. He stood abruptly and smiled at her. Then he picks up her hands and motioned her to stand up. "Am no longer accepting any question-Jess. Let's go swimming instead!" he said.

But she won't budge, she refused to be dismissed just like that. She needed her answer. "Can you please answer my question? Pleaseeee," she begged.

Her heartfelt plea, coupled with puppy dog eyes melted his heart. He relented. "I'm cursed-since four years old. That's all you need to know." Then he picked up Jess quickly before she can protest and tossed her into the cold water. Then he dived after her and after a few seconds, he resurfaced in front of her...grinning. Then he planted a wet kiss on her lips...and swim away from her in lightning speed.

She's speechless...