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270 Warm-up Match 9

 The Ranger walked up to the stage. He looked at the girl who was standing opposite of him, then he took a deep breath.

The reason he came up wasn't because he was certain that he could win, nor because he had given up his pride. He only intended to give it a try. In any case, watching Nancy's battle gave him a little information. The only thing he could understand was that the Cleric seemed to be able to affect other's movements.

The Ranger also understood that the fighting method would highly affect a melee fighter, so he hoped that the effect on him would be smaller since he attacked from a range. He had attentively observed their battle, but Lize didn't seem to move at all from the beginning to the end. She was mostly defending herself and almost didn't attack at all. Of course, given the quirky style of a Cleric, it was normal for her to act like that. But how would she react to him?

Thinking of this, the Ranger felt somewhat excited. He raised his longbow and aimed at Lize.

Followed by the sound of the horn, the battle began.

Like last time, Lize quickly cast a shield and stood still, waiting for the opponent to attack her. The Ranger also had made a mental preparation, and seeing that Lize no longer moved after putting on her shield, his speculation had to be right. So he immediately raised his longbow and aimed at her.


Accompanied by the wind, three arrows quickly flew towards her and were stopped by her Guardian Shield. Seeing this attack, Lize felt a little bit surprised and she tilted her head to look at the Ranger before her carefully. She made no further actions, only clenching her hands and placing them on her chest. Judging from her reaction, she didn't seem to be doing anything.

"I'm doing this."

Seeing her reaction, the Ranger was determined and once again drew his bow. Soon, three arrows flew over and were stopped by the Guardian Shield. Apparently, the Ranger did not give up. Not too long after, three arrows flew and were stopped again by the Guardian Shield.

What the hell?

Everyone was confused. Lize only stood there and didn't seem to fight back when facing the Ranger's attack. The Ranger also didn't seem to want to approach her and only shot from afar. Obviously, his attacks didn't have any effect. What was the point of doing it then?

What were they doing?

Some people complained, showing their contempt towards the battle. They were expecting to see a good fight, but now the situation had become very boring. Many people felt a little bit sleepy. It seemed like the two of them weren't going to fight for real, and were just putting up an act.

"What are you doing? Go and attack!! "

After a few minutes of stalemate, some people finally couldn't endure such a boring performance and shouted. Soon, more people began to shout and complain. They didn't come just to see such a boring battle. From their point of view, only Marlene's previous battles deserved their applause. Such a boring battle-what exactly were they doing?

"You're a man, right?! What's so scary about it? Come on! "

"The young lady over there, don't be a coward. What are you doing, just standing there?!"

Similar shouts were coming from the crowd. Clearly, the two of them were also somewhat disturbed hearing them. Lize frowned, hesitating for a moment. That Ranger was even worse-not only did he hesitated, but he also felt concerned. Who asked him to be born a man? Now everyone was blaming and complaining, and most of them thought that he was timid and afraid to fight her head on, which made him feel somewhat annoyed. It wasn't that he didn't want to, but that he was afraid to... Nancy had already given him a good example. If he followed the same path, wouldn't he be courting death?

But things couldn't go on like this.

Thinking of here, the Ranger made a decision in his heart.

He took a black arrow with circular tip from his waist and shot it across at Lize. A black shadow flashed through the sky in an instant and went straight toward Lize.

Nothing seemed to change; the black arrow wasn't able to penetrate Lize's Guardian Shield and was deflected away. Seeing this scene, many people issued their discontent. But soon. they were amazed.

Because the moment the arrow flew, the tip suddenly burst. In an instant, a dark green smoke emerged and enveloped Lize in it. Not only so, a stench also spread outside the ring. However, the Ranger didn't end his offense yet and soon raise two red arrows. Followed by the sound of the wind, the dark green smoke was decorated with a dazzling fire. The burning fire spread along with the dark green smoke.

At this time, many people, including Rhode, were aware of the Ranger's intention. It was clear that he was forcing her to take the initiative this way. Because in the previous battle, Lize had been passive, it would inevitably let people think that she was only good at passive counterattacks. The Ranger was doing this to force her to take the initiative so that he would be able to seize her flaw. After all, moving was a very deadly thing for a caster. When Lize fought with Nancy, she had barely moved, so it gave people the illusion that she could only display her strength by standing still. Or else, she wouldn't need to take Nancy attack head on, right?

However, the Ranger also had to sacrifice a great deal of effort for this attack. Although he could use a magic arrow to attack, those magic arrows weren't free to use like a Cleric's spirit power or Mage's magic. They were sold at a very high price. The Ranger was actually willing to use these arrows in a non-life and death situation, which showed the importance of this battle to him.

Sure enough, being surrounded by stenchy smokes and burning fire, even Lize could no longer keep calm. She quickly retreated, but at this moment, the Ranger, who had prepared to attack, shot his arrows once again. This time, he shot three blue arrows. They quickly swept through Lize's side and erupted in flashes of lightning, completely trapping Lize within.

Of course, Lize's reactions weren't slow either. In the moment the Ranger attacked her, the Guardian Shield immediately appeared in front of her. It was as if a huge turtle shell wrapped around her. Naturally, the flashes of lightning were unable to affect her. However, the process still made Lize fall into a panic. After rearranging her defense, she finally calmed down again. One more time! Seeing Lize was somehow pushed back by him, the Ranger burst out in excitement. After shooting three lightning arrows, he immediately stretched out his hand again and took out three fire arrows. When the Ranger once again tried to shoot the arrows, he suddenly realized that the scene in front of him seemed a little distorted. What was going on? The Ranger was puzzled. At this moment, he seemed to have loosened his finger and the three arrows flew out. Boom!!! An explosive sound sounded.

The igniting fire instantly wrapped the Ranger inside. Luckily, he reacted fast. At that moment, he noticed that something was wrong, he immediately gave up on his target, rolled away, and managed to dodge the impact of the explosion. He heavily slammed the wall behind him.

"Holy Spirit."

Seeing the pitiful Ranger, Joey made a gesture of prayer. Although no one knew the Ranger's current condition, Joey seemed to realize what was happening. In fact, before the Ranger started attacking, Lize had silently cast a Guardian Shield on the Ranger. This was supposed to be a protection spell, but somehow, it had also restricted the Ranger's movement. The same as what happened to Joey previously in the Mirage whenever he faced Lize. The situation might even worse since Joey wasn't as stupid as to let fire arrows explode before him.

Looking at the pitiful Ranger, Joey closed his eyes and prayed. He had already known the match's result and didn't have to continue watching anymore. The battle at that time was extremely frightening even to the current him. It felt as if he were trapped and could only welcoming the danger without being able to do anything. Right now, that Ranger must have also felt the same thing.

Sure enough, at this time, a dazzling light once again gathered in Lize's hands, condensing. Followed by the disappearance of the Guardian Shield, shining arrows flew towards the smokes.

The winner had been decided.