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80 Ill take responsibility.

 Pei Ge stared at the man, who had suddenly reappeared before her, with teary eyes. Sunlight shone on his flawlessly handsome features.

"I'll take responsibility," Ji Ziming said in all seriousness.

Take responsibility? Did he just say that he will take responsibility?

Pei Ge was so surprised by his words that she forgot to cry, her whole being focusing on him.

She had cried until her nose and eyes were red and puffy. Combined with her confused expression, she looked just like a cute, little rabbit at the moment.

Ji Ziming looked at the crying Pei Ge and his hand reflexively stretched out, but just as his palm was about to touch her tear-streaked cheek, he paused and then retracted it.

Looking at the pitiful her, he once more grabbed Pei Ge's wrist and pulled her along.

Pei Ge, who was forcefully pulled along, finally returned to her senses. She lifted her head and looked at the tall and straight back of Ji Ziming, asking in confusion, "Why are you pulling me?"

"Go to the hospital," he spat without looking backward.

Go to the hospital? What for?

Pei Ge was back inside the car again and, this time, she was riding in the front seat. A myriad of emotions weighed her heart heavily as she stared at Ji Ziming's handsome profile.

This man, who had just repeatedly denied that the child was his, changed his mind suddenly and this quickly.

Could he be up to something?

"You... Why did you suddenly admit it?" She carefully looked at his face, wanting to see through his plan from it.

Ji Ziming firmly held the steering wheel with his two hands and kept his eyes peeled on the road ahead. With a cold and flat voice, he replied, "Not admit."

"What do you mean?" Pei Ge frowned. Eyeing the man in confusion, she pressed on, "Then, why are we going to the hospital?"

"To check your body." He stepped on the brake at a red light and glanced at her before giving this reply faintly.

"Check my body?" Suddenly understanding everything, she angrily exclaimed, "Do you think I'm lying to you about my pregnancy?!"

The traffic light turned green and Ji Ziming returned his attention to the road, no longer looking at Pei Ge as he calmly replied, "Just for a checkup."

"Hmph! That's a nice way to put it!" she grunted, her tone filled with anger.

What 'checkup'?! He just thinks that I'm a liar! Hmph!

"Fine, let's go check it! Who's scared of that?! After all, I'm really pregnant!" She then thought to herself,

My period hasn't come for over a month and, more importantly, the pregnancy test kit showed that I'm pregnant!

Even if she tested again, the results would still be the same. It was simply a waste of money.

"Hey! You better pay for the cost of this hospital checkup. I've already checked with a pregnancy test kit; I'm really pregnant, so this is just a waste of money..." Pei Ge said.

"Mhm." Ji Ziming coldly hummed in acknowledgment, not caring for her words.

Perhaps, it was because the matter was settled that the two stopped talking after.

Ji Ziming had always been a man of few words, and Pei Ge, for her part, was completely repulsed by him, so she could not be bothered to talk to him.

Thus, their journey all the way to a first-class private hospital was silent.

Pei Ge watched the car drive into the open gates of an elegant-looking building while she admired the surrounding greenery. If she had not seen the signboard bearing the hospital's name, she would have never thought of this place as one.

As she was appreciating the view outside, a part of her was dissing the rich people inside,

To think someone would actually spend so much money making such a fancy hospital when people will just go here to visit the doctors.

Very quickly, the car reached the front of a beautiful European-style building.

The big transparent windows and pale yellow walls that had green creepers on them made the towering building look beautiful and welcoming - nothing like a hospital at all.

When the car completely stopped, Pei Ge unfastened her seat belt and alighted from it.

"Go in," Ji Ziming ordered as he eyed the curious Pei Ge.

"Okay." She obediently followed him inside.

The first thing she noticed when she entered the facility was the lack of disinfectant, anesthesia, and other chemical smells in the air. Instead, her nose got a whiff of flowery fragrance.

The sunlight streaming from the big windows was bright and warm, making the entire place seem more and more unlike a hospital.

Pei Ge grumbled in her heart.

"Hey, are you sure you brought me to a hospital?" She narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

Pei Ge's question made Ji Ziming stop to regard her. "Ji Ziming."

His deep-set eyes and coarse voice caused her to feel slightly self-conscious. She responded softly, "Got it."

"CEO Ji, Doctor Wu is already waiting for you in the office."

"Mhm." Ji Ziming acknowledged coolly and entered the elevator.

It was as she was exiting the elevator that Pei Ge came to a realization.

I suppose this is a maternity hospital?

She did not see many people around and most of whom were nurses.

The patients she saw were only two and both were pregnant women.

Thinking of her current situation, Pei Ge connected the dots and figured that this was indeed a maternity hospital.

Dong, dong, dong!

Ji Ziming brought her to a black wooden door and knocked.

"Come in." The voice of an elderly woman came from inside the room.

Opening the door, Pei Ge saw a 50- to 60-year-old woman in a white doctor's coat sitting in a well-lighted and spacious room.

"I never imagined I'd see the day that you, Ziming, would actually bring a lady to see me." The middle-aged woman in the office looked at the two with interest.

"We have no relation!" Pei Ge quickly clarified when she saw the woman mistake them for a couple.

Unbeknown to Pei Ge, her abrupt attitude made Ji Ziming uncomfortable.

Although this place looked nothing like a hospital, Pei Ge soon got proof that it was indeed one.

It was a very reputable hospital to boot.

"Alright, you two will get the result of the tests immediately after. You may stay in the waiting lounge for it."

Pei Ge was released after a series of tests. Smiling and nodding at the attending physician, she moved to head over to the waiting lounge.

However, on her way there to find Ji Ziming, she realized that she was lost.

This is annoying! Why does this hospital not even have any direction signs?

Pei Ge dissed in dismay when she saw the lack of signs in the hospital corridor.

"Zhuoyang, I already said I can come for the checkup alone. You don't need to go with me."

"How could I not accompany you in your premarital checkup?"

Hearing the two familiar voices, Pei Ge halted her steps midway.

Standing rooted to the spot for a while, she turned to flee from the scene.

Reality did not always move according to plans, however.

"Ge Ge? Zhuoyang, is that Ge Ge?"