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75 Bastard! Huge bastard!

 "How - How did you find that out?" Pei Ge furtively swept her eyes on her nearby colleagues, and when she saw that none of them was paying attention to their conversation, she quietly asked Bi Zheng this.

He threw her a sidelong glance before answering with a question, "Didn't you search on Baidu about it yesterday?"

"...F*ck!" She reflexively swore and glared daggers at him. "How dare you peek at my stuff?!"

She had indeed spent a lot of time searching up things related to pregnancy on the Internet yesterday, but she had never expected for him to peek at her activities then!

"I wasn't peeking. I only saw what you're doing by accident." He lightly pushed the glasses up his nose bridge as he corrected her.

"Go away!" She could not be bothered with him, this eccentric guy, anymore. After giving him a dark look, she turned her head away and started spitting at him inwardly,

All men are such shitheads!

"Are you okay? Are you feeling upset because of the child's father?" On this rare occasion, Bi Zheng actually took the initiative to speak with her.

"None of your business!" Pei Ge harrumphed and replied no more.

"Oh." He nodded his head and did not bother to pursue the matter.

Actually, he found out about her pregnancy not because he had seen her searching it up online yesterday but because he had, coincidentally, been riding the same bus as her this morning.

He happened to witness her conversation with that young mother and felt, for the first time, the need to look squarely at this tablemate of his.

"You don't need to feel so pressured. Things will work out in the end," he comfortingly said to Pei Ge upon seeing her frustrated look.

"Thanks..." Although he still had that stoic face, she could still perceive his concern for her.

How rare it was for the robot-like Bi Zheng to actually reassure her. It was really shocking.

However, this brief interlude was unable to let her forget about what she had heard in the elevator earlier.

Pei Ge continued to stare blankly at her computer screen, which was lit up now, with her mind in a jumbled mess.

She was actually planning to focus on her work today and leave the matter about her pregnancy for tomorrow, but who knew...

Pei Ge's heart and mind were in chaos. She did not expect for someone else to also be pregnant with Ji Ziming's child and for that other person to come knocking on his door with a big tummy before her.

How could anyone take this lying down?!

Having to see Ji Ziming for some stupid abortion fee was already ridiculous enough that she was at her wits' end. Who knew that she would actually have an extra companion as well?!

Hur hur! Should I be glad that I'm not alone in this or that my pregnancy is at least still unknown to others?!

Bastard! Bastard! It's all the fault of Ji Ziming, that annoying fellow, for being unable to control his lower half! If not for him, all these wouldn't be happening!

Pei Ge totally forgot in her anger that her drunken self was to blame as well for getting herself entangled with Ji Ziming that night, which resulted into this current laughable situation.

In any case, due to all these things, Pei Ge was absent-minded the whole morning and did not even complete any of the assigned tasks to her. Her mind was only filled with the newfound fact that another woman was pregnant with Ji Ziming's child and the possibility of her pregnancy getting discovered.

The more she thought of it, the worse she felt, and the worse she felt, the more she did not have the mood to work.

Hence, in such a vicious cycle, Pei Ge zoned out while at her desk until lunch break.

"Pei Ge, time to have lunch!"

"I'm good. I have something on today, so I won't be having lunch with you guys," she said while shaking her head.

Pei Ge, in truth, was afraid that she would smell something in the cafeteria which might make her nauseous again. If that were to happen, she really would be unable to cover up her pregnancy anymore.

After her colleagues had left, Pei Ge then slowly packed her stuff and left the office. At least, if she ate alone, she could calm her thoughts and think of her future.

Perhaps, it was because she was too slow, but by the time she walked out of the office, few colleagues remained in the hallway.

Pei Ge, who was not in the right state of mind, feebly walked toward their floor's elevator lobby, pressed the down button, and waited dully for the lift come.


The elevator doors parted open and she dispiritedly walked inside it with her head hanging low.

Inside the elevator, she absentmindedly stared at the pair of black, shiny leather shoes of another person with her head lowered.

The elevator doors closed once more and started descending.

"Pregnant? Don't bother me with that kind of things! You settle it yourself! Anyway, I don't want to see that woman ever again."

This voice?!

Pei Ge, who had her head lowered all the while, was immediately stunned when she heard the familiar voice and subconsciously tried to find a hiding place.

However, the man's next words immediately made her incense.

"How many times do I have to tell you? Don't bother me with this kind of things. If that woman appears before me again, I believe you know the consequences." The man's domineering voice made one cower in fear.

Hur hur! Ji Ziming!

Pei Ge's fists balled up tightly as she strongly bit her lower lip. Her face, which was angled downward, was now contorted with rage.

Was he talking about that woman pregnant with his child who had come to find him yesterday?

Don't want to see her appear before him ever again? Hur hur! He really is a bastard!

Pei Ge sneered internally, and she was unable to hold herself back anymore.

"Hur hur! I am really very curious what type of consequences there will be!" She raised her head and mockingly looked at him.

"..." Ji Ziming, who was on the phone, frowned with displeasure when he heard the censuring voice.

"Do you treat every woman who is pregnant with your child like that?!" The more Pei Ge spoke, the fiercer she felt her anger burn. When she saw that he was unperturbed by her words and merely continued to look upward with indifference, as though everyone else was beneath his notice, the string called logic in her head completely snapped.

"Ji Ziming! You stupid bastard who only knows how to play but not to take responsibility!"