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269 Warm-up Match 8

 Good, it's coming!

Nancy was not surprised to see this golden beam. Instead, she was happy. Before, she was very hesitant because Lize didn't seem to make any movements. It meant that she could also make a movement at any time, and this would be deadly for mercenary like Nancy. Not to mention, her abnormality was also related to Lize. Nancy heightened her vigilance, afraid that she might fell into the same trap when she attacked again. However, since Lize had made her move now, then it meant she had nothing hidden under her sleeve. So, facing the golden beam, Nancy still rushed forward toward Lize.

It had to be said that Nancy's skill was really good. She moved up and down to avoid the golden beam and quickly shortened the distance between them. Seeing Nancy, who was going to overturn the situation, the mercenaries around them also began to cheer loudly. As a mercenary, they certainly understood the situation that was happening now. Lize was currently releasing the spell and definitely wouldn't be able to dodge. If her spell was interrupted, it would also affect her severely. They loudly applauded because they didn't expect that Nancy would be able to improvise and dodge the golden beam to grasp this opportunity. Even though these people didn't really support Nancy, but the way Lize fought was really too weird, so the vast majority of people did not understand what was going on. There were a few people who could somewhat guess what was happening, but they also hoped to see more. After all, it was their first time seeing a Cleric fight.

Got it!

Under the cheering crowds, Nancy had reached the effective range to launch an attack. Her heart felt at joy, and at the same time she waved the shining silver lance in her hand once again. She was no longer dodging; instead, she thrust her spear forward. Obviously, she was aiming for an-eye-for-an-eye attack. At this point, Rhode also noticed that Lize's left hand suddenly moved.

A dark mist wrapped around Nancy's body and instantly disappeared.

Nancy's body suddenly staggered. She felt that she had completely lost her strength and her body felt weak. However, she had no time to think about what was going on. She was startled and subconsciously looked up, only to see the golden light shining in the sky.

In the next moment, Nancy's figure was completely enveloped in it.


A dull crashing sound broke out. It wasn't loud, but it could clearly be heard. Because at the moment Nancy was hit, those mercenaries who were cheering around her stopped moving like an idiot and blankly stared at the ring.

The smoke dispersed and finally, they could see what happened in the ring. Nancy was unconscious. Soon, the referee from the Mercenary Association came over to confirm the situation. After making sure that Nancy had really fainted, they immediately announced Lize's victory. However, the sound of applause wasn't as loud as Marlene's battle. Although many ordinary people were still cheering loudly, the mercenaries fell into a dead silence.

At the moment, these mercenaries were helplessly watching Lize, who was standing in the ring. They were feeling complicated and didn't know what to say. Everyone there was a mercenary who risked their lives to fight everyday. That was why they could somewhat understand what was happening. However, they were confused. In their opinion, Marlene's victory was something inevitable since she was a mage and a noble Middle Circle mage on top of it. Her identity was enough to suppress all of them; that's why they could easily accept the loss.

However, Lize was a Cleric. Although Clerics held a very important job in mercenary groups, they had no combat ability. Seeing that Lize was actually able to defeat a mercenary group's elite easily without attacking, all of them had fallen into disbelief because they just couldn't figure out how she did it.

People would always be afraid of the unknown. Clerics were a non-combat class, so people didn't really have a deep understanding of it. Now, they finally found out that Lize was actually a wolf in sheep's clothing. They suddenly panicked and didn't know what to do.

However, they didn't show it. On the other hand, the elite mercenaries who were on the other side of the ring didn't panic, but felt afraid. Unlike from those who sat around the stage to watch the excitement, they had to go into the ring and continue to fight! Originally, they already found it strange for a Cleric to fight. In addition, Nancy's defeat also made them feel at a loss. As the first one who fought, Nancy already showed them just how embarrassing it was to lose in the hands of a Cleric. This was the reason why they were afraid of going into the ring.

It was understandable if Nancy lost after putting up a fight and the result showed that her strength was inferior to the other party's. But in fact, Nancy's performance was just like a that of a clown's. She was mocked until the end, and even if she didn't lose her consciousness, she would probably want to kill herself. Fortunately, Nancy was able to avoid this humiliation temporarily. However, it didn't mean that other people could do the same.

Who was next?

