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115 Slaughter in The Dark

 Rhode didn't know what happened at the base camp because he had more important things to handle.

Lurking in the bushes, Rhode vigilantly watched the base camp not far from him. It had to be said that the Jade Tears mercenary group really had done a full preparation. They followed the trace that Rhode and others left behind along the way. They patiently trailed them from far behind; had Rhode not been well prepared from the start to let Old Walker check the key location where they might appear, the group might have successfully passed through them. And if that happened, things were going to get troublesome.

Although he was determined to kill all these worms, Rhode didn't attack immediately. He spent the whole afternoon circling the Jade Tears mercenary group. After he made sure that there was no other reinforcement, he was finally relieved.

Rhode was no stranger to this kind of battle. Although the Jade Tears mercenary group was fully prepared, it was still far inferior to the other players. In the game, when attacking the enemy, a player would use any means to face them. Especially in large guilds like Rhode's, they would very easily become the target of others. It was common for guilds to sneak up, scheme, and even lose decorum against others. Rhode had also been ambushed by others and set up ambushes himself too. After engaging in many years of battle with other players, he had become familiar with these tactics.

But still, after the catharsis of meeting players that were a combination of personalities that were dirty, shameless, and held sinister intent, the Jade Tears mercenary group's ambush was like a woman that was undressed with not a single piece of cloth to cover her. With only a little bit force, she would immediately fall to their schemes.

Originally, Rhode worried that the Jade Tears would also use dirty tricks, but now it seemed that he had worried too much. The Jade Tears didn't even expect that they would be found out-they just dispatched some scouts to patrol outside from time to time. If they were seen by others, they would only think that those people came to the forest just to adventure.

Rhode had lost interest towards these guys. Since they were from the Jade Tears mercenary group, they definitely needed to be killed. The more people dead, the less troublesome it would be in the future. Not only that, if their mercenary group dwindled without a battle, it would deter the other mercenary groups as well. If he could completely finish the Jade Tears using this method, he wouldn't mind at all.

The night was getting dark.

To prevent arousing suspicion, the Jade Tears mercenary group didn't light any bonfire. The surroundings gradually became quiet, with only the sound of insects echoing from time to time, as if the night was playing a lullaby.

It was time to move.

Rhode gestured towards Old Walker, who was beside him. Their figures disappeared in the darkness like that of two poisonous snakes.

Bell walked out of the tent where the cold wind was blowing. "Damn it."

Feeling the chill, Bell cursed in low voice. If not for the generous reward, he definitely wouldn't have come to this haunted place to suffer.

Bell's heart was filled with dissatisfaction, but he didn't say anything. As an old Jade Tears mercenary group member, he had long been swayed by Frank's money. In his opinion, there was nothing more important than money in the world. With money, you could have position, authority, and women. Without money, you would not have anything. Money, he believed, was the supreme existence in this world.

Precisely because of this, he had become Frank's henchmen.

Bell didn't know what Frank wanted to do; he only cared about how much money he could earn. So when Frank sent him and his men to Twilight Forest in order to destroy the Starlight mercenary group, Bell didn't hesitate and immediately agreed. For no other reason than seeing a bag of gold coins on his desk, the warrior made this kind of decision.

After glancing around the tent and making sure that those fools didn't notice him, Bell slowly walked to the edge of the base camp. Soon, he could see the female ranger that he assigned to guard the area. At this moment, she was bored, yawning while leaning on the tree. Seeing Bell arrival, the girl didn't look surprised. To the contrary, she smiled at him.

Bell smiled back and walked to her side. He couldn't wait to reach out to explore beneath her leather armor. He began kneading the two soft, plump peaks on her body. This female ranger had joined Bell's group after being hired by Frank. When he saw her for the first time, he was already attracted by her. After spending a huge sum of money, this woman who originally intended to act prudish immediately fell to his knees and become his intimate companion on the bed. The reason he sneaked out from the tent was to kill some time due to boredom. After all, in this era, it was the only night activity which was mentally and physically a joy without having to waste too much time.

