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72 Go ask for abortion money!

 "Er..." Pei Ge's mood instantly lightened at Tang Xiaoyu's furious voice that sounded as though she had caught her committing adultery. "Pwa ha ha!"

"Laugh! Laugh! You dare still laugh?!" Tang Xiaoyu was speechless at Pei Ge's quick transition from crying aggrievedly to laughing so loudly.

"Hurry and explain to me properly. What exactly is going on? Why are you suddenly pregnant, and who is the father of that child?" Tang Xiaoyu rattled off a series of questions before finally stopping.

Hearing Tang Xiaoyu's questions, Pei Ge felt all warm inside and stopped panicking.

She then slowly told the ins and outs of the whole situation to Tang Xiaoyu.

"... That is all that happened." When Pei Ge finally finished speaking, Tang Xiaoyu immediately started raging at her, "Are you an idiot? Don't you know to use a condom when having one-night stands?! Don't you know to take morning after pills?!"

"I - I don't have any experience..." Pei Ge gave this feeble reason. How could she have known that she would meet with this kind of situation after only having allowed herself to get drunk once?

"You! I really don't know what to say about you! Do you know how bad it is for the body to do an abortion?!" Tang Xiaoyu's voice was filled with rage.

"Then... How about I keep it? It is, after all, a life..." Pei Ge softly mumbled.

Hearing that, Tang Xiaoyu was immediately amused and angered.

"Keep it? Keep your head! Pei Ge, is your brain fried? Forget the fact that you guys aren't in a relationship. Even if you two are, are you married? My elder sister, even if the society is very open-minded these days, single parents are still being looked down upon. Do you understand that?! Do you know how much pressure a single mother has to bear? Are you sure you can bear that? Also, remember Auntie? If Auntie were to find out about it, what do you think she would do?"

Pei Ge went silent at Tang Xiaoyu's words.

That was right. She was thinking of this all too simply.

"Stop turning dumb on me right now; go get an abortion tomorrow." Tang Xiaoyu softened her voice, knowing that her good friend had listened to her words when she fell silent.

"But... I've never done it before. I'm a little afraid," Pei Ge said softly.

She had always been afraid of pain since she was young and specially hated going to hospitals.

Right now, however, not only did she have to go to the hospital, she even had to get an abortion there...

"Be a good girl and don't be afraid. Technology is so advanced now that you won't feel any pain from getting an abortion," Tang Xiaoyu reassured.

"How would you know that? You've never done it before." Pei Ge harrumphed.

"Hey, Pei Ge! Although I've never done it, my friend here had! After she had the abortion, she didn't even rest the second day and went back to work straightaway." Tang Xiaoyu harrumphed as well.

"Is that so?" Pei Ge asked, a little suspicious.

"Of course! What do I stand to gain from lying to you?" Tang Xiaoyu said firmly, adding, "However, if it's you, I think it's better to rest on the bed for a week."

"Then, how will I go to work? Also, if I stay home for a week, my mom will definitely find out..." Pei Ge said, vexed.

She was not afraid of others discovering that she had gotten an abortion after getting knocked up during a one-night stand, but she was afraid of her mother finding out. She did not really want to let her mother worry and feel upset about her.

"Are you stupid? Just apply for leave from your company, and then tell Auntie that you are going to travel." Tang Xiaoyu suggested, feeling exasperated.

Pei Ge blinked her eyes and made a mental calculation of her little treasury before sighing, "But I don't have that much money. It should be quite expensive to get an abortion. Also, if I stay in a hotel for a week... Living and eating will cost money. I don't have that much money on me right now."

"Pei Ge, I really don't know what to say about you anymore! It isn't your sole responsibility that you're pregnant. Isn't the person who's supposed to take responsibility that CEO from your company? Look for him and get the abortion fee from him tomorrow! He's rich, anyway. Remember to get more from him, okay?" Tang Xiaoyu said this very resolutely.

Pei Ge felt a headache coming along when she heard this.

Look for that annoying fellow? My gosh! No way! That's just too frightening!

"Er... Let's just forget it..." Pei Ge weakly answered on the phone.

"Forget it, my foot! Can you not be such a weakling? If it weren't for him not using any protection, would you get pregnant and need so much money to get an abortion?!" Tang Xiaoyu raged at her.

"Actually - Actually..."

I was the one who had forced myself on him back then, right?

Pei Ge recalled the racy scenes from back then and immediately blushed.

Next time! I will definitely not drink alcohol again next time! That's not right. It should be to never get drunk again! I totally turned into a femme fatale the moment I got drunk!

"What 'actually'?! Let me tell you! Tomorrow, you better find him and ask for the abortion fee! Also, ask compensation for psychological trauma!" Sensing Pei Ge's hesitation, Tang Xiaoyu was so angry she roared at her again.

Pei Ge was a little daunted by Tang Xiaoyu's solemn and strict tone and only replied after a while, "How about... I'll go to the hospital to take a look first before asking him for money?"

"No! You go straight to him tomorrow and ask money from him!" Tang Xiaoyu immediately rejected her suggestion.

"What if he thinks I'm scamming him? Let me digest this first before going..." Pei Ge felt really awkward about this as she really did not want to look for Ji Ziming for money.

However... The fact that she did not have enough money for this remained true.

"No way! I'll give you at most one day. If I still see no result the day after, then don't blame me for using my own method to help you," Tang Xiaoyu threatened with a smirk.

How would Pei Ge still dare to stall for time after hearing Tang Xiaoyu's threat? Having been friends for so long, Pei Ge definitely knew Tang Xiaoyu's personality very well.

If she waited for her to act, things would definitely be exaggerated so much. Therefore, she should just obediently listen to her.

"I understand. The day after tomorrow. I will definitely look for him and ask for money the day after tomorrow," Pei Ge agreed unwillingly.

"That's right. Rest well these few days. You can also start looking for a hospital and hotel," Tang Xiaoyu gently advised.

"Okay." Pei Ge nodded her head with a smile.

"Sigh... I really want to fly back and accompany you right now," Tang Xiaoyu muttered with regret.

"It's alright. You don't have to worry about me. I can handle this on my own," Pei Ge reassured the other smilingly.

"You... are really too foolish. I really don't feel at ease leaving you alone..."

"That's not true. I'm pretty smart! This time is only an accident!"

The two of them hugged their phones and spoke for a long while before finally bidding each other good night.

Having hung up, Pei Ge placed the phone to one side of her bed and lay down in frustration.

Do I... really have to look for that annoying fellow and ask for money? That's... a little too embarrassing...