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988 Second Phase

 The battle continued.

The mages and Gabe gasped at Celestina in disbelief. They swore that they had never imagined this even in their wildest dreams. The powerful Balor Devil was defeated effortlessly as though slaughtering even a pig would be tougher. The clash between Celestina and the Balor Devil lasted for only a few minutes before the Balor Devil eventually fell to her blade. Then, the Balor Devil self-destructed and took away the lives of the devils, burning them into blazing ashes.

Gabe broke out in cold sweat. He had a bad feeling about these people before. He also suspected the possibilities of this situation being conspired by a demon lord. Demons and devils were sworn enemies. It was also possible that his conspiracy was found out by a hidden devil worshiper around him and the devil worshiper had set a trap for him. Besides, he was certain that this young lady wasn't just an ordinary high-class demon because no matter how powerful high-class demons were, they shouldn't be able to overwhelm the Balor Devil this way. This was much more than what ordinary high-class demons could do!

Could it be that a certain demon lord is plotting everything?

Gabe's forehead was filled with beads of cold sweat. If that was the case, he couldn't possibly win.

If Sir Grazite were to find out, I can't even imagine the punishment he has for me!

Gabe couldn't be blamed for having such wild imaginations. Demons were synonymous with conspiracies. As long as there were sightings of a demon on the battlefield, most likely the cause of the battle was started by them. Although this 'discrimination' was common, it was the truth that 90 percent of the causes were indeed started by them.

Think! What did I overlook?

Gabe knitted his brows.

Nothing. Everything is going on smoothly. The channel has connected successfully so what is the issue here? Indeed, they managed to defeat a perfect Balor Devil. But I can summon even stronger devils, who are also Sir Grazite's direct subjects, into battle!

"Come forth, devils! Show your powerful strength and slaughter these people!"


Gabe growled. In an instant, flames splashed and six devils with heads of lions and bodies of humans stepped out from within. Gabe was certain that they were Grazite's direct subjects-the lion-headed devils.

Their appearance proves that Sir Grazite cares about me.

Gabe raised his arms high, yelling sinister incantations that shook the room constantly. The flames erupted once again and this time, countless devils of different shapes and sizes overflowed the hall like locusts.

Rhode didn't seem surprised. He swept a look at the holy sword spirits beside him.


"The channel has connected; just a little more, Your Majesty. Grazite's presence is getting closer, but he is also acting cautiously. If we launch our attacks now, he may break free."

Karin said nonchalantly, her right hand pressing the buttons on the hilt as though she were playing a keyboard. The invisible threads expanded like she was a spider controlling and setting up her web in the room. As soon as the spiderweb was complete, no prey trapped by it would have a chance of escaping.


Rhode nodded, swinging Slaughter to the side and bringing forth a violent gust of wind.

"Celestina will have a hard time dealing with the six lion-headed devils. Canary, care for some warm up?"

"No problem, Rhode."

Canary responded with a gentle smile. She stretched out her hand and scorching flames coalesced in her palm, transforming into a razor-sharp, scarlet sword. Judging from its appearance, it didn't seem too different from the flame blade that the Balor Devil wielded. But after looking closely, one would discover that the scarlet was purer and had a burning scent. At the same time, the green wind element spiraled around her to form a translucent armor-like presence.

"Element materialization!"

The mages exclaimed and stared at Canary in bafflement. They weren't this agitated when they witnessed Celestina's double spell casting since demons and devils were experts in that field while humans merely learned and borrowed the strength of spells. Therefore, it wasn't too surprising that humans weren't as powerful as demons in terms of spells. If they were envious and jealous of her spells, that would only prove how foolish they were, just like a firefly hoping to shine brighter than the sun.

But Canary was different. She looked just like a human. Besides, she was much younger than the mages, and yet she effortlessly grasped the power of element materialization. Not even the higher-ups of the Mage Tower could achieve this!

Before the mages returned to their senses, Rhode and Canary had darted to the center of the battlefield, leaving a trail of afterimages to the left and right.

At this moment, Celestina was dealing with the six lion-headed devils alone. Even though she had the upper hand for now, she was against six of them, after all. The lion-headed devils were stronger than the Balor Devil in close-combat, and in this hall filled with the aura of purgatory, their battle strength was greatly increased. Not only that, but the other devils were also slowly approaching her. If they were in hell right now, Celestina could summon her subjects for a bloody battle against the devils. But demons hated the aura of purgatory as it gave her immense pressure and she was alone now.

Until Rhode and Canary intervened.

The lethal blade rays slashed the devils like a speedboat ripping through the water. Rhode wielded Slaughter, the steel chains binding his arm striking out and penetrating the devils who pounced on him. He brandished the scarlet sword and brought forth a blinding azure blade ray. In an instant, streams of blood sprang up as a dozen devils were annihilated mercilessly. He burst forward, aiming his blade at a lion-headed devil who brandished its dagger at him. At this moment, the lion-headed devil's eyes glinted and a mysterious, illusory fog instantly enfolded Rhode, attempting to rip his heart and send him into the eternal realms of illusion. But what responded to it was a slashing of a blade from above.


The lion-headed devil raised its dagger hurriedly to deflect the blade. Even though lion-headed devils were strong in close-combat, it was impossible to count on demons or devils to fight fairly in battles. The lion-headed devils loved using their unique skills to throw enemies into the realms of illusion, before killing them in a single slash. Perhaps first timers against them would fall into their traps, but Rhode was more than experienced.

Rhode swiftly repositioned his blade and slashed it from the left. In the blink of an eye, three shadow clones dashed out from his body and encircled the lion-headed devil. Before the lion-headed devil reacted, a lethal blade from the back had cut off its escape, puncturing through its tough back as though slicing an apple. Then, the three shadow clones brandished their blades at it simultaneously. Dazzling radiances instantly erupted, eradicating the devils who pounced on them. The lion-headed devil instinctively dodged. It raised its arms and coalesced a ball of dark energy in its hands, shining even brighter.

But in the next moment, scarlet flames and green whirlwind engulfed everything.