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2 Need Some Answer

 Jessy was toying with the remaining carrot cake in her plate. She loves carrot cake, but for some reason, she doesn't like eating much today.

Nanny Aida, looked at her with an inquiring glance. "What's wrong-Jess?" she finally asked. "You don't like the taste? I added two tablespoons of honey in the ingredients, for a change..."

Jessy shook her head. "Nana, it tastes good actually. Just that am already full. I can no longer finish it." She smiled fondly at the older woman in front of her which she considers as her second mother. She calls her "Nana" ever since.

"I-is something bothering you?" Aida asked her worriedly.

She sighed deeply. "Nana, where exactly is my parents now? Why they are not visiting me here? They don't miss me at all? They forgot they have a daughter? The last time I've seen them is when am just five years old. I've waited for them to come home every day. Why they abandon me?" she cried, her voice is thick with emotion. Fresh tears are forming abundantly in the corner of her eyes. Before they start flooding her entire face, her beloved Nanny was already on her side, hugging her tenderly comforting her.

Aida feels a painful tugging on her heart. She knew that no matter how much she loves and takes care of this girl, she can never replace the love and care of her real parents that she desperately craves. She's sad knowing that she is a poor substitute. There is no doubt that she treated Jessy and Adam like her own children, her own flesh and blood. She tried her best to provide them both with support, guidance and paternal love every single day.

"Hush now, my child. Stop crying. You have to stay strong, okay? Am sorry for all the white lies I been feeding you through the years, especially when you're still young. I have been telling you fake stories that your parents are working in some foreign land, they were all lies. I just want to protect you from the pain. But now that you are already fifteen years old...old enough to understand the truth. Your parents suddenly vanished out of the blue the day after you turn five years old. Through the years I have been waiting for their comeback, waiting for them to call me and say they are okay and doing fine, but that call never comes. Then I become tired of waiting. I get used to the fact that they completely trusted me to take care of you."

Jessy tried to stop her tears from falling hard, yet they come in waves. It's useless keeping them at bay. She sobbed freely, feeling so utterly sad and lonely. Her deep longing for her parents is overwhelming to bear at this moment. "There is a big possibility they are already d-dead long time ago-Nana?" she is asking her nanny again for confirmation. "B-because if they are still alive until now, they will at least try to contact you and me. Am I right-Nana?" she added, a big lump was already forming in her throat. Just thinking of not seeing them again, is like a terrible dead end.

The older woman was fighting her own tears as well. She needed to be stronger for both of them. She continues hugging the pitiful girl, hoping to convey to her...her deepest sympathy and affection. "Let's hope for the best my child and always prepare for the worst. But am really hoping, praying and wishing with all my heart every single day that they're still alive...and you will be reunited with them soon."

"I hope so, Nana. I really wish for that day to come," somehow the thought of seeing her parents alive someday filled Jesse's heart with renewed hope.

"You're feeling okay now?" Aida asked her softly. She is busy drying the girl's tears.

"Am feeling a bit okay now-Nana. Thank you so much for always being there for me."

"Afortable answering Jess question. But she knew, that this girl in front of her is already a young adult and she will keep pestering her for an answer if she is not satisfied with her explanation.

Aida closed her eyes momentarily, trying to remember what happened long time ago. When she opened her eyes, the words come out from her mouth freely. "I do receive funds in my bank account every month for our monthly expenses. As for the source of those funds, I dare not ask or investigate who sends it, due to the reason that I am being warned by someone I never meet- that was a long time ago. That person told me not to ask many questions and just spend the money accordingly. I stop asking from then on. As long I received my salary and the guard's salary every month and have enough money to pay bills and sustain you and Adam's needs, then am contented."

Jessy digested her Nana's explanation slowly, word for word. Somehow the absurdity of their situation was very hard to accept and understand. "Maybe it's my parents or Adam's parents that is providing us money every month. W-what do you think, Nana?"

"Dunno. I really don't have any idea, my child." Aida replied absentmindedly.

Silence temporarily enveloped them...

Then Jessy speaks again. "So, it's true that my father is a vampire and my mother is human?" She has been asking this question a lot of times already in the past. This time she needed to hear her Nanny's confirmation once again.

The older woman nodded. "Yup, that's right."

Jessy pouted. "But how come, I don't have fangs like Adam? I don't even crave human blood. I don't have powers or special ability that real vampires have." She blurted the questions loudly.

Aida shrugged her shoulders. "Silly girl. Have you forgotten about the prophecy I told you a long time ago? The one your parents told me before they vanished-?"

She did remember it clearly, to her it's like a myth way back then, not real. "Ah, it's about the prophecy... when I turn twenty years old, I will become a full pledge vampire...then my power will be unlocked. During that time my blood already contains the power to turn vampires into humans, is that it?"

The older woman nodded. "That's right."

Jessy shook her head vigorously, she highly doubted the legitimacy of the prophecy. "I don't think it's gonna happen, Nana." But deep inside she knows, it may happen in the future. Only time can tell.

"I hope so, dear. I hope it's not true at all." Aida agreed just for the sake of it, but she knows the prophecy will come true. How to prepare the girl for that unfortunate day is still a big question. She was gripped with fear every time she imagined what will happen to Jessy when she turns twenty years old? She closed her eyes, trying to chase away the image of her screaming in pain and gripped with absolute fear, surrounded by thousands of vampires hungrily devouring her blood until she becomes a corpse. It's indeed a horrifying sight to see and it keeps replaying in her mind just recently, the truth is hard to dismiss that she is nearing twenty years old. It saddened and horrified her deeply, what she will do when that times come? How can she protect this child she considers her own daughter? God, please save Jessy when that time comes...she prayed fervently in silent.

Jessy's eyebrows knitted together upon seeing the worried look on her Nanny's face. "Nana-are you okay?" She asked worriedly.

Aida stood up abruptly. "Yeah, am okay now child. Am just lost in my thoughts for a while. Anyways, am going to the market to buy some fruits and dairy. You finish your food okay....see yeah later."

"You go ahead-Nana. I will watch some new movies later." Jessy bring her plate in the kitchen without finishing the carrot cake. It's no longer palatable to her.