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875 A Two-sided Battle 2


An enormous shadow descended from above and crashed into the ground, scattering the smashed gravel. Rhode raised his head and stared at the fallen enemy. Judging from its appearance, it resembled a centipede that was magnified a few hundred times. A magical radiance flickered from its green shell. The razor-sharp teeth writhed on both sides of its metallic mouth parts, letting out a series of disturbing cackling. If this was all, perhaps Rhode would have treated it as just an ordinary creature. However, as soon as he witnessed the three magic cannons on it, he instantly threw this thought to the back of his head. The magic armor on this centipede should have belonged to the construct BOSS here. But now, it seemed like they fused and came up with a new ability.

Is this considered the Holy Centipede Knight?

"Lize, Anne, put up your defenses. Beware of your surroundings!"

This was all that he could say because at this moment, Shira had charged forward with her large sword while bursting out in a crazy laughter. Orders weren't necessary to her. As long as she could kill the enemy, it would be victory. She didn't care who was the one who killed the enemy, as long as there were corpses and blood.


Shira brandished the sword and slashed the centipede's metal claws. Sparks flew as she continued to circle the enemy from the side. At the same time, the two magic cannons on the enemy's head shifted directions and their pitch-black openings aimed at the young lady. Then, dazzling radiance erupted.

Shira had no intention of dodging. She tilted her head and watched as the magic beam got closer. Then, she let out a disturbing laughter and laid her sword before her, deflecting the green magic beam. At the same time, the second wave of attacks began.


Two blinding silver blade rays slashed an 'X' in the centipede's body. Gracier and Madaras emerged out of the shadows and punctured their daggers into the enemy. Dark green blood spurted from the wound and judging from the dense fog surrounding the enemy, it was apparent that this enemy wasn't that easy to deal with.

Lize chanted under her breath and raised her arms-a radiance shone from above and dispersed the fog around the enemy. Then, a black whip with countless thorns shot out from the shadows on the ground and bound the enemy tightly. At the next second, silver bladed rays illuminated the dark space as Celia brandished her sword in midair.

If it were an ordinary creature, perhaps it would have been completely annihilated by now. But it was apparent that this enemy wasn't easy to deal with at all. It let out a grueling howl and crumbled like fallen blocks instantly. Shortly after, the gigantic centipede split into hundreds of thousands of smaller centipedes that struck at the visitors.

The ground burned in flames.

The tower blasted a string of blazing fireballs across the sky, splashing a paint of scarlet in the dark clouds. Shortly after, dark lightning bolts blasted from the clouds and stopped the fireballs. At the same time, the enemies brought new reinforcements to the army of Chaos. The hundreds of thousands of strange, twisted-looking enemies fluttered their wings like hungry locusts rushing for food while letting out disturbing buzzes. They soared through the sky and crashed ruthlessly into the tower. On the other hand, the tower erupted blazing flames from the Order rituals and burned the enemies. But the enemies had no intention of stopping. The thick layers of cloud above split up and released countless bugs from within. Their buzzes overwhelmed the sound of explosion, thunder, and rumbling of the ground, leaving the entire battlefield in an unsettling state.

The magic beam that was powerful enough to blast a deep gorge on the ground was useless against tens of thousands of tiny bugs.

Another wave of attack.

A young lady who stood by the edge of the tower hurled a bottle of Molotov cocktail forward. Shortly after, the entire mass of Chaos burned in a dazzling blaze as though flaming flowers were blooming before her. The gleaming colors of gold and red burned the bugs as fuel and a revolting stench exuded, forcing the young lady back by one step. At this moment, a few dozen bugs that survived the flames flew and landed on her face.


The young lady let out a blood-curdling screech. She reached out at her face frantically, but her snowy complexion was corroded by Chaos-it was as if she had been splashed by sulfuric acid. Then, her flesh writhed as though it was self-conscious. The bugs with razor-sharp teeth devoured her flesh and the bloody scent instantly attracted the surrounding Chaos Creatures.

"Ahhhh! No! No!!!"

The desperate, frightened young lady squirmed in the pool of blood as the Chaos Creatures ripped and tore her flesh and organs. She reached out her hand helplessly for her companions, when suddenly a gigantic steel hammer crashed into her skull. Boom! Her skull was instantly smashed into a bloody mess. At this moment, two mercenaries rushed forth and hurled Molotov cocktails at their fallen comrade. The blazing flames formed a solid barrier that kept the Chaos Creatures away.

No one was that naive to think that it had ended. The green vines that crawled around the tower instantly merged to form a defensive web. They released wind blades at the enemies that tried to barge in and shredded them into powder.

Walls of fire and ice emerged around the tower, symbolizing that the battle had entered the next stage.

Christie placed her tiny finger on the page and quietly read despite the screams, explosions, and the sound of thunder. No, it should be said that all clamors were blocked out and almost inaudible from inside the library. She sat on the wooden bench and flipped through the pages one by one. Then, she let out a sigh and closed the book. At this moment, a slender, dewy hand took over the book from her.

There was no one beside her. But now, a young lady in a black dress suddenly appeared. She picked up the book and hugged it in her arms. She smiled and caressed the little girl, to which the latter narrowed her eyes, shook her head, and turned to Bell behind her. At this moment, Bell was staring at the book in her hand.

"Reading is really enjoyable. I've never felt tired of reading."

"Books are meant for reading, giving knowledge and happiness. It's great that you like reading."

The young lady skillfully arranged the books on the shelf. Then, she shifted her gaze to the floor as though looking through it and observing the battle that was taking place.

"Do you think... we can win this time?"

"Victory is here. We just have to wait quietly. No matter if it's me or my other half, we both believe in this."

'Christie's' tone was steady and full of dignity, unlike in the past. At this moment, her purple pupils glinted as she gazed at the young lady.

"Master will definitely win, no matter if it is in the past, present, or future. As the recorder, aren't you clearer than anyone about this, Darlaston?"

The young lady didn't respond. She merely extended her arm and a black, empty hardcover book appeared in her hand.

"I'm just the recorder of history. It is my duty to record everything that happens and not make wild guesses. Since you're full of anticipation, I shall see if the ending is the same as you expect."