What Rhode said about the Jade Tears mercenary group being a group of trash wasn't necessarily considered wrong, as a person bought by money had no loyalty at all. Naturally, their morals and integrity didn't exist. Frank himself also knew that his men had no other use beside adding more number to his mercenary group's strength. Maybe that's also the reason why they followed him quietly from behind like a thief.

"Hehehe, it seems that you really cannot wait anymore..."

"Leader, you have finally come, I've been waiting for you."

Facing Bell's teasing, the girl smiled and walked forward. She pushed her voluptuous chest towards his, then reached her hands towards his neck and kissed him on the lips.


Bell reached out to pinch her chest, then chuckled. Facing the man before her, the woman showed a tempting expression: she lightly smiled and took the initiative to get closer to Bell's arms. She didn't hide her attitude, smiled, then stretched out both of her hands. Facing the temptation, Bell also didn't plan to retreat. He revealed his manhood and couldn't wait to hug the woman. Then the sound of growls and excitement echoed.

Rhode quietly lurked in the bushes, holding his breath while watching the intense movement from the two people before him. Although faced with such an unexpected scene, he didn't feel embarrassed. He was only surprised, but immediately calmed down. He didn't attack immediately, instead enjoying the "Moment of Bliss" before him.

Completely unaware that they were being watched, their movements were getting even more intense. Perhaps, it was because it was even more exciting to do it in the wilderness. They were slowly being intoxicated in it and even began to roar and moan in low voice. As the proverb says, a moment of bliss is worth a thousand pieces of gold. If they didn't enjoy this beautiful night, then there might be no more chance to do it.

In fact, it was indeed too late already.

Because at this time, Rhode gracefully jumped out of the grass like a cat.

His red sword quietly pierced through Bell's chest and the woman's throat, holding them against the tree.


Death always came suddenly-just like that.

Bell instantly stopped shaking and the woman horrifyingly opened her eyes wide. There was not even a slightest hint of anger in their eyes. On their body, yellow liquid mixed with spurts of white, flowing down and falling on the grass. It emitted a disgusting smell.

Rhode pulled back his sword and the bodies that lost their support fell to the ground, breathless.

But to Rhode, it seemed as though nothing had happened. He only glanced around, then once again slinked into the darkness without a trace.

At this moment, the base camp was all silent inside.

Old Walker set down the dagger in his hand. Under his feet lay a man whose neck had been slitted. His eyes were wide open, looking at the starry sky before him. It looked like he wasn't even aware of what was happening. Maybe he also had no need to be aware anymore.

"How was it?" Rhode walked out from the bushes and whispered.

"I finished the people over there, how about you, kid?"

"It was easier than expected. I never thought I would see a pair of wild couple there. They didn't even notice my existence. It looks like the Jade Tears mercenary group is just as unskilled as I thought they were."

Rhode stopped speaking. He looked at the base camp with serious expression, then gestured. "Leave the rest to me."

When the only survivor had woken from his deep sleep, Rhode and Old Walker's cold faces appeared before him.

"Who are you!?"

After clearly looking at the two people before him, he immediately jumped up. At the same time, he quickly reached out and touched his side. But he no longer had any weapon. Instead, he suddenly felt an intense pain.


The red sword mercilessly pierced through his arm and set him against the ground. His scream echoed through the forest. The birds that had originally fallen into deep sleep were immediately startled awake after hearing the scream. They fluttered their wings and flew towards the sky.


"I think it's better for you to save some energy, Mr. whose name I don't know."

Facing the man who was trying to struggle, Rhode was still as relaxed and calm as usual. He pulled a chair and sat before that man.

"Your comrades have died; only you are left. If your performance is good, then I might consider letting you live. If your performance is not good enough..."

Rhode didn't finish, but the meaning behind his words was already clear enough.

At this moment, the man no longer tried to resist. He only held his arm while nodding his head. He was not stupid; he screamed very loudly, but no one came to check on him. That probably meant that everyone had already died. No one-including him-wished to welcome their own death.

"Very good."

Seeing that the man had nodded, Rhode clapped his hand in satisfaction. Then, he moved closer towards the man, his eyes showing a trace of coldness.

"Then, next... I have some questions to ask you... I hope you can answer them truthfully."