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96 Anne Georgia’s Transformation

 The moment the Death Knight sent the shield flying, Rhode, Sereck, and Celia had already made their move.

The trio had plenty of fighting experience. They wouldn't wait for Anne to lose before beginning their attack. In fact, they had already approximately estimated how long she could hold before losing.

They dashed towards the Death Knight in different directions, aiming their weapons towards its weak spots.

Facing three opponents at the same time wasn't something easy even for the Death Knight. However, as an undead, he had a natural home ground advantage which he unhesitatingly utilized.

Darian's right hand held out his lance to the front, and at the same time, he waved his left hand and blocked Celia's attack. As for the other two, Darian ignored them, giving both a chance to slash his shoulder and abdomen.

Celia's attack was naturally imbued with the Holy Element; Darian turned his head and noticed that a silver flame was burning on his left arm. However, he easily shook it off and threw the residue sparks towards Rhode and Sereck.

The both of them intended to take advantage of this moment and critically injure the Death Knight, but they couldn't help retreat when the Death Knight counterattacked.

That was the most troublesome part of the undead; they didn't feel pain. If Darian were a living creature, even if he didn't die, he would have at least became disabled. But to a Death Knight, an attack of this caliber was only enough to leave scars on his body.

While the Death Knight repelled the three attackers, at the same time, his right arm thrust his lance towards Anne as if it was a different entity altogether.

The sharp tip shot through the air and lunged towards Anne's body. A golden barrier appeared before her, but it only lasted less than two seconds before shattering apart.

A silver light silently passed through her body.


Lize almost fainted when she saw Anne impaled by the lance. Anne curled her body while her legs began to fall to the ground as though she had no strength left to stand.



The Death Knight narrowed his eyes and glanced towards the fallen Shield Warrior. That was the first time he lost focus to look at a living creature that was apparently supposed to be dying.

The next moment, a dazzling bright light shot up into the sky, penetrating through the layers of dark clouds.

Anne wasn't kneeling on the ground.

Instead, both of her hands were grabbing onto the tip of the lance as blood streamed down her arm and face. She lifted her head slowly and stared at the Death Knight with resolution in her eyes, even the smile that she always had was now back on her face.

"I finally caught you."


The Death Knight tried to retrieve his lance, but he realized that it wouldn't budge an inch. He was shocked; he even thought that the person before him wasn't human. Even after using all his strength, he couldn't cause her to move.

Meanwhile, Rhode didn't have time to admire her courage. Any slightest hesitation on his part might cause Anne's effort to go down the drain. When the Death Knight was distracted, he activated Shadow Flash and appeared beside the undead. The bloodied sword in his hand soared through the air and slashed towards the Death Knight's chest.

The Death Knight sensed that this move was dangerous, so he decisively abandoned his main weapon and unsheathed a sword on his waist to parry the incoming attack.

Clang!! Sparks flew all over the place. Faced with the immense strength of the Death Knight, Rhode was sent flying and only stopped after rolling on the ground. However, even though his attack failed, there were no panic or uneasiness in his eyes. On the contrary, he had a smirk on his face when he saw the Death Knight's left shoulder. While he hadn't been able to mortally wound the Death Knight, he still managed to leave quite a deep gash on it.

"Damn you living creature! I will make you taste eternal..."

Before the Death Knight could finish, Sereck made his move!

After losing strength in one of its arms, the Death Knight couldn't entirely block the next attack.

A torrent of swords fell from the sky like lightning bolts. However, Sereck wasn't a fool, he knew that though the Death Knight had lost a little of its strength, he still couldn't be underestimated.

Thus, before the rain of swords landed on the Death Knight, he condensed them into one thick bolt of lightning before thrusting it out.

Sereck's moves had always been flashy. These moves were highly effective on creatures that were easily prone to fear, like humans. But when facing against undead who were often resistant against fear, flashy moves were mostly meaningless. To put it simply; it was akin to showing a blind man a Van Gogh painting.

The Death Knight reacted quickly by lifting his sword to block the lightning bolt. He could feel the feedback from resisting the attack, which meant that he successfully directed most of the damage away from his body. Then, as long as he could...

A terrifyingly huge tear appeared on the chest of the Death Knight.

Darian stared at his chest, and at the sword that was burning with holy flames. Then, he raised his head and looked at Sereck's attack that he had blocked. Though it was too late, he had finally realized what happened.

First, this cunning living creature was just a decoy.

Second, he forgot about the angel.

Third, he is finished...

The silver flame on his chest suddenly burst into an inferno. The Death Knight tried to open his mouth to let out the final throes of his existence, but the fire had already engulfed most of his vocal cords.

Darian then laid to rest for all eternity.

The silver flame spread to the sky, even the clouds were shining brightly under its light.

However, Lize wasn't in the mood to watch this beautiful scene. When the Death Knight gave up his lance, Lize already ignored the danger and dashed to Anne's side. Although she already prepared her heart, Lize still couldn't help but hold her breath.

Anne had already fallen to the ground. After the Death Knight gave up his weapon, she had no more strength to harass him. The thick lance left a shocking injury on her abdomen. When Lize arrived beside her, she saw Anne clenching her teeth while she pulled out the terrifying weapon that was lodged in her body.

Puff! The lance was finally out, but it was followed by a huge wave of blood that gushed out from the wound. Anne bit her lips and reached out her trembling hand in an attempt to plug the wound.

"Anne!! Don't move, quickly lie down!!"

Lize screamed when she saw Anne trying to move. She immediately cast several healing spells on her, but it somehow didn't seem to work. One hand was pressed against her wound, while the other supported her body. Then, out of a sudden, a roar escaped from her mouth.

From Lize's perspective, it was only natural as the pain must be unbearable. She ignored it and continued casting healing spells on her.

However, Anne's body was starting to lean towards the side. It didn't seem like she was disturbed by the pain; instead, it was as though she was desperately trying to flee.


Anne growled, but the intense pain made her unable to continue. Even her voice subconsciously distorted.

"Don' sis...go..go aw..."

Her right hand clenched tightly onto the dirt.

"Go, go away, quick, qu,qui!!"


At that moment, Lize finally realized that Anne was acting strangely. She raised her head to look, but at that moment, Anne used whatever strength she had left to push her away.

"Get away from me!!"


Lize, who was caught off guard didn't stand against Anne full power. She flew quite a distance and fell to the ground.

"That hurts..."

Lize was in a daze. She couldn't even figure out what was happening. Wasn't she helping Anne to cure her wounds? Why is she here? That's right? Anne?

Lize quickly lifted her head. After that, what she saw caused her to be dumbstruck.

Anne crawled on the ground, her body trembling. She didn't know whether she was imagining things but Lize saw that Anne started to grow in size.

It wasn't her imagination.

Her beautiful green pupils changed, replaced with a green slit reflected the moonlight and brought an indescribable coldness. Anne kept staring at Lize like this, then she looked up to the sky and opened her mouth.


Followed by a cry, her armor ripped apart; her face began to change, and a layer of fur grew on her naked body. After a moment, what was left of her was a three-meter-long black giant wolf!

It stood up and looked up at the sky.


The sudden howl echoed throughout the valley, giving everyone a terrible shock.