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3 Adams Birthday!

 Hooray! It's Adam's birthday today. Jessy is holding carefully the little birthday cake she baked herself with the help of Nanny Aida. She's heading into the celebrant's room, with a bright smile.

She knocked on his door excitedly, calling his name. "Adam-open the door! I have here with me the cutest birthday cake ever!" she shouted merrily.

"Get lost!" the voice inside shouted back.

She smiled. "I'm going in anyway." With the other free hand, she pushed the door open. She found him sitting on the edge of his bed, looking outside the window, in a miserable state.

She stepped forward. "Come on! Let's celebrate your birthday!"

"Shut up!" He dismissed her, not even looking at the cute little cake she proudly held in her hands.

Jessy walks slowly towards Adam. She is well prepared for his outburst.

"Happy Birthday to my best friend. Please blow your candle and make a wish!" she said cheerfully. She choose to ignore his bad mood.

He raised an eyebrow. "Since when did you become my best friend? As far as I know, you have been bullying and insulting me for a very long time. You are so mean!" He could not hide anymore the sarcasm in his voice.

With heavy guilt plastered on her face, she can only bite her lips. The smile was gone now. She sighed. Admitting to her guilt and asking apology is the best thing she can do at this point in time.

Jess scratched her head, she cleared her throat. Adam suffers so much already, it has to end now. "Adam, am so sorry for bullying and insulting you all these years. I regretted them all. Please give me another chance to be your good friend. I...Jessy Evans...starting today, I will no longer call you an ugly vampire. From now on I will be your best friend. Hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me," she said sincerely.

Adam stared at her dumbfounded. He's been waiting for this to happen for a very long time. It's just hard to believe that it's actually happening now. "Wow-i-is this for real?

She nodded, smiling. "I'm getting older...and I did realize my yeah...hope you can forgive me and let's start all over again-okay?"

Upon seeing the sincerity on her face, a dazzling smile formed in his lips, it spread wider within the four corners of his room.

It reached Jessy's heart and she feels good all of a sudden. His dazzling smile is the best smile she has ever seen from him. Yaay! She must have done something really good today.

Somehow, she feels guilty all over again. Why does she fail to see Adam's sadness and loneliness that mirrored her own, in so many ways? They were both abandoned children, the same fate should bring them closer, not tear them apart. The anger she felt towards her parents for abandoning her is well redirected to Adam all these years, the innocent one! It's not fair at all! Oh, how much she regretted them all. She was thoroughly ashamed of her past actions. Bullying is the worst thing she has done to him. She promised to herself that from now on she will only be kind to him.

Due to all the pent-up emotions she's hiding inside, the tears start to gather in her eyes. She's getting emotional and she can't help it. She can't hold it anymore...the tears start falling...trickling down on her face.

Adam hasn't seen her cry this bad, but the sight of her tear stricken face make his heart-ache. For some reason, he wanted to comfort her, hold her and just be there for her. He slowly pries away the cake from her hands and put it down on the bed. Then he enveloped her in a hug. He massaged her back gently while she continues crying.

"Lol, stop crying, Jess...Nana might scold me thinking I started an epic fight with you on the day of my birthday," he said smiling.

She's crying even more...greatly touched by his profound understanding...tears were now soaking his t-shirt. He seemed not bothered by it at all.

Then he planted a kiss on her forehead.

"Y-you had forgiven me already?" she asked between sobs.

"Of course I do," he answered softly. "One thing for sure, you make this particular birthday of mine the happiest birthday ever!" Adam uttered those words sincerely, they come from the bottom of his heart. He always felt an intense feeling towards her, he can't quite well understand. "Cry some more if you wish...don't hold back." He murmured softly. He holds her just like that, the pain he felt before- started to vanish into thin air.

It's the best feeling ever! He like holding her close like this, it feel so right. He doesn't want all this to end.

After sometime when the tears subsided. Jessy was able to regain back her composure and slowly disengage from his embrace. After wiping the remaining tears away from her face, she picked up the cake from the bed and smiled brightly at him. "Blow your candle now and make a wish!" she said excitedly.

"About time." He said cheekily. Then, he closed his eyes and make a wish.

"What did you wish for-?" she asked curiously.

"Secret," he winked at her.

She smiled. "So, what birthday gift do you want, Adam? Am sorry- I have not prepared anything yet because I don't know what you like. Tell me what you like so that I can order it online."

Adam shrugged. "Nothing. I don't really need anything at this moment, because I already have you," he said meaningfully.

"Ae on!" she persisted. She really needs to give him something. Something valuable...

Adam shook his head. "Your apology is the best birthday gift I ever received. It's more than enough for me-Jess." He meant it.

"Okay fine. Come on now, we can't keep Nana waiting for too long! There's lot's of food waiting for us. Let's go!" She tugged at his hands and they run together towards the dining room area, their merry laughter filled the entire hallway.

Nana Aida is currently sitting in one of the three seats surrounding the dining table, the table was laden with variety of foods which she cooked herself a while ago. Her face beamed brightly upon seeing Adam and Jessy holding hands together, with a cheery smile on their faces.

"What take you so long, guys?" she asked them both in a gentle tone.

Adam and Jess glanced at each other, they both grinned, they hurriedly sit down on the chairs with jubilant enthusiasm.

A one layered fondant cake is displayed deliciously on the center of the table. It was designed into his favorite anime character, Naruto! OMG! Adam's face broke into a wide smile. "Awesome cake-Nana! Thank you very much!" he stood up and give her a bear hug as a sign of his appreciation.

"Let's start the celebration now! Wow! another cake, much bigger this time!" Adam exclaimed in a joyous tone. He lighted the candle and blew it right away. Then he playfully swipes his finger into the icing of the cake and with lightning speed smeared some good portion of it on Nanny Aida and Jessy's face, which in turn, produces loud scream from the two unsuspecting ladies. Soon enough, the table exploded with loud shrieked and high spirited laughter.

And the party has just started...

What a happy day!