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648 Eve of Departure

 Flames blazed under the pitch-black night sky. Bloody corpses laid flat in the dark, narrow corridor. Rhode lifted his head and gazed in satisfaction at the endless black field. He snapped his fingers.


The gloomy scenery distorted and vanished like a painting tainted with flowing water. The boundless white space reemerged and slowly disappeared in golden rays. Shortly after, the chilly night breeze and shining, clean moonlight dispersed the shadows above everyone. No one who stood before Rhode could hold on any longer. Carefree people like Joey flopped down on the snowfield and panted for air desperately.

"Well done."

Rhode nodded in fulfillment at the sight of the exhausted group. After experiencing high intensity training sessions, they finally figured out the way of coordination. However, the training sessions were indeed a heavy burden for the natives. Not only Joey, but even the mature and steady Randolf, Marfa, and Sol were also drenched in sweat. The mercenaries and Half-Demons behind them discussed the successes and failures in the simulated battle. A delightful glint flashed in Rhode's eyes because this was what he wished to see. In fact, it was necessary for him to raise the difficulty of the training sessions and allow the mercenaries and Half-Demons to know one another better. After all, people in the same plight would empathize with others in the same predicament and grow closer. No matter the veteran mercenaries or the newly joined Half-Demons, they were all drilled miserably in his special training. As a team that required trust, the tight bonds with one another was extremely crucial.

"That's all for the training today. You guys can head back for a rest. Tomorrow, we will head to the Ice Field and get rid of the annoying Orcs. It will also be a great chance to test our combat capability. Dismiss."


Joey raised his arms and cheered loudly. Then, he jumped up to his feet and revealed a charming smile at a young lady clad in a Ranger attire.

"Miss Betty, do you have time today? Can I treat you to a drink? Just one..."

"Hey, Joey, who says you can approach my girl?"

Randolf chided in a playful tone while Joey shrugged and grimaced. "Randolf, when did Betty become yours? You two aren't married yet. Heh..."


The fatigue mercenaries burst into laughter at their comical bickering. As Rhode turned around and intended to leave, Lize's voice held him back.

"Ah, Mr. Rhode, please wait for a moment..."

"Is anything the matter, Lize?"

Rhode came to a halt and turned back to find Lize scuttling toward him. Although Lize's Cleric team didn't carry as much responsibility as the others in this tactic, they had also put in a lot of strength. Her face blushed and sweat beads filled her forehead. She stalled abruptly and rubbed the hems of her robe nervously. After a few moments, she sucked in a deep breath and looked at Rhode in his eyes.

"I-It's like this, Mr. Rhode... Are... you... free tonight? I... I want to treat you to some tea..."

Rhode was astonished, but he quickly understood the meaning behind those words. He nodded without hesitation.

"Of course, Lize."

The sky darkened.

The bustling Land of Atonement had quietened drastically, where only the clamor of the mercenaries could be heard from the pubs in the vicinity. Rhode strode along the corridor of the fortress and sensed the tranquil atmosphere before him with a smile. They would be heading into the Ice Field the next day and most of the mercenaries had returned for their rest. At the moment, the Ocean Elves were cleaning up the hall and corridor. Under the radiance of the candle flames, the fortress appeared seemingly serene and peaceful.

Rhode came to a halt and tidied the creases on his clothes before knocking on the door. Shortly after, Lize's voice responded.

"P-Please come in."

Rhode pushed the room door open. Then, he spotted the young lady seated by the table.

Lize looked very different. She was no longer clad in the usual plain robe and had put on a white, silky muslin dress instead. Her fair, delicate skin revealed a faint layer of blush under the candle flames.

"Ah, Mr. Rhode..."

She stood to her feet and lowered her head shyly. She shrunk back a little and gazed at the teapot and teacups as though avoiding his gaze. Rhode entered the room slowly. His eyes had locked on to the young lady before him. Lize's expression blushed even more and appeared exceptionally adorable.

How amusing.

Rhode smiled inwardly and lifted Lize's chin to force her to look into his eyes. She instinctively tried to turn away to avoid his stare, but he didn't grant her wish. Lize felt increasingly uneasy. Her eyes wandered and her chest pumped up as she breathed heavily. However, Rhode seemed to have become rather slow in his reactions as though he didn't notice her nervousness.

"Where's the tea?"


Lize was taken aback as though she couldn't figure out what Rhode was talking about.

"Didn't you want to treat me to some tea?"

"Ah, right, yes... Yes..."

Lize appeared as though she had just woken up from her dream. She nodded and lifted the teapot to pour a cup of tea with shivering hands.

"Mr. Rhode... P-Please enjoy. This is a first-rate black tea. I'm sure you'll like it..."

Rhode maintained his poker face. He looked into Lize's eyes and savored the fragrant tea.

"Yes, it tastes great, Lize. Your tea-making skills have improved again."

"Thanks for your compliment, Mr. Rhode..."

"But... It's boring to just drink tea. I do want to taste some dessert."


Lize looked dazedly. But before she reacted, Rhode's face leaned in to hers abruptly-he kissed her lips.