They were looking at each other. None of them wanted to disgrace themselves. If this situation happened to other people, they might only think of it as a joke. But since it actually happened to themselves, it could be worse than death.

It seemed like Lize had achieved a complete mastery in controlling her spirit power.

Rhode didn't bother about what happened in the ring. After Lize released her last blow, he immediately felt relieved. Rhode could be sure that the next four people were certainly not her match.

Many people didn't know that a Cleric actually could release two skills at the same time.

Unlike Mages, a Cleric's skill didn't require chanting. It could be released and canceled spontaneously, but the spontaneous skills could only be used for buffing and cursing. As for attacking, Clerics needed a longer chanting time than Mages did. For example, the Light Arrows that Lize released were equal to a Mage's Magic Missile. However, the chanting time she needed was longer than the Mage's Magic Missile, which was why Nancy didn't notice it. But Rhode was clear about it. In fact, when Lize and Nancy began to speak, Lize had condensed her strength in her hand and was ready to release the Light Arrow. This was why when Nancy thrusted forward, she couldn't dodge. She had to take Nancy's attack because she could not give up the attack that she had already prepared. So Lize decisively chose to take the blow and then launch a counterattack.

But after the attack, Lize's left hand was idle.

Nobody noticed that.

This was not surprising. Because Clerics were also a caster class just like Mages, people usually mistook a Mage's skill as a Cleric's skill. Although Marlene's magic looked flashy, she actually had to release the skills one by one. A Mage had to prepare almost every spell in advance, either by chanting, runes, or gestures. Even though Marlene could shorten the necessary time because she had the talent, time was still necessary.

Clerics didn't have this kind of problem. The way they casted their magic was either instantaneous or very slow. It took them a long time to prepare for attacking skills, but they could release buffing and cursing skills in just a moment's time. So in theory, as long as their hand was idle, a cleric was able to release two spells at the same time.

That was why Nancy's defeat was inevitable. She had just dodged the Light Arrow, not realizing that Lize had also cast a weakening curse. She thought that it was impossible for Lize to release another spell since Lize was still casting, so she didn't have any precautions. It was very unlucky for her.

However, although Clerics had this kind of advantage, not everyone could do this because one had to be very meticulous to be able to do it. They needed to remember what spell to release and when to release it. Originally, the 'treating foes as friends' combat method already had a high requirement towards time mastery. But she was actually able to cast two spells at the same time while doing that. It was just like someone who was driving on the highway while sewing. Naturally, not everyone could do that.

Even players who were able to release two spells at the same time were already considered a top expert. They would be one of the top 50 players in the Dragon Soul Continent.

Rhode knew that Lize was very good at controlling her power, but it was still a surprise to him. But after a while, he calmed down since it really wasn't much of a shock.

On the other hand, the elites in the second team were unable to be as calm as Rhode. The bizarre combat method that Lize used was enough to make them shudder. After Nancy had lost, it was their turn to go to the ring. But who was going? Nobody wanted to be a laughingstock.

"I forfeit."

Soon, a swordsman chose to give up. Between pride and benefit, he chose the former. If he lost, he needed to give away a piece of equipment. But it would be the guild's equipment, not his own, so he didn't really need to feel distressed. To the contrary, if he lost, he wouldn't only lose his pride, but also the entire mercenary group's pride. Just look at the face of the leader of Nancy's mercenary group now. It was extremely sullen.

That swordsman also seemed like a carefree person. After he forfeited, he immediately left. Now, only three people were left, and their faces were gloomy and they had no other choice. At first, they actually also wanted to forfeit, but someone had said it first. What should they do then?

The three of them hoped that their leaders would give them a signal or something so they wouldn't have to embarrass themselves. However, their expectations soom turned into disappointment. After Nancy left the stage, the urging sounds from the spectators also got louder. Hearing it, the leaders kept their mouth shut and didn't even glanced down.

It was obvious that they had to deal with it on their own.

"I'll go."

Seeing that the situation couldn't be avoided, a Ranger helplessly sighed. Then, he put down the machete around his waist and reached to pick up the longbow behind him. He walked towards the ring with his head up, but looking at his appearance, it did not seem like he was going to fight. Instead, he looked as if he was going to be executed and die heroically...

Behind him, the remaining two stared at him silently. Though they did not speak, their innermost thoughts were clearly revealed.

Brother, have a pleasant journey...