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265 Warm-up Match 4

 The whole colosseum went silent.

This represented the emotions of most people as they didn't expect the battle to end so quickly... Not even a minute, no-just 30 seconds?! Even many mercenary group leaders and elites were equally stunned. Although they knew Starlight wouldn't be too weak to suggest such a warm-up competition, to think that the difference was this huge...

Well done.

Only Rhode was the only one who remained calm and nodded his head constantly. Although this battle didn't take a long time, it seemed that Marlene understood the essence of being a Mage: control. Although, in terms of logic, both Mage and Thief exercised control in nature, the Thief focused on individuals, whereas the Mage focused on mass control. In the game, there was such a saying between players: as long as the Mage could cast his or her skill once, then he or she would bring at least one life with it.

And this counter-reaction from Marlene had perfectly shown the absolute control a Mage possesed. No matter if it was the glaring radiance, storm, or ice attack, all were full fledged AOE attacks. It was due to this reason that the Thief's ambush was totally useless because no matter which direction he attacked, he would end up in the same predicament.

However, Marlene's battle consciousness didn't end there. Although none of them had noticed, Rhode saw it clearly. She purposely didn't cast a shield around herself in order to invoke the opponent to strike in a fast and adventurous battle style. Because if Marlene miscalculated the Thief's speed, she would definitely be attacked by the opponent. Judging from this, it was clear that she was confident. But this also correlated to Marlene's personality, as she had always been a confident, aggressive, and proud person. Apart from subduing to Rhode, she had always given others an impression that she was unapproachable.

And now, blending this personality into battle, her aggression had become even stronger and overbearing. After the opponent was blasted out of the arena, the maiden struck the base of her staff into the ground and stared into the opposition party.

She was indeed the queen of the mercenary world.

Although Marlene definitely wouldn't reconstruct a mercenary group as she did in the game due to a change in history, it seemed like this fact wouldn't change either, regardless of whether she was the leader of the mercenary group or just an ordinary mercenary.

At this moment, the crowd once again burst into cheers. Although the mercenaries were stunned, the civilians couldn't care less as they were only there to enjoy the show. Furthermore, this young lady was a feast to their eyes. Accompanied by her beautiful show of skills, it naturally brought about an uproar. Moreover, she was a Mage! Oh my goodness, most people within Paphield had never seen a Mage, and to have this powerful and beautiful Mage perform before them, it was something that they couldn't ask for.

A man among the crowd glanced at Marlene and turned to Old Walker beside him.

"Boss, can we start now?"

"Wait for a while more; what's the rush?" Old Walker shot a look and shifted his gaze to the young lady with narrow eyes.

"After Miss Marlene finishes her next battle, we'll go according to plan."


The man nodded and dove back into the crowded.

At this moment, the first team of elites looked at one another in dismay. Although Marlene had clearly said "Next," those words sounded like "Next to die" in their ears. They couldn't be blamed as they witnessed the Thief moaning in pain as he was dragged to the sides to be treated for his wounds.

Hiller sat among the crowd with knitted brows as he turned to Shawn beside him. These two leaders of the largest mercenary groups in Paphield didn't participate in this competition. Shawn wasn't interested while Hiller wasn't qualified; as the 'main culprit' who ruined Paphield's guild nomination list, Hiller didn't have the face to battle Starlight.

"It seems that Starlight is indeed powerful."

"The title of Magical Genius for the heir of Senia Family is for real."

Shawn coldly answered.

"To be popular in a Mage School, do you think she relied solely on her family's honor?"

"That's true."

Hiller nodded and let out a sigh.

"But, if others have such standards too, then I'm pretty much excited for them to win the battles."

"We shall see."

Shawn fell into silence.

At this moment, the second member of the opposing team stepped onto the arena. He was a Warrior dressed in half-armor, holding a longsword and a pitch-black shield.


Rhode scanned the shape and size of the shield before turning to Anne, who was cheering for Marlene. Noticing Rhode's gaze, she turned around curiously.

"Leader, what's wrong?"

"No. Nothing."

Rhode shook his head and patted on Anne's shoulder.

"This time, you will receive something great."


Anne felt a little strange. But before she questioned, the loud bugle horn sounded again and the second battle began.

Unlike the Thief, this Warrior instantly lifted his shield and sword and darted toward Marlene.

Marlene twitched her brows and raised her staff. As the red gem on the tip of the staff flickered with magical radiance, she drew a mysterious symbol and a surging flow of ice-cold gale blasted at the Warrior.

The crowd whooped excitedly. It was apparent that Marlene intended to use the same moves just as she did to the Thief: blast the Warrior out the arena.

But, Marlene failed this time.

As the strong gales approached, the Warrior's pitch-black shield suddenly emanated a vibrant luster and, in a blink of an eye, the strong gales vanished without dealing any damage.



A mixture of cheers and shrieks filled the air as Marlene's magic lost its effect. At this moment, the Warrior arrived in Marlene's face. He swung his longsword and shield to disrupt her next attack.

Although she was in dire straits, she didn't flinch. She neglected the incoming aggression and softly chanted. Then, she hit her staff on the ground and stooped over.

What was going on?

Before anyone reacted, the Warrior leapt into the air. However, he swiftly fell heavily behind her.

Not good!

The Warrior quickly turned around and attempted to stand up, at the same time lifting his shield to defend against Marlene's next move. However, her movement were much faster than he had imagined.


Ice-cold sensation brushed by the man's ear and before he knew it, he was pinned onto the ground tightly. He had only lifted his shield halfway when he realised that Marlene had already beaten himself to it. She pointed her staff in his face and countless ice swords floated in the air, awaiting their master's command to turn him into minced meat.

Do I still have a chance?

The pinned Warrior moved his head and struggled for a means to escape. Then, after a few moments, he sighed and lowered his head.

"I've lost."

Loud cheers once again erupted.

The battered, exhausted Warrior stood up and bowed politely to Marlene before hurriedly stepping off the arena. Marlene stared at her opponent.

At this moment, a voice came from the crowd.

"It's unfair to send out such a powerful Mage! Swap out if you have the guts!"

"Yea! Yea!"

After losing two rounds in a row, many mercenaries yelled in disapproval.

"Swap out! Swap out!"

The screams filled the entire underground. Although the civilians supported Marlene, they weren't any fans of Starlight, so they couldn't care less if the matchup was unfair or not. Not only that, but everyone was also clear that, apart from Marlene, there were still Lize, Anne, and Gillian, who were already attracting their eyes. They were more curious as to how the other young ladies would perform in battles.

"This bastard..."

Old Walker wiped the sweat off his forehead and turned to the direction where Rhode was. Now that things had took a turn, he wondered what Rhode would do now. After thinking through the mission that Rhode had instructed him to do, Old Walker felt a little anxious...

"M-Mr. Rhode..."

Lize was at a loss. Joey and Randolf were speechless. Lapis had already squatted down and covered her ears in shivering fear. Gillian was the only one with a delightful smile. Rhode stared at Marlene and waited for her next move. However, Marlene had no intentions to back off. Instead, she let out a sneer and pointed her staff at the mercenaries on the other end.

Her intentions were clear.