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1 Adam and Jessy

 Nanny Aida sipped her coffee slowly, savoring the flavor of her black coffee with great delight. Her gazed is fixed on the two teenagers playing around in the vast ground of Spring Meadow Mansion. The three storey mansion is built with a castle-like structure, it has a medieval appeal on the outside but very modern inside when it comes to furniture and interior design.

It was situated in a seven-hectare land, surrounded by big trees and beautiful flowers that blooms all year round. Countless species of birds can be seen hovering above the trees, bouncing from branches to branches. Their chirping sounds is similar to that of a heavenly melody, soothing to the soul of anyone who may hear it. It also has a beautiful man-made lake nearby, which is the favorite place for the two teenagers to pass time.

In the eyes of the girl Jessy, this is her own little paradise.

In the eyes of the boy Adam, this place is partly heaven and hell.

"Hey! Pass the ball, ugly vampire!" the girl's voice echoed in his ears.

The boy did not move an inch. Ignoring her.

He looked at the girl with a mixture of hatred and adoration. He was only ten years old when he arrived in this place. When his parents wave goodbye and leave him alone in the new surrounding, he felt so sad and lonely. Good thing, Nanny Aida comported him all the time, she treated him like his own son.

His parents told him that one day he will be back in their family's fold. But for the time being, he needs to perform his task earnestly and that is to protect and safeguard this pretty evil girl in front of her. His parents visited him regularly on his dream, reminding him always that the girl under his watch is their only hope for survival in the future.

Three years ago, humans were able to finally create a vaccine that can kill vampires successfully. Majority of all humans beings on earth were vaccinated with that powerful chemical formula, invented by a genius scientist whose entire family were killed by vampires. The powerful formula contains in that vaccine can kill vampires in seconds, if vampires bite humans, as soon as the human blood enters the vampire's body the vampire will die instantly. It was called Anti-Vampire Vaccine. Vampires feed on human blood to survive and maintain their ageless look and to strengthen their power.

Because of thirst and hunger, many vampires perished through the years, their population were dwindling, due to the fact that they were unable to suppress their hunger for human blood. But there's an existing prophecy foretold by the vampire's clans great shaman, and that is the blood of this 'certain offspring' of the human and vampire can help transform vampires into human beings completely.

And this evil girl that stood in front of him- is their last hope for survival. Anyone who can drink her blood will gradually turn into a human being within seven days, fangs gone. The vampire's royal lineage shall be passed into future generations at all cost. She holds the key to the remaining vampires survival on earth. So, he must watch, guard and protect her at all times.

Adam sighed, shoulders dropping, if only she has been kind to him, then his current life would have been bearable.

Jessy was aware that her playmate is no longer moving and stop playing with her. Instead, he just stared at her with contempt in his eyes.

"W-what are you waiting for!?" she screamed at him, impatient evident in her voice. "Throw the ball now! You ugly vampire!" then she giggled maniacally.

Adam closed his eyes trying to control the anger that is boiling inside him.

"You ugly vampire! You are the ugliest vampire in the whole world. I am your master and you are my slave! Obey my orders now!" she repeated the same cruel lines over and over again in a sing-song voice.

Until he snapped!

Before she knows it, he was already behind her, his movement was comparable to the speed of lightning! His fingers dug into her arms in a vice-like grip. She can feel the pointed two fangs starting to come out from his mouth, hovering near the exposed skin on her neck. She shivers when his hot breath comes in contact with her bare skin.

"I can kill you now at this very moment!" he hissed.

Jessy trembled in fear, but she does not show it. For all the years she insulted him, making fun of his ugly appearance, teasing him over and over again, it's the first time he loses control.

"H-hold it- Adam! Am sorry just joking. P-please calm down," she whispered in trembling voice, body shaking.

Adam seemed to relax a bit, his tensed body started to loosen up. Then he released her gently from his grip.

And she did the 'thing' that he always anticipated every time she finished insulting him. This is the best part...sweet torture at it's best form.

She suddenly embraced him, tight. And she whispered endearingly the three magical words he always loves to hear ever since the last two years of his life. "I love you. You are my one and only best friend in the world," she spoke the words sweetly without batting an eyelash in the process. Then she started caressing his back in up and down manner.

Adam smirked and closed his eyes. He loves the feeling of her hands caressing her back, gentle and magical. It always does its job of annihilating his anger, and when the anger finally subsides, he realizes this girl can manipulate her with just her touch. Even the smell of her long black hair is pleasant to his nostrils. He pushes his face deeper into her hair, inhaling the sweet fragrance of her shampoo.

Her body heat collides with his...Adam loves the glorious feel of her body so perfectly fit with his, feels like heaven. And every time her fingers touch the fabric of his t-shirt, it always creates a soothing and pleasant sensation that spread throughout the length of his body, it invigorates every cell of his body, all the way from the tip of his hair down to his toes. He feels like he is floating on cloud nine every time she pulls this crazy intoxicating ploy of hers.

He could kiss her senseless now and heavens be damned no one can stop him from doing so!

Her embrace is heavenly...Yet her joke and insults were pure torture to his already tormented soul...

He sighed and then disengaged from her embrace abruptly. 'Welcome to reality,' he told himself sadly.

"Enough! Am tired of your silly little games! Go back to your room now," he said wryly.

"Why you don't believe me?" she asked him with a childlike innocence that can fool anyone except Adam.

He shook his head lightly, and sighed deeply."Your words and actions are sweet though, yet that smirk in your eyes told me another thing..."

"Ohh-ohhh," she tried to feigned innocence again. Yet she fails, and her smirked was now turning into full grown laughter.

Every time she smiles and laughs, it never fails to brings sunshine to Adam's heart. What the hell? He always had a hard time understanding why she can aroused so many mixed emotions from him. "So tell me, what movie did you see this time? What movie scene that you copied this time and I'm the willing guinea pig you are torturing each and every time...?"

She winked at him playfully. Then she grinned and laughed heartily. "It's the same movie-Adam."

He sighed and groaned. "C-can you make it real next time?" he said flippantly.

"In your dreams!" she replied quickly and run back towards the mansion without looking back, followed by Adam. Her laughter is louder this time, trailing them from behind.

What a teased! Adam gritted his teeth in annoyance.