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768 Rebirth


Cheryl laid her hand on her chest. Just a few moments ago, she woke up from a nightmare and she couldn't recall what exactly happened. However, for some unknown reasons, she felt rather uncomfortable. She came to the window and gazed at the sky-thick layers of dark clouds hovered above Casabianca. As an Elf who was sensitive to the weather, she sensed that a storm was brewing. Or perhaps this was the reason for her uncertainties?

However, she widened her eyes in astonishment when she lowered her gaze to the garden.


A razor-sharp, azure blade slashed through the air. It was Andre brandishing his Neptune's Sigh-the ice-cold air swept along a layer of frost that struck forward menacingly. In an instant, a huge vortex rose with fluttering tree branches and leaves from the garden.

It still isn't right!

Andre knitted his brows and came to a halt. He shut his eyes and recalled the dark figure-Rhode. That man used an incredibly strange swordsmanship that he couldn't defend at all. As the holder of the Neptune's Sigh, Andre was clear of his advantages and flaws in his swordsmanship. He was able to launch an AOE attack with the Neptune's Sigh's elemental attribute enhancement. During his battle in the Dragon Soul Ceremony, Rhode exposed all his weaknesses entirely. Although he had refined them... He didn't know why whenever he recalled the dark figure of Rhode, he instinctively felt that he couldn't defeat him based on this swordsmanship.

Maybe I should seek guidance from Teacher Soderfast...


At this moment, a crisp voice interrupted Andre's thoughts. He looked up and saw an Elf young lady flying toward him like a nimble bird. Her eyes were filled with unprecedented happiness. She threw herself into his arms and embraced him tightly.

"Andre... Andre... You're finally..."

"Yes, I'm back, Cheryl."

Andre blushed to her passionate hug. Then, he whispered into her ear gently.

"Sorry for making all of you worry for me... I'm truly a useless man. But don't worry anymore. I'm back on my feet."


Tears welled up in her eyes, but she bit her lips to keep them from flowing out. Then, she took a few steps back to draw a distance away from Andre. The latter looked away shyly and let out an awkward cough.

"... Cheryl, I suppose everything is fine these days, right?"


Cheryl lowered her head shyly and nodded.

"Yes, the Light Parliament has been busy with the election for the next chairman, so... nothing much happened."


Andre puckered his brows.

"Do you know who the candidates are?"

"I heard that the potential candidates are parliament members Nakvard, Carlson, and Greig."


Andre instantly revealed a look of helplessness and uncertainty. He knew clearly what kind of people the three of them were. Nakvard and Carlson held strong popularity among the people. However, they acted in ways that defeated their purpose. Nakvard upheld human supremacy and incomparably rejected the Elves, Dwarves, Battle Angels, and other races, which led to a terrible relationship between the Country of Light and their neighboring non-human societies. The Country of Law held a neutral attitude toward the Country of Light. However, Nakvard only targeted against beings who were non-human. Within the human community, he strongly advocated integration, coexistence, encouraged immigration, communication, and was therefore deeply loved by the public.

However, Carlson was entirely different. He opposed Nakvard's racist policies and believed that they should remove such policies and regulations that treated the other races unfairly and promote communications between races. Carlson was also Andre's most respected senior. However, Andre was also aware that he wasn't popular within the parliament and many people were uninterested in his suggestions. As a result, it was difficult for him to attain victory.

What worried Andre the most was parliament member Greig.

Unlike the other two, Greig was a pure supremacist of the Country of Light. He opposed immigration and on various occasions publicly and strongly condemned the immigrants in the Country of Light. He exerted that the immigrants brought chaos and disorder to the Country of Light and diminished their resources instead of contributing. He believed that the immigrants were either thieves or mice who had no contributions apart from their greedy demands in the Country of Light. Therefore, Greig thought that they should investigate and drive out the illegal immigrants for the sake of safety and unity. His ideas had received plenty of support from people who were troubled by the immigrants.

Among the three, Nakvard had the most support. Greig was second while Carlson was the last. After all these years, the Country of Light lacked favorable impressions of the other races and didn't intend to treat them equally as humans. An Elf like Cheryl mostly held an identity of a slave or servant in the noble families. This was why the people were unwilling to take Carlson's suggestion to treat the Elves equally because they would lose their high and mighty position above them. Compared Carlson's unrealistic and illusory political idea, Nakvard and Greig were more in line with the interests of everyone.

