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322 Night Chaos


Marlene opened her eyes.

The light of the setting sun had illuminated the room. She looked up, and her head felt a splitting headache. She wanted to reach out and hold her forehead, but soon noticed that her wrist felt tight. She discovered that her hands and feet had been bound by chains. She was tied up in a luxurious, soft bed. Although she looked unusual, she felt powerless and unable to move. It was even difficult for her to move her body. She wandered and stared at the surrounding. She didn't know where she was and what was happened currently. This made her a little bit surprised, anxious, and worried.

"Ara, sister, you finally awake?"

At this moment, Ellenson's voice sounded. Marlene frowned as she heard her voice. When she saw her, Marlene was completely shocked.

The person who appeared before her was indeed Ellenson, but she was no longer wearing the dress she wore previously. Instead, she was wearing a transparent tulle skirt and a bizarre butterfly mask that looked unusually strange. In addition, she didn't wear any clothes. She just stood there while looking at her with a teasing gaze. When Marlene saw her, her face was red, and she hurriedly turned her head.

"Ellenson, why are you wearing something like this? What are you trying to do? Your joke has gone too far!"

"So scary~"

Upon hearing Marlene's criticism, Ellenson chuckled. She elegantly placed her hand on her lips, showing a well-groomed lady-like gesture that gave off an enticing charm. At this time, Marlene felt that something was wrong. The Ellenson she knew was not such a person. In the past, she would not even dare make such a joke to her. She was a lively girl but was actually quite conservative. It was impossible for her to stand naked in front of her shamelessly.

There must be something wrong with it!

Thinking of here, Marlene's heart sank, then she opened her mouth.

"Dirs... Ahhhhhhh!!"

However, Marlene was unable to finish her chanting, because at this time the chains that bound her wrist had sparked out electricity and froze her body. It was as if she was hit heavily by a whip. Under this strong stimulation, Marlene shook her body up and down. Afterward, she could no longer chant.

"Elder sister, don't be so anxious, it's not good~"

Ellenson walked to Marlene's side and reached out her hand. She gently stroke her face, while Marlene looked at her gloomily.

"Anti-magic shackles... Ellenson, what do you want to do?"

"What do I want to do?"

Under Marlene's sharp gaze, Ellenson didn't seem to be shaken by it. Instead, she lightly smiled and asked her back.

"How could I possibly do things that harm Sister? I just hope that Sister will be able to enjoy this supreme happiness just like me... This is my hospitality to you, dear sister. Do you like it? I thought that Sister would definitely resist at the very beginning, so I used this method. But I can guarantee that my Sister will like this feeling just like me. My master is very gentle, elder sister, you will definitely enjoy it."


Hearing her words, Marlene frowned. At this moment, a man opened the door and entered the room. He was dressed in expensive, well-made noble clothes. His skin was pale white just like the nobles of the south. His pale chestnut hair was divided into two sides. His sharp face reminded people of animals, such as wolves or hounds. Not to mention, just being watched by his narrow eyes made Marlene feel as if a venomous snake crawled over her body.

"Oh, Master, you are finally here!"

Looking at the man who just appeared, Ellenson happily smiled. She ran towards him and embraced him. But seeing that she was naked, it made Marlene felt uncomfortable. She frowned and looked at herself. Thank god, she was still wearing her previous clothes. It seemed like Ellenson wasn't trying to do the same to her.

This made Marlene feel relieved for a while, but soon she quickly looked towards that man vigilantly.

"Who are you?!"

At this time, Marlene finally realized that she had encountered a great problem.

As the sole successor of the Senia family, no matter whether she was willing or not, she knew most of the young nobles of the Munn Kingdom. Whether they were talented people or wastrels, Marlene knew that befriending those nobles was also considered a necessary lessons for her as a successor of the Senia family. However, she had no idea who the man in front of them was. He was a total stranger to her, but it was really weird because, in the Golden City, there were no noble she didn't know.

Who is this man actually?

Thinking until here, Marlene immediately became nervous. She was not stupid; the successor of the Senia family didn't only have powerful magic power and pretty face, but also had keen insight. It was not strange for a man to show up here, but a man who she didn't know? That was definitely a problem. At least, it meant that this man wasn't a noble in the Munn Kingdom.

Then what did that mean?

"I'm just an unknown person, dear Ms. Marlene."

Facing Marlene's question, the man graciously answered and smiled. However, in Marlene's eyes, he looked just like a scorpion.

"I guess you can't tell me your real name."

Marlene coldly snorted, not seeming surprised by his answer.

"But do you know what are you doing? Ellenson is the only daughter of the Nancy family. If her family knows... No matter who you are, I'm afraid nothing good will happen to you."

"Oh, I'm so scared, Ms. Marlene."

Hearing Marlene cold response, the man only whistled. After that, he lightly clapped and sarcastically smiled.

