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Chapter 158 – Blood Sacrifice

 Chapter 158 - Blood Sacrifice

The balefulstar lightning was condensed from the purest baleful energy of the stars from the myriad of stars in the sky combined with the energy of lightning to be formed, and it contained extremely copious amounts of baleful energy of the stars and piercingly cold and condensed lightning bolts. Every bolt of lightning that struck down possessed a might that was sufficient to annihilate everything in the world and obliterate Earthly Immortal Realm experts, and the words 'Immortal Slaughtering' in the name of the Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation came from this.

Moreover, for the sake of activating this grand formation, the Starnet Palace had practically completely consumed all the resources that they'd conserved for a few thousands of years. Thus, how terrifying a might the formation revealed could be easily imagined. If it wasn't for Bei Heng's Quasi Immortal Artifact Fifth-Earth Mirror withstanding the roiling lightning that poured down, Chen Xi would probably have been obliterated into nothingness under the lightning since long ago.

It was fortunate that he possessed this layer of barrier to neutralize more than half of the might of the balefulstar lightning, and it was only because of this that he was able to safely absorb the pure and vast amounts of baleful energy of the star to ceaselessly temper, hammer, and strengthen his body.

The saying danger and fortune exist side by side was most likely describing Chen Xi's current situation of turning danger into safety and turning disaster into fortune. Even Bei Heng never imagined that Chen Xi actually dared draw the energy of the balefulstar lightning to cultivate, and this action, that was almost at the extent of playing with his life, caused Bei Heng to feel extreme shock.

In the sky 3 km from Falling Star Mountain, Starnet Palace's Sect Master, Tie Yunzi, and the Nether Transformation Realm expert, Chai Shao, stood shoulder to shoulder. Within the eyes of the two of them, the entire vast expanse of Falling Star Mountain was covered in balefulstar lightning. Those numerous lightning bolts struck down like the milky way pouring down from above the nine heavens, and the lightning arcs that were dazzling bright like daylight shone upon them, to the point their faces were flickering with brightness and dimness.

"This is the Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation? How many years has it been? Since I became the Sect Master, it's still the first time I've seen it. Although it consumed the essence of the stars and over 100 million spirit liquid that was bitterly gathered for a few thousands of years, so long as it's able to annihilate that Earthly Immortal, then it was worth it to expend all this!" Tie Yunzi muttered, and his gloomy expression revealed madness.

"In short, after experiencing this battle and annihilating a 6th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert that had comprehended Spatial Laws, my Starnet Palace will be able to become famous throughout the world!" Chai Shao laughed loudly. "Let me see if anyone dares look down on our Starnet Palace in the future."

"Hmm?" As they spoke, the two of them suddenly saw that a myriad of verdant lotus flowers had abruptly arisen in Falling Star Mountain. Every single lotus flower covered an area of 10m and had an old man wearing a scholar's hat and ancient clothes sitting or standing within it. These old men formed seals with their hands, waved about their swords, chanted scriptures... They had a myriad of different poses and expressions, and their movements were all different, yet all of them explosively shot out streams of azure light that charged into the heavens and shattered the sky!