Lize resisted instinctively and his tongue slithered in and pried open her mouth to tangle with her tongue before she could even speak. Lize widened her eyes. Her eyes wandered in a blur and she softly fell into his embrace.

After a few moments, they separated slowly and the silver thread of saliva between their lips dripped, which went to show how strong their passion was. Rhode extended his hand and stroked her soft cheek, leaving her trembling as though she was electrocuted. Out of a sudden, an aromatic scent assailed Rhode's nostrils and he felt two soft presences pushing against his back. Shortly after, Marlene's voice filled the room.

"Lize, didn't I say you couldn't escape?"

"Marlene? Why are you here?"

Rhode turned back and spotted Marlene's grin.

"Because this was decided by Lize and I, Rhode."

Marlene revealed a witty smile.

"Since you've bedded both Lize and I... we would like to know if you favor one and discriminate against the other. This is our challenge for you. Rhode, I've been worried that you would treat the other coldly after you've satisfied one."


Rhode narrowed his eyes and took a few steps back to gaze at Marlene who had gone to Lize's side.

"A challenge for me?"

"That's right, Rhode. Do you accept it?"

A man wouldn't reject it, of course.

"Argh... Argh..."

The candle flames had been extinguished, leaving only the bright moonlight spilling through the windows and illuminating a hazy illusion in the room that enveloped the trio on bed.

"Ah... Ah..."

Lize sat by the bed, pressed her hands on her cheeks and looked through the gap between her fingers with widened eyes. Marlene had leaned over to between Rhode's legs and served his needs attentively. This was just a simple foreplay, but Lize had never felt this stimulated. Although she had also given her entirety to Rhode, she had never done this to him before. It could also be said that she didn't know this could be done between a man and a woman. Not to mention, it was her close friend who was doing it.

Marlene actually put that huge thing into her mouth...

Lize stared in disbelief. Is it... delicious? It seems as though Marlene is savoring on a delicacy. But... Isn't it filthy? Besides... Mr. Rhode seems really comfortable...

Lize lost her usual calmness on her beautiful face. On the contrary, Rhode shut his eyes and enjoyed the sensation along with Marlene's actions. He gasped for breath slowly and Lize didn't know why her body was burning.

She placed her right hand between her legs while her left hand caressed her chest uncontrollably. Her mind was crumbling and her hand movements were getting quicker.


Marlene's actions stopped abruptly while Rhode let out a deep moan. At the same time, Lize felt as though something had broken through her constraints and the burning sensation spread throughout her limbs, leaving her mind in a complete blank.


Lize's own stimulation had broken her final line of defense.

"Huhuhu, it seems that Lize has already prepared herself."

Marlene looked at Lize who had collapsed to the bed and let out a chuckle. Lize opened her eyes in bewilderment as though she was lost in a trance.

"Seems like this is too stimulating for Lize..."

Marlene said softly before lowering her head. Then, four light-pink, fleshy lips pressed against one another.


Lize shuddered abruptly. She opened her eyes wide and her throat moved up and down as though she was swallowing something. After a few moments, their lips separated and Marlene maintained her usual graceful attitude as she arranged her long hair.

"How was it, Lize? Was it good?"

"This is..."

Lize gazed blankly at her close friend who had a white, muddy liquid dripping down the corner of her mouth. Lize had as though lost her consciousness and was only answering instinctively. Marlene couldn't help but display a smile before turning to Rhode.

"Alright then. Since I've enjoyed your first shot... I'll leave Lize to you, Rhode. It seems that she's prepared for you. I hope you won't strain your waist again, okay?"

"Don't worry, that was just an accident."

Rhode twitched his brows as he didn't expect Lize to reveal the ugly truth to Marlene... Although there was a saying of 'He that touches a pitch shall be defiled', that was just an unlucky accident, after all. It seemed that he had to give Lize a little punishment.

Rhode lifted Lize's legs as she lay paralyzed on the bed. She instinctively shook her head as though to resist and yet, she seemed anticipative. Rhode didn't let her wait for too long. Almost in an instant, he struck from between her legs and began his violent thrusts.


Lize yelled out innately. She clutched the bedsheets and her dainty body twisted, but no one knew if she was escaping from his brutal penetrations or welcoming his advances. However, Rhode disregarded her defenseless resistance because a child who shot their mouth should be punished. He increased his thrusting speed and infiltrated her like a violent storm that swept her into endless crashing waves that shattered all rationality in her mind. In the end, the young lady screamed and struggled to wave her hands in the air. Then, she collapsed powerlessly on the bed as a burning gush of liquid blasted into her body and engulfed everything.


Marlene observed everything from the side and her breathing hastened. Although she had more intimate experiences with Rhode, this was the first time she had admired everything as a bystander. The gentle and adorable Lize had become this wild, hungry animal. There was an instant when Lize had totally forgotten about Marlene's presence and innately craved for the arrival of pleasure from Rhode. Marlene had never thought of seeing Lize's pure, innocent face becoming so seductive and womanly.

Could it be that... I look this way too?

Marlene felt her heart pounding hard and filled with nervousness and some anticipation...


Rhode heaved a sigh of relief and suddenly, he felt a fervent body rubbing and hugging him from the side.

"It's my turn now, Rhode..."