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85 The Tragedy Induced by the Spoiled Fish

 "Wait! Why did it suddenly become my child?! I've never even slept with you before!" Mu Heng exclaimed just as the atmosphere between Ji Ziming and Pei Ge was getting weirder.

"You, you, you! Don't even try to make me a scapegoat! I was drunk as a skunk that time, so where would I get the energy to make a baby with you?! Don't treat me like a fool! Wanting me to take responsibility for something I didn't do; dream on!"

Pei Ge frowned at the sight of Mu Heng pointing his finger and shouting at the pregnant woman. She really wanted to correct his attitude, but the fiasco she had caused earlier today prevented her from doing so.

Sigh... Hotheadedness really is the devil. I must not be rash next time and not jump to conclusion easily.

Just look at you today, Pei Ge. After dragging a certain someone to the OB-GYN, asking him to take responsibility, and even scolding him about irresponsibility, what happened in the end?

Sigh... I'm mentally and physically drained right now.

Meanwhile, Ji Ziming's attention was entirely on the woman beside him, and when she looked as though she had lost all the energy in her body, he frowned slightly.

"Get everyone who is not supposed to be here out. Let's have lunch now," he icily hinted this while peering at Mu Heng.

Upon hearing his words, Mu Heng, who was still talking sense into the pregnant woman, doggedly replied, "Sure thing! The little I here will quickly follow your orders!"

As for Pei Ge, Ji Ziming's words caused her to discerningly turn around and walk toward the door.

"Where are you going?" Ji Ziming's frown got deeper at the sight of Pei Ge slinking off.

"To work," she replied lethargically. Today was really eventful, so she had yet to have her lunch.

After a morning filled with ruckus, it was almost the end of lunch break and time to get back to work.

"You haven't eaten yet." He frowned at her and his low voice got even lower, seemingly emphasizing a point.

"I'll be late for work if I don't go back now," she reasoned wearily after checking the time.

She totally failed to catch the hint that he wanted her to stay with them for lunch.

Whereas she failed to catch the hint, someone else succeeded. As Ji Ziming's long-time friend, how could Mu Heng not get that the latter wanted her to stay with them for lunch?

"Hey, Little Chili! Why don't you join us for lunch? Your company's big boss is right here, so your salary will definitely not get deducted." Mu Heng drove the pregnant woman out and smilingly issued this invitation to Pei Ge.

"Little Chili, your sister! Stop calling me that already! My patience is running low right now!" Rolling her eyes, Pei Ge was unable to prevent herself from lashing out at Mu Heng for calling her that ridiculous nickname.

Rather than get angry, Mu Heng became ecstatic.

"You are..." He scrutinized the raging woman before him whom he felt was a little familiar. Thinking deeply for a bit, he ecstatically exclaimed, "Little Ge Ge!"

F*ck! Little Ge Ge, your sister!

"Shut up!" She really wanted to strangle the man right there and then for giving her so many nicknames.

Only then did Ji Ziming remember that Mu Heng and Pei Ge knew each other. In addition, this childhood friend had previously expressed his interest in her.

The moment he thought of that, Ji Ziming inexplicably felt a little morose.

Seeing Mu Heng stare at her with twinkling eyes and wait on her more attentively, his heart burned with frustration.

"... Just stay with us for lunch!" Mu Heng was looking at Pei Ge the same way a fox would to its prey.

Inwardly, he was already devising how he could keep the conversation rolling with the Little Chili as they ate lunch!

Unexpectedly, a certain male voice destroyed his beautifully conceived plan.

"It's past 1:30 P.M.," Ji Ziming stoically pointed out with a straight face.

"..." Looking at Ji Ziming's sullen face, Pei Ge could not help but complain inside,

Do you think I want to stay with you guys for lunch?

"Yes, CEO Ji. I will be leaving first. I hope the two of you will have a great lunch."

She then left Room Cloud Nine without a backward glance, totally ignoring Mu Heng's pleading voice behind her.

When her silhouette completely disappeared from his line of sight, Mu Heng immediately turned his suspicious gaze on his long-time friend. "Ziming, what's wrong with you? Didn't you want her to stay for lunch? What made you suddenly change your mind?"

Ji Ziming sat on the sofa with a stoic face. His eyes were so cold that winter seemed to endlessly be raging inside them, making one cower in fear from looking at them.

Damn it! Why am I always concerned about that woman?

"Anyway, going back to the main topic, why did you bring Little Ge Ge here? You even made me bring that pregnant woman over..." Mu Heng suddenly recalled this question he had had and his gossipy character went full on.

"It couldn't be..." He raised an eyebrow at Ji Ziming teasingly. "You didn't want Little Chili to misunderstand, so you..."

Ji Ziming's cold and cutting glance halted Mu Heng's despicable teasing and the latter indignantly grumbled, "Tsk! You only know to do this move..."

Ji Ziming retracted his gaze indifferently and then, as though he had thought of something again, took out his hand phone with a frown...

While these two rich men did not even need to consider the issue of being late for work, the pitiful Pei Ge rushed back to the office and did not eat lunch just to make it on time.

Pei Ge, who barely made it to the office on time, sat in front of the computer with her mind elsewhere.

This morning had been such a roller-coaster ride for Pei Ge, and it was perhaps the most interesting experience she had had ever since reaching adulthood.

Hence, even after she had sat down, her feelings were still in a jumbled mess.

"Sigh..." Pei Ge sighed as she stared dazedly at the computer screen for quite some time.

Thinking about everything, she felt that she had really lost too much face today. She did not know how to face that annoying fellow anymore.

"Pei Ge, are you alright?" Upon hearing her sigh, a colleague she was close to concernedly asked her this.

"Yes." Pei Ge gave the other a reassuring smile.

"Oh, right! Is your nose very sensitive?" the same colleague suddenly asked her this.

"Hm? It's still quite alright, I think. Just slightly more sensitive than the average person," she perplexedly replied, unsure of why this colleague would ask her about that.

"No wonder! You felt nauseous yesterday while eating that sweet and sour fish and ended up not eating it at all, right?"

"Yes. What's the matter?"

"That fish has actually gone bad! The chef in the canteen was probably not in his right mind yesterday. He actually cooked and served the fish that that had gone bad and was to be thrown out! In fact, others also felt nauseous yesterday..."

Pei Ge did not continue listening to her colleague's next words. At this very moment, all she wanted was to rush into the canteen and strangle the chef while giving him a tongue lashing!

Damn it! If not for that spoiled fish, how would such a tragedy befall me?!