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992 Battle Against Grazite

 Rhode zoomed toward Grazite. Two of his shadow clones split from him instantly, wielding and slashing the same holy sword from different angles. Grazite scoffed. He might not be afraid of the blades exuding the aura of death, but he was afraid of the sword brimming with holy powers. Facing the triple slashes, he flourished the snake-shaped sword, at the same time swinging the shield on his other hand to the side, erupting a powerful airstream as an indestructible barrier. Not only that, but the shadow underneath him also expanded in size, erupting with fierce lightning bolts. In order for him to return to the Bottomless Abyss, he had to give his all to win this battle!

Grazite was cultivated in spells and close-combat skills and this made him a tough character to beat. Moreover, he might also flee as soon as the situation wasn't favorable. If Rhode didn't eliminate him here, the situation would turn hideous, which was why he was prepared for this battle. He chose to dodge and didn't deflect Grazite's attack because the latter's swordsmanship was stronger than true swordsmen. On the other hand, Rhode was a Spirit Swordsman and didn't stand a chance against him in sword skills. Fortunately, Rhode had no intention of fighting recklessly. He dodged the menacing blade, his body distorting as shadow clones dashed out of him. One of the shadow clones brandished the sword to negate the attack while the other struck from below.

The act of offense and defense was only for an instant.

Grazite sliced one of the shadow clones with the sword, releasing corrosive acid from its blade and demolishing it into two. Then, he continued to slash downward onto the other shadow clone, turning it into nothingness. At this moment, Rhode was nowhere to be seen while Shira zoomed ahead and swung the sword.

Powerful gales blustered.

Meanwhile, the three Glabrezus were in a battle against the others. They had a strong build, larger than the Balor Devil's, and a pair of intimidating pincers as their hands, capable of slicing humans into half. Despite that, the stench diffusing from them was a secret weapon. At this point in time, an ordinary human would have already passed out.

The Glabrezus were one of the toughest high-class devils in the Bottomless Abyss, but it was a pity that they weren't facing ordinary humans.

Canary extended her arms, surging magical energy coalesced between her hands. She pushed her hands forward. In an instant, hundreds of fireballs flared around the Glabrezus, followed by a series of ear-deafening explosions, engulfing the enormous creatures completely. The Glabrezus snarled in rage, zooming out from the billows of smoke. One of them pounced on Canary, slashing its deadly pincers in a quick swipe. But at this moment, three steel chains burning with pitch-black flames shot out and stopped the Glabrezus from retreating. Celestina expanded her wings wide, brandishing the chain sword at them. Meanwhile, a blood ritual emanating an ice-cold aura of death shone underneath the Glabrezus's feet. The stone cold power of death penetrated their bodies, causing them to shrivel and wilt. Even though this happened in an instant, it was the perfect timing for someone else.

The two petite elves emerged in front of one of the Glabrezus. Gracier and Madaras swung their arms, their wrist blades sparkled without the filth of blood, proving how swift their lethal attacks were. The rolling skull on the floor was the evidence of their doings. They landed on the floor nimbly before vanishing into the shadows as soon as the two remaining Glabrezus retaliated. At this moment, a light column descended from above.

Mini Bubble Gum stood at the back in a dignified posture, squinting and gesturing with her hands in midair. In an instant, she cast a holy, protective barrier over Canary and Celestina who faced the wrath of the Glabrezus. Then, she shifted her right hand to the left and a white hexagonal ritual appeared in the air, glowing and destroying the defensive wall that Grazite had cast. Grazite glared at her, swinging his left arm to the side and releasing a deep green radiance that instantly coalesced into a spell. But before the spell had a chance to display its might, it disappeared after striking the ripples of Mini Bubble Gum's light barrier.

Mini Bubble Gum snorted, before chanting another spell under her breath. This time, five golden spears appeared in the air, bolting at Grazite in a whistling swish. Facing this quick attack, Grazite flourished the sword in a fluster to deflect the golden spears. But this wasn't the end of Mini Bubble Gum's attack. She unrolled a wry smile as though she was the actual final BOSS in this dungeon, fiddling with the light runes in her hands. All of a sudden, the runes between her hands merged and transformed into a mysterious symbol. She smashed her hands together and shattered the symbol. Almost immediately after, the magical barrier around Grazite vanished like a bulb without electricity. But before Grazite reinforced his defenses, Rhode and Shira charged at him from the left and right.

Meanwhile the others were also occupied in battle. Although Christie had cut off the connection between Grazite and the abyss, Grazite hadn't lost his ability to manipulate the devils. The devils continued to emerge from the shadows, dashing out of the teleportation ritual. It seemed like Grazite also understood the ritual's principle of operations. Indeed, he might not be able to escape now with the reversed summons, but if he could destroy the limitation in this space, he could still escape this place using teleportation. Even if he couldn't return to his comfortable home in the abyss, he would still have a chance to make a comeback later.

Some of the devils were intercepted by the metal guards, while the devils that slipped by left the hall, growling and darting toward the location of the signal crystal. At the same time, some of the devils were ordered by Grazite to pounce on Christie, who had hidden herself in the corner. He knew who was behind the diminishing of his strength.

Compared to the earlier devils, this bunch was harder to deal with. If Christie were alone, she wouldn't have kept them away. Fortunately for her, she wasn't fighting by her lonesome self.


Anne's shield instantly changed its shape, striking the devils away heavily. Bell clutched the two daggers, agilely dashing across the battlefield when suddenly, she came to a halt, leapt up, and released two blade rays after somersaulting and shredded the devil spiders in a deadly slash. Then, she bounced off the wall with her right foot, dodging the sprays of acid, lightning bolts, and fireballs. Before she retaliated, Anne had charged ahead with the shield like a massive tank, crushing the devils in front of her into minced meat. Anne took a step back and knowingly revealed an opening. The devils swarmed forward immediately, only to be caught by the sacred flames descending from above. Mini Bubble Gum swept a glance, ensuring that Christie and Anne were safe, before pointing her finger forward. At this moment, the silver-whitish threads around her merged into a longsword that split all the devils before her into halves.

The battle continued underground.

The Enchanted Forest was enfolded in the darkness of the night.

Meanwhile, an elegant figure flapped its wings gracefully in the night sky.