"As expected of a genius; even after you fell into such a state, you are still able to maintain a calm and arrogant attitude... It's really great to see that you are such challenging prey... but I don't think you need to worry about Ellenson."

Having said that, the man turned around and looked at the naked girl before him.

"Ellenson, come and tell Ms. Marlene over there. What is our relationship?"

"Yes, Master."

Hearing the man's voice, Ellenson's eyes lit up. She bowed before him and looked up.

"I am Master's slave. I am Master's most loyal slave. Master, will you please give me rewards? I have done what you said. Now I can't hold it anymore..."

Ellenson crawled on the ground like a dog. She looked at the man before her with expectations and eagerness. She totally looked like a pet dog who was trying to gain the owner's favor.

"Master, see, I've been so... I've been so eager, I beg you, please give me a reward..."

"Ellenson, what are you talking about!! Get a grip!!"

When she heard Ellenson speak, Marlene was shocked. She stared blankly at the girl, who was opening her legs wide, acting vulgar like a prostitute, and was completely speechless. The scene before her really shattered her impression of Ellenson. She never thought that the cheerful girl she once knew would actually pose in such a debauchery gesture and say such filthy words.

"It's useless, Ms. Marlene."

The man stretched out his hand and patted Ellenson's head, which immediately received a satisfying response from her.

"Right now, Ellenson has completely become my pet. Just look at her-she looks very happy, right? She doesn't have to think about anything. She just needs to listen to my orders to feel this supreme happiness. She has never felt such a feeling before... Of course, it's not like she didn't resist in the beginning."

Having said that, the man strangely smiled. He walked towards Marlene and took out a bottle of potion. Seeing the man's gesture, Marlene's expression turned gloomy. She didn't move her body to escape from his sight. Instead, she looked at him with a cold and sharp gaze.

"So scary~"

The man calmly enjoyed Marlene's gaze and didn't withdraw from it. He stretched out his hand and poured the potion into Marlene's mouth. When he let go of his hand, Marlene coughed up heavily, but her gaze towards that man remained unchanged.

"But I don't hate it... it's more interesting to see a proud woman lowers her pride. Soon, you will understand the meaning of my words. But now... I'm going to give a reward to my pet first."

The man turned around to look at Ellenson. Aware of his gaze, Ellenson was pleasantly surprised.

The night fell.

As the temperature in the room gradually rose, combined with a thick and sweet fragrance in the air, Marlene bit her teeth. She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling in front of her. Her body had gradually become weaker and weaker. In addition, her body also became hotter and itchy. This feeling had began to spread around her body. Now, Marlene couldn't even lift a finger. Just one movement was enough to shook her body. Marlene was certain that the potion she had taken was affecting her body, but she still kept her sanity. Marlene knew exactly what this man wanted to do. Although she never had experience in this area, it did not mean that she was completely ignorant about it. The man intended to conquer her by doing this, and as long as she could no longer endure the suffering and gave in, it would be his victory. However, Marlene did not intend to let the other party succeed so easily. Although she lost her magic power, her self-control as a mage still played its role.

But even so, the moaning sounds that echoed in her ear still interfered from time to time.

"Ah... ah..."

Although her voice wasn't loud, it still clearly echoed in her ears. She closed her eyes and tried to maintain her sanity, using her strong will to isolate all this off. But even so, her heart was still filled with pain and sorrow. Especially when she heard the familiar voice was pleading, she felt as if she had been stabbed.


Finally, the sound stopped.

"Such a good kid. Don't you think so, Ms. Marlene?"

The man gently stroked Ellenson beside him and looked at Marlene, who was tightly tied to the bed. Marlene's face still showed cold and serious expression, but at that moment her pale face flushed and her chest was undulating. She stared at the man in front of her angrily, and a flame of anger blazed in her eyes.

"As expected of a young miss of the Senia family; you're on a totally different level compared to this thing."

Seeing Marlene, who was indifferent, the man shook his head and looked at Ellenson.

"Did you know that this kid also resisted at first and screamed loudly? However, she soon changed her mind.

You also will change once you experience it... Are you ready to enter this whole new world?"

"... In your dreams..."

Marlene clenched her teeth. She felt suffocated, and her body was burning hot. She used up all of her strength in order to say those words.

"You are really stubborn."

Hearing his response, the man frowned. Although he admired her insistence, gradually, he started to feel somewhat unhappy.

"It seems like it is time for something new."

Then, the man took out a circular gem and placed it before Marlene's eyes.

She instinctively wanted to turn around and close her eyes. However, the heat on her body quickly spread and slowed down her movement. Before she was able to turn her head, her eyes looked into the color of the gem.

The brilliance of the gem flashed through her eyes. Her eyes, which were originally clear, had turned completely blank.