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756 Utterly Defeated

 The surging torrent swarmed across the land. If the magic cannons and Magic Fleet were like a crazy storm after a devastating typhoon, this rule torrent that Orchid Heart cast would be a huge wave to break the dam. The Undead Army that was still struggling to survive was instantly caught in the tide.

Damn it!

Duran cursed. He was no longer as high-spirited as when he arrived at the city wall. Instead, he looked unusually miserable. Celestina was almost on par with him in terms of strength. However, the lethal negative flames were so terrifying that they forced him back. Initially, he counted on the surface Undead Army to swarm forward and coordinate with him in battle. In the end, he gave up on this hope after the Battle Angel Army and Magic Fleet emerged. Vampires were unlike the Death Knights who had to finish what they started. He immediately fled at the sight of the unfavorable situation, but Celestina kept dragging him back. Now that the main forces of the Undead Army were completely annihilated, he was so frightened that he didn't have the faith to battle anymore. He dodged Celestina's chain sword and extended both arms-his pitch-black cape expanded and two mysterious shadows darted toward her with their razor-sharp fangs. Then, he erupted a cloud of black fog from his body that shrouded him entirely before leaping to the night sky.

However, he struck an invisible barrier as soon as he flew. He widened his eyes in astonishment and realized that it was a holy defensive barrier. Lize panted as she stood behind the barrier with a pale expression. Even though she seemed exhausted, she gritted her teeth and raised her right arm.

"... You!"

The fragile barrier lasted for only a few seconds before vanishing into nothingness which was also Lize's limit. However, she had successfully stopped Duran from escaping and the latter pounced on her furiously.

At this moment, a dark lightning bolt struck and penetrated his heart from behind. Then, dark flames burned from inside-out. Duran let out a blood-curdling screech, staggered, and collapsed to the ground. The dark flames blazed and turned his body into a pile of ashes that drifted into the night sky.

Lize fell to the ground weakly. If any Undead Creature were to attack her now, perhaps she couldn't even move a finger to defend herself. She gazed forward blankly. Not only did the flashes and growls from above the city walls weaken, but the magic cannons also gradually stopped firing. But this didn't mean that they weren't operating anymore. Instead, it was because the enemies were getting fewer. Lize held onto the ice-cold wall for support and looked up at the night sky. At this moment, she only had one thought.

It's over.

Rhode, Canary, and Mini Bubble Gum came to a halt while Erin also stopped launching her attacks. They kept a distance apart and did the same action-they turned to the battlefield before the fortress. There were no signs of the Undead Army anymore. Under the bombardment of the magic cannons, Magic Fleet, and holy spears, the battlefield had been completely scorched. Moreover, the aftermath of the battle between the four legendary beings in the sky was enough to devastate the battlefield. At this moment, the battlefield no longer looked the same-the smooth slope and flat land was replaced by a 10-meters-wide and 100-meters-deep gully. The mountains collapsed and boulders rolled along the slopes. The remains of some Undead Creatures could be clearly seen at the bottom.

"Do you still want to continue, Your Highness?"

Rhode took in a deep breath and turned to Erin. The latter gazed at the human with narrowed eyes that glinted with the trace of a smile. Then, she expanded her wings.

"Since the army that requires my assistance no longer exists, there's no reason for me to stay."

Erin said in a calm, gentle tone that didn't change even during their intense battle.

"I'm glad to have this battle, two young ladies and Mr. Overlord. If it's possible, may I know your names?"


The three of them exchanged looks with one another because Erin sounded so gentle and relaxed that it didn't feel like a response from one who just lost a battle. It also wasn't right to say that she didn't care about the Undead Army at all. Back then, she had indeed tried to take down the fortress. If it weren't for the trio, perhaps the fortress would have crumbled already. However, it also wasn't right to say that Erin took this matter to heart. Judging from the fact that she stayed around to speak to them without fleeing immediately, it went to show that she took things philosophically. If it were Rhode, he surely wouldn't have taken his defeat so easily.

Also, have you figured things out yet, Your Highness? This is a battle between two armies and not a party. Is it really right for you to do this?

Even though Rhode cursed inwardly, he knew that he had to answer because Erin was focusing her gaze on him. It would still be possible to refuse if it was a young lady looking at him. But the pressure that he felt from this wyvern was too much. Besides, his name also wasn't any top secret and he knew that the Country of Darkness could almost instantly find out his identity after some investigation. He took in a deep breath and sheathed his sword.

"I'm the overlord of Paphield-Grenbell, Rhode Alander. They're my subordinates, Canary and Mini Bubble Gum. Even though it sounds strange to say this now, I'm still delighted to meet you, Your Highness Erin."

"Interesting names... but you're aware of who I am?"

Erin blinked curiously, while Rhode nodded.

"Of course, the distinguished title of the 'Moon Princess' has spread across the entire continent. But I didn't expect you to show up personally."

"I was only here to assist someone."

Erin let out a chuckle and gazed behind Rhode where the Battle Angel Army was rushing forward.

"Alright then, I shall take my leave now, Mr. Rhode and both of you young ladies. I hope we can meet in a place that's more suitable for a chat next time."

Erin flapped her wings and spiraled skyward before vanishing into the pitch-black darkness. The trio let out sighs of relief instantly.

"Oh gosh, it was so tough, Leader. I'm not playing anymore. I don't wanna do something so dangerous next time."

Mini Bubble Gum stretched her limbs and said with some lingering fears. Canary knitted her brows slightly and nodded in agreement.

"That's right, Rhode. If this were in the game, I'm pretty sure she's in the top ten in terms of threat."

There were many times when the threat rankings of BOSSes were gravely different between players and natives. The players didn't care about how powerful the BOSSes were. Instead, the BOSSes with outstanding combat skills and awareness were their biggest enemies. The Dark Dragon might be powerful, but he was overly-stubborn. Once the battle developed into a stage where both sides had to meet force with force, this was when Rhode and his team felt as though they were fish back in the water. Players weren't afraid of meeting force with force. Instead, a BOSS like Erin who they couldn't fathom, often made unpredictable moves, and was as cunning as players gave them the most headaches.

Before interacting with Erin, Rhode didn't understand too much about her. However, after this battle, he instantly placed her in the top three of the most dangerous enemies that he would face. Initially, he, Canary, and Mini Bubble Gum thought that Erin was only dangerous with her rule power. But they didn't expect her to be this skillful. Although she didn't enjoy battles, this was obviously different from not being an expert in battles!

Rhode also nodded in agreement. He turned around and saw Beni leading the Battle Angels toward them. Under the moonlight, the majestic fortress seemed so ever clear as though announcing that this wasn't a dream.

"No matter what it has finally ended."