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736 Darkness Falls III

 That was like a scene from a nightmare.

The entire world was filled with a mixture of black and red. In the sky, Flame Crows and Bone Griffins launched their most ferocious attacks on the Batfishes while fire elemental creatures and the Undead Army swarmed forward on the surface. As soon as they fell under the attacks of the Phantom Beasts, darkness quickly filled the gaps. The battlefront shrunk, but the soldiers above the city walls weren't in the mood to care.


Serena extended her arms and transformed strong gales into razor-sharp blades that swept a pitch-black, shriveled, and putrid Ghoul off the city wall. But at the same time, another shadow arrived at her side.

At this moment, Frederick also attacked.

His blade shimmered in a green radiance as he punctured the Ghoul's body. The Ghouls' skin should have been as strong as steel where sharp blades couldn't deal serious damage to them. However, they had lost their solid defense in this enchanted field. Frederick's blade ripped through its flesh knife through like butter and the Ghoul extended its claws at him. Frederick shrieked in surprise, but drove his foot forward with one powerful thrust to draw some distance apart. Then, he brandished his green blade and a whirlwind rose from the ground abruptly. In a series of painful screeches, the Ghoul flew out and crashed into its companion.


Frederick whistled proudly. After he turned around, he realized that another Ghoul had leapt up from the wall and slashed at one of the Clerics.

\"Be careful!\"

Frederick yelled frantically. He always thought that Clerics were fragile and a class that wasn't great in combat. He stood too far away from the Cleric and couldn't assist her. At this moment, he hoped that someone around the Cleric would notice and strike the Ghoul away. But it was a pity that only a miracle could save her.

But the miracle didn't happen-because there was no need for it.

Just an inch closer and the Ghoul's razor-sharp claw would tear into her soft skin. However, it failed. Its claw struck an invisible barrier which deflected it in midair. The young lady was startled. She turned around in panic and saw the Ghoul rolling on the ground. Then, her behaviors were out of Frederick's expectations. Even though she appeared nervous, she hurriedly extended her arm and in the blink of an eye, she blasted a dazzling ray on the Ghoul. The nimble Ghoul looked as though it were bound by manacles and leg-irons and couldn't budge at all. The Cleric made a few hand gestures, and a white light beam descended from above, struck the Ghoul heavily, and turned it into ashes.

Clerics are so powerful?

Frederick couldn't believe his eyes. Back then, he cursed Rhode inwardly for being so heartless to place a bunch of Clerics with 'no combat abilities' in the front lines. During the few days of staying in the fortress, Frederick knew that Rhode had been training the Clerics' combat abilities. However, he didn't take them seriously as he thought that the training sessions were to teach them how to protect themselves using some basic sword moves or something. But why did it seem like... this group of Clerics was much stronger than him?

Brilliance from spiritual spells and magical spells shone from above the city wall. The soldiers had calmed down from the initial chaos where they were stunned by this tactic that the Undead Army deployed. But they pulled themselves together and eliminated the Ghouls rushing up the city walls while being protected by the spiritual barrier. The Ghouls were powerful and the weakest ones were at level 30. Their sharp claws had poisonous effects and their strong skin made them tough enemies in close combat. Due to the effects of the enchanted field, the Ghouls were weakened by more than half of their strength and were currently at around level 15. The holy powers completely overwhelmed their mighty features and fast speed. But the only problem now was that the black rope connected to the arrows were too strong, where the soldiers' blades and Mages' flames were useless in removing them.

At the same time, the Undead Army slowly approached.

The fire elemental creatures were exhausted while Rhode's water elemental creatures also couldn't keep up. The coldness that they let off was enough to freeze a human to death, but was meaningless to the Undead Army. The Phantom Beasts snarled as they darted across the surface and shattered the Skeleton Soldiers standing in their way with their sharp claws. But the Undead Creatures seized the chance and quickly swarmed forward. They brandished their swords and lances at the Phantom Beasts and mourned their death. Observing from the top of the tower, it was apparent that darkness was slowly devouring the snow field.

\"Mr. Rhode, is it about time?\"

Lize clenched her fists and asked worriedly. Rhode didn't answer instantly. Instead, he turned to Beni.

\"How's the situation, Leader Beni?\"

\"... Not here yet, Sir Overlord.\"

\"This skeleton commander of theirs sure is careful.\"

Rhode let out a grunt. Cullen was a meticulous person. Perhaps he was baffled by the water elemental creatures that he became even more careful. But Rhode had another way to deal with him. Since he wasn't willing to show up, he just needed to lure him out. The Undead Army was still in the probing stage, where they used this typical strategy in deploying low-level troops like Ghouls and Bone Griffins to sound out Rhode's forces.

This was just like a card game. Both sides received their cards, laid them out, and turned them around.

Alright then. I shall start first. This is my first card. Do you want to follow, Mr. Lich?

Rhode caressed the white jade-like ring on his right index finger. At the same time, a line of system prompt emerged before him.

[Activate the Holy Spear]


Frederick brandished his sword and struck off a Ghoul who tried to climb over the city wall. On the other hand, Serena launched ice blades that took down a dozen Ghouls, and they fell off the wall in no time. The remaining Ghouls were taken down by the soldiers, but this didn't alleviate their pressure.

\"Haa... Haa... Damn it.\"

Frederick clutched his sword and watched the menacing Bone Griffins launching almost suicidal attacks on the Batfishes. Perhaps the Batfishes were advantageous in their water elemental attribute over the Flame Crows, but they weren't experts in close combat, after all. Frederick also saw groups of Ghouls climbing to the Skeletal Trolls' shoulders and leaping onto the ropes connected to the city walls. Even though the Skeletal Trolls moved forward slowly, Frederick knew that their encounter would happen in just a few minutes.

What should we do?

Frederick felt unprecedented fatigue and worry. The exhaustion wasn't physical, but was more on his mental strength. This exhaustion was intensified whenever one observed the enemies charging forward without any fear of death.

If Frederick was facing human enemies, perhaps he would have thought the situation different. But even Serena also felt helpless in the face of this endless sea of Undead Creatures. They were as though drowning in a pitch-black sea and struggling instinctively. But this resistance was only temporary and they would eventually die.

Frederick couldn't help but admire Rhode. He couldn't imagine how it felt like to face this attack alone. He was confident that if it were him, perhaps he would have abandoned this fortress. However, what solutions did they have now?

Does he not intend to deploy the Battle Angel Army?

Frederick caught a glimpse of a dazzling radiance from the corner of his eye. He turned around curiously and was baffled.

There was a crystal sculpture of a young lady emanating a spotlessly white radiance in the deep mountain. The holy radiance grew increasingly brighter, and almost enveloped the entire sculpture. Frederick turned around and spotted the exact same scene from the other end.

What's going on?

Frederick asked dubiously.

Then, deep, loud explosions boomed.