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Chapter 159 – Azureflower Spiritlord

 Chapter 159 - Azureflower Spiritlord

Bei Heng's expression was indeterminate. "If I continue diverting my attention to protect this kid, then this old life of mine will probably have to be left here today. If I don't care about him..."


Lightning crackled down and the violent energy shocked the Fifth-Earth Mirror to the point it trembled intensely, and there were even traces of cracks appearing faintly on the surface of the mirror. Obviously, it wouldn't be long before this Quasi Immortal Artifact might possibly explode into pieces.

Never mind, in the entire vast heaven and earth, I'm most important. So long as I can survive, then who cares what happens? A trace of resoluteness flashed on Bei Heng's face, and then he stood up right away before lightly sighing in his heart as he looked at Chen Xi who sat cross-legged on the ground. "Chen Xi, oh, Chen Xi, don't blame me for not lending a hand to save you. I'm only doing it to survive as well... Hmm?"

Bei Heng suddenly saw that at the center of the black and white ball of lightning clouds that revolved ceaselessly above Chen Xi, an enormous vortex suddenly expanded out, and the black and white colored energies mixed together like the convergence of Yin and Yang or water and fire colliding, causing the vortex that was condensed from them to madly revolve at an indescribable speed.

After that, a vast and peerless suction force surged out!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

It was like the sound of a myriad of bees flapping their wings in unison, and that vortex was like the mouth of the ancient Divine Beast, Roc, as it gushed out with a terrifying suction force that could swallow the heaven and earth.

Subsequently, Bei Heng saw that the balefulstar lightning that descended in the nearby 300 meters around Chen Xi seemed as if they'd been summoned, and they uncontrollably surged towards the black and white vortex.


After it absorbed and swallowed all the nearby balefulstar lightning, the black and white vortex seemed as if it had consumed an extremely great tonic, and it suddenly expanded by 30m, 300m... In practically an instant, its size had already expanded to cover an almost 3km area.

At this moment, when one looked at the black and white vortex, it was simply like a cloud that covered the heavens and earth, alternating black and white, Yin and Yang revolving. The completely circular vortex formed by it was even like the black holes in the depths of the universe that swallowed everything, causing coldness to arise in one's heart for no reason, even when looking at it from afar.

"What a terrifying suction force!" Bei Heng's expression abruptly went grim. He felt that the Fifth-Earth Mirror actually wanted to struggle free from his control and fly towards the vortex. He didn't dare hesitate and instantly spat out a strand of Immortal Energy before grabbing out with his hand to withdraw the Fifth-Earth Mirror back to float above him.

In this way, the barrier that protected Chen Xi vanished along with it.