"Got it. I will look for Teacher Soderfast in awhile before finding Sir Carlson."

"Okay, Andre."

Cheryl displayed a relaxed smile. She watched quietly as Andre left, placed her hands on her chest, and let out a sigh of relief.

It seems like Andre is really back...

At this moment, the strange uncertainties inside her mind had vanished to nowhere.

"... I sincerely apologize for the troubles that we have caused. We will compensate for the damages to your people from our reckless behavior."

Sonia lowered her head. Her voice was soft and depressing. The knights from the Country of Light stood behind her and they were no longer as arrogant as they were before. No one who was locked up for days in the underground prison would feel good. If they were captured by others, perhaps they would charge out and dispute. However, they were unfortunate to fall under Rhode's hands. The Magician Knights who the Light Parliament valued highly were slaughtered by Rhode without even blinking. Who cared about the average knights?

"Please lift your head, Miss Sonia." Rhode spoke as though this was his first meeting with her. Sonia's eyes glinted. She raised her head and looked at Rhode before shifting her gaze to Aiken.

"My apologies, Priest Aiken. I've implicated the church."

"That's nothing, Miss Sonia."

Aiken nodded hurriedly in response and the dissatisfaction inside him appeased. He didn't expect that this young man was capable of making this young lady so obedient. But this was fine too since he didn't become a scapegoat for nothing. If this young lady was still as arrogant after her release, Aiken swore that he wouldn't wipe their *sses anymore.

Aiken departed after ensuring that nothing was wrong with Sonia. Thereafter, Rhode arranged for Lize to lead the knights to the guest rooms while he had some 'important' matters to speak to Miss Sonia about.

Shortly after, the door closed behind them and there were only both of them in the silent room. Up until this moment, Sonia revealed a smile. She gazed at Rhode as though craving for his compliments. Rhode narrowed his eyes slightly and sat on the chair.

"Well done, Sonia. Alright then, let me see it."

"Yes, Master."

Sonia's eyes glinted with excitement. Then, she stripped the coat on her.

If Priest Aiken were here, he would definitely be bewildered because Sonia was completely naked under it. Rhode leaned back on the chair, rested his chin on his right hand, and admired the glorious view before him leisurely.

"Exciting, eh?"

"Yes, Master. It is too exciting..."

The thought of her only wearing a coat with nothing inside sent her adrenaline rushing. She was so thrilled that her legs shivered.

"Come here."

Rhode beckoned to her and the latter scuttled toward him like a puppy. She felt complex emotions as she gazed at the man's face. She still hated this man, but couldn't retaliate. Then, a smear of red emerged across her cheeks.

"Master, please pardon me..."

Sonia lowered her head and clumsily pushed her lips on his. Rhode was surprised, but quickly responded to her desires. He stretched out his tongue, pried open her teeth, and stuck deep within. Sonia's vision blurred and her breathing became heavy. After a few moments, she pulled away from him unwillingly.

"What's wrong, Sonia?"


Sonia spoke with a blush.

"That was... my... first kiss. I want to give everything to Master and become Master's possession forever..."

Sonia widened her legs and used her hands to spread her most private area apart before him.

"Please, Master, Sonia is willing to give everything to you. I hope you can accept..."

After being imprisoned for days and even though she had been tortured by Rhode countless times, she didn't understand why he didn't breakthrough her final defense. This left her feeling satisfied and empty simultaneously. It felt especially so as the 'lessons' progressed, where she craved to receive her complete happiness. She hoped that the emptiness inside her could be filled to the brim, so she could enjoy it entirely. However, Rhode didn't seem to be interested at all. It was due to this that although she had become so licentious, she was still a virgin.

Rhode smiled and caressed her gently. Then, he retracted his arm and squinted at her calmly.

"I know what's going on in your mind, Sonia."


"You want me to have you, so no matter if you want to or not, you will always be mine, right?"


Sonia became rather panicky and trembled.

"No, Master. I really..."

"But I'm not one who enjoys forcing others. Free will is important to me. Besides... You also don't wish for this to end, right?"

Rhode revealed a beautiful smile. Then, he stood up, leaned forward, and said softly into her ear.

"So, I shall give you a chance, Sonia. If you succeed, you can break free from everything and return to your usual life. I shall give you a test and you can choose to accept or give up... This is your final chance. Do you understand, Sonia?"

The entire room was in complete silence. Rhode's voice sounded as though the whispers of the demon: tempting and sweet.