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129 A Womans Secre

 It was too frightening.

Looking at the sky full of snow-like dust, Rhode couldn't help but feel a chill down his spine. Although he knew that a Commander Level Lord was very strong, this overwhelming power still made him surprised. Although he had never fought similar opponents before, the Spirit Swordsman would usually take advantage of numbers, speed, and outbreak. That's why he was better in a fast-paced battle. Rhode had only seen this kind of magnificent battle scene, and that had left a deep impression of a very OP boss battle.

Now, he finally experienced seeing such a powerful force again.

Beside him, Lize, Marlene, and Anne could only stare at the sky. They were at a loss. Even Rhode, who had experienced countless battles couldn't help but feel surprised at the scene before him, not to mention these "newbies" who had never seen a Commander Level Lord battle.


At this moment, followed by a laughing sound, the girl leisurely passed through the sky, accompanied by the glimpse of red line streaking behind her and came toward Rhode. Both of her hands were placed behind her back, and she stood straight and proudly looked at Rhode.

"How is it, Master? Are you satisfied with what I did?"

"Not bad."

Rhode only nodded when facing this summoned spirit. At the same time, he curiously observed her. He didn't know why he felt that this girl was a little bit different from his other summoned spirits. Compared to Celia, she was more aggressive and uncontrollable. The summoned spirits that Rhode had previously summoned all of had their own conscious, but they only move according to Rhode's command. Just take the tragic self-explosion of the hound: at first, it wasn't willing to follow Rhode's command to die and was just like any person that was being threatened by a gun from behind to go onto the battlefield. Now, it actually very actively sacrificed itself once summoned; it seemed like long term brainwashing under high pressure was really effective.

But they acted completely different from the girl. They accepted Rhode's command unconditionally; but for the girl, Rhode was suddenly unsure if she would do the same.

In the game, he never had the experience of summoning a Commander Level Lord. Frankly, there was also no other player who did. Even though there were cases where a summoned spirit betrayed a contracted mage because the summoner's level and soul power weren't sufficient, it was still quite stable for spirit swordsman.

After hearing Rhode's answer, the girl smiled wider.

"Then, can I ask for a reward?"


Rhode hadn't yet reacted when she suddenly extended her hand and held Rhode's shoulder. After that, her soft body tightly pressed toward Rhode.

In the next moment, Rhode could feel a cold, gentle, and seductive touch on his lips. Her soft tongue easily penetrated inside and wrapped around Rhode's tongue. The sweet fragrance on her body suddenly got stronger and Rhode could feel a burning hot saliva flowing from her mouth and spreading into his entire body. This made his whole body feel hot at that moment.

After awhile, she finally let him go. She smiled at Rhode, sticking out her tongue to lick her lips.

At this moment, the other three girls beside Rhode were completely frozen.

Marlene was staring at both of them. Her face was flushed. Lize was also surprised, her mouth was wide open, but she didn't know what to say. Anne covered her eyes with her hands, but she secretly peeked at this scene from a gap between her fingers.

"What does this mean?"

Rhode rubbed his lips and felt confused. It wasn't that he had no kissing experience, but it was his first time being forcefully snatched. His body was still burning hot, as if he still could feel the soft body that was pressed against his. In this kind of situation, a man with low self-control might have already rushed toward her right now.

Fortunately, Rhode's expression only changed and frowned while he looked at her.

After seeing Rhode's expression, she showed a grateful expression and smiled. She placed her finger on her lips and playfully smiled.

"This is my reward, and this is to celebrate our reunion. Master, it's been a long time."


After hearing this word, Rhode was stunned. He frowned and carefully looked at the girl before him and once again confirmed that he had never seen the girl before.

"I've never seen you before."


Hearing Rhode's reply, she only lifted both of her hands and made an 'x' gesture in front of him.

"That answer is wrong. Master, as a man, after seeing such a beautiful girl like me, you should at least pretend or something. Answering me shortly like that really hurt me. Just now, my affection toward you has begun to drop like a stock; if you don't take any measure, it will be too late already."

"Ah? Really, then..."

Facing her jokes, Rhode seemed to want to say something, but afterward, he suddenly stopped and raised his head in surprise.


Seeing his surprised look, the girl once again exposed a proud smile.

"Haven't I said it clearly? This is my reunion with Master. Finally, we can meet each other in real world."

Saying until here, she once again lifted her finger and placed in on her lips.

"I know what Master is thinking, but right now I still cannot answer that question. Although I'm your summoned spirit, I still have the authority to stay silent, right?"

"Not answering, it means... you know what's happening?"

After glancing towards the people beside him, Rhode lowered his voice.

"That's right."

Facing Rhode's question, the girl firmly nodded.

"However, Master doesn't have to know these things... Master just has to do what he wants to do. There's no difference between usual. And..."

Saying until here, the girl paused.

"... Wait until the time comes, and I will definitely tell Master about this. But before that, please be patient, okay? An impatient man isn't well-loved by women."

Hearing this words, Rhode clenched his hand, then quickly let it go.

"Then, at least tell me your name, Miss."


The girl proudly lifted her head while wagging her fluffy red tail.

"My name is Gillian. I used to be Master's most loyal companion. I hope Master won't forget about this, then..."

Saying until here, Gillian stopped, After that, she looked at the other three girls who stood behind Rhode, then winked at Rhode.

"I don't have much time. I hope next time I can spend the time more leisurely. It seems like the days you spent here are not bad; you've found three women in such a short time. Although they're not as good as me, they still look qualified to fulfill Master's desire. Yes.. but I suggest you should quickly have a taste of them. Woman are just like dessert; they will expire if you neglect it for too long. Of course, if they like to be neglected, I have no comment."

"... I will remember."

Facing Gillian's sly smile, Rhode helplessly pressed his forehead. Facing this summoned spirit that always said unexpected things made Rhode's head hurt.

"Very well, then please accept this."

After getting Rhode's reply, Gillian satisfiedly smiled. After that, she spread out her hands and handed out a letter to Rhode.


Rhode curiously took the letter. The letter was folded and sealed from the outside with a heart shaped wax seal that looked extremely eye-catching.

"This is a love letter. The interaction between a man and woman should start gradually. Although I want to write more, but I don't have enough time and could only make use the time from before to write something. I can guarantee that the content is filled with all my heart. It just that, Master, I'm incapable, so please look after me. I look forward to your response the next time we meet."


Holding the love letter on his hand, Rhode was completely speechless. It wasn't like he hadn't seen the way Gillian fought from before; it was just that he thought that it was her unusual way of fighting. In the end, she actually wrote a love letter for him?

The black-cloaked mage and Wind Serpent Lord's death were really to unjustified...

"Time is running out, so I'll stop here."

Gillian once again spread out red air to the surroundings. She smiled and lifted her hands, and then she looked towards the three girls beside Rhode.

"Then, I'll leave now everyone. I hope you guys can be Master's right hand. See you again!"

"Ah... okay... see you..."


Hearing until here, Rhode almost spat out blood. Facing Gillian's goodbye, those three girls only stood frozen and waved their hands. After that, Gillian's laughing sound completely disappeared and she turned back into a red card that silently floated in the sky, which disappeared after a moment.


The surrounding turned silent. After a while, Anne finally recovered, curiously looking up at Rhode who pressed his hand against his forehead, who wasn't standing far from her. She didn't know what was he thinking about.



"What did that girl mean?"