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15 Two Peoples Raid


Lize's eyes widened in disbelief; even Matt, who was standing beside her, was also surprised.

Everyone in Dragon Soul Continent knew that the Cleric was a job similar to pharmacists, doctors, and nurses. They were basically a supporting class and their job was to bandage wounds, heal injuries, cast protective shields, and remove poison-like effects. As for fighting in the front line? That kind of thing was unheard of!

"That's right."

Rhode nodded his head. When he entered this place, it seemed that he had once again turned into that guild leader who commanded his team to conquer a dungeon.

"You must listen to my command. It does not require a particularly complex skill, but you need to be more responsive and aware of the surroundings. When you have familiarized yourself with it, it won't be difficult anymore... How many times can you use 'Holy Radiance'?"

Although he had already guessed her level, when he was healed by her, it was still better for him to confirm it just to be sure.

"I am an Outer Circle 7th Layer Cleric. As for Holy Radiance... I can only use it once a day, and it lasts for a day...if my Soul Power consumption is not too much."

Non-combat casters' classification was different from the combat type. Besides the level, they also differed in the Soul Power level such as Outer Circle, Middle Circle, and Inner Circle. The Outer Circle had a total of ten layers, Middle Circle had 7 Layers, and Inner Circle had 3 Layers. This was because casters believed that their Soul Power came from the depths of their own soul. In general, from their point of view, the soul was an existence of three mutually reinforcing circles, the deeper the caster could understand their own soul, the more powerful they would be. And since Lize's strength had reached the Outer Circle 7th Layer, it meant that she was about to break into the Middle Circle.

It was very rare for level 6 Cleric to reach Middle Circle. So Rhode was even more confident of his choice after confirming her ability.

"Alright. Remember, from now on, you don't have to use Healing Light on me no matter how injured I am. Pay more attention to Mr. Matt. Give him a barrier if there is any danger... do you understand?"

"... I understand, Mr. Rhode."

Though she did not understand some words Rhode used, she still understood what he meant, so she nodded.

"Mr. Matt, how long will our food supplies last?"

"About three to four days."

While holding the travel bag, the fat merchant thought for a while then answered with a saddened face.

"But if we save up more food..."

"It is a good chance for you to lose weight now."

If Rhode had said it while laughing, Matt might have thought that he was just joking, but Rhode's expression was very calm; it did not look like he was joking. This made him fall into a dilemma. He held onto the travel bag, intending to say something. However, Rhode had already turned around to face Lize and commanded her:

"Cast Holy Radiance now and show me."


Lize slightly nodded, then she stretched out her hand and closed her eyes.

Soon, a soft light slowly emerged from her palm and spread in all directions. It was unclear if it was an illusion, but the fat merchant found that the light somehow caused the fog to retreat and vanish slowly.

Then, he rubbed his eyes in disbelief and saw that the fog around them had really disappeared. Previously, they could only see a vague shadow of some of the ruins, but now, they could clearly see the nearby incomplete walls and houses. This made them feel slightly more relieved. After all, having a clear line of sight was always better.

"I'll be the vanguard. Lize, you follow behind me, and Mr. Matt, you'll be the last one. Don't walk too far from us - and no matter what happens, do not act alone."

The ruins were eerily silent.

The Holy Radiance had dispersed the fog, but it did not disperse the ominous aura. Under Rhode's lead, everyone slowly moved forward. But soon, Rhode gave a hand signal, instructing them to stop walking.

If his memory served him right, he was almost close to the first wave of monsters' spawning location.

Sure enough, it did not take long for them to see a weak light in the distance. It was blinking like a torch.

"W-what is that?"

Matt instantly tensed up.

"That's a Will-o-Wisp."

Rhode stretched out his right hand and Star Mark appeared in his hands.

"Be careful, they will not come near us if we do not provoke them."

Just as Rhode stopped talking, the fog in front of them suddenly shriveled up, then three strange creatures appeared.

Their figure was like a human's, but their whole body was enveloped by thick fog. Only the three pairs of bright eyes on their head confirmed that they were not part of the fog.

"Lize, cast Healing Light on the first one."

Healing Light?

Hearing his command, a trace of doubt crossed her mind. It was a healing spell, why should she cast it on a monster? But this question only lasted a second. Right after that, Lize raised her right hand and cast Healing Light on the monster in front of her.

As a Cleric, Lize's skill was quite good. Healing Light was a long-range spell; it was not difficult to cast as long as she was able to clearly determine the target's location. To Lize, it was an easy task but right now her opponent was a foe, not her comrade. It made her hesitate a bit, but she soon completed the spell.

A white light immediately emerged from the air, then it wrapped around the Will-o-Wisp. According to its original effect, Healing Light was supposed to restore health; it could even make people feel energized. It was the basic foundation of the cleric's magic.

But surprisingly, the Will-o-Wisp had a reaction contrary to what she had thought. After being hit by Healing Light, it made a loud sound as if it was screaming; even she could hear it clearly in the distance. The previously humanoid fog monster bent down and trembled as if it was hit by something. The fog that wrapped around its body fell apart as though the sun shone and melted the ice. The shockedLize subconsciously lowered her head and looked at her hand. She could not believe that she had released such a lethal spell.

Looking at the Will-o-Wisp, Rhode's reaction was very calm. He knew that the light produced from Healing Light was of the Holy Element which was the nemesis of the Will-o-Wisp. Moreover, Lize was a half-angel, and the Holy Elemental power from an angel's bloodline was clearly different from humans in terms of quality. To make it simple, if a human cast Healing Light, it would be akin to pouring hot water on the Will-o-Wisp, but if an angel was the one who cast the spell, it would be like pouring a high concentration of sulfuric acid into its open mouth. Alas, Lize was just a half-angel. If she had a pure bloodline, the Will-o-Wisp would have long turned into ashes.

Lize did not understand how the healing spell could result in such an effect. But the players from Dragon Soul Continent knew why. From their point of view, the name 'Healing Light' was just a deceptive name for Holy Elemental magic. Since the effect of the spell was a healing spell on living things, it was more convenient to call it Healing Light, but it did not mean that it only worked like that. In the Dragon Soul Continent's earlier days, there was even a joke about this among the players.

A Necromancer's most tragic fate was to encounter a group of undead. Because a Necromancer's spells were basically of the Dark Element, and using them to attack an undead that had the same elemental composition would only result in a healing effect rather than destroying them. It had also broken the fantasy of the players who had chosen a Necromancer as their job and thought they could create an undead army and become invincible. So they had to learn other elemental spells to ensure that they could kill other undead monsters.

Comparing their basic characteristics, a Necromancer and a Cleric were almost similar; they mostly lived based on their own capacity and could not cause harm to the environment. They would only shine when they encountered the opposing element. But a Necromancer was a lot more likely to encounter the living than the undead.

As for Clerics, when they encountered the undead, they could temporarily change their playstyle from the supporting class to one of the more offensive types. But before that, the probability of encountering an undead was much lower than Necromancers encountering the living.

Now, it was time for the Cleric to shine.

"Attack the other two behind it!"

Rhode commanded her while dashing towards the Will-o-Wisp in front of him.


A delicate yet sonorous sound rang from behind.