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69 It is not her.

 "CEO Ji, this is the list of the people who received their parcels that day."

"Mhm." Ji Ziming received the register and stared closely at it.

As his eyes scanned the unfamiliar names, Ji Ziming instinctively felt that none of them belonged to that woman.

Suddenly, a familiar name entered his vision.

Pei Ge...

Ji Ziming fell into a daze for a bit at the sight of this name. Recalling Pei Ge's unforgettable face, he eventually shifted his gaze from her name on the list.

Having looked through the whole roster, Ji Ziming thought for a while before he decided to keep this sheet of paper.

"Wow! CEO Ji is so handsome!"

"That's right; that's right! He's really super handsome!"

Pei Ge only came out from her hiding place behind the pillar once she saw Ji Ziming leave.

What was that annoying fellow doing here?

Pei Ge walked toward the reception desk with a heart full of doubt.

"I came to collect Director Yang's parcel." Pei Ge smiled at the few receptionists that were still swooning over Ji Ziming.

"Alright, give me a moment." One of the receptionists nodded her head in acknowledgment before looking for the parcel.

Meanwhile, the other two receptionists continued to excitedly discuss about Ji Ziming.

Pei Ge blinked her eyes at this and asked nosily, "I saw CEO Ji just now. What was he doing here?"

"I don't know, too. He only took a sheet of the parcel collection registry from a few days ago." The receptionist honestly answered Pei Ge's question since it was no secret.

Hearing this, Pei Ge's heart skipped a beat as she felt a slight uneasiness well up inside her.

What did that annoying fellow take that for? Could it be...

Pei Ge widened her eyes as she thought of that incident at the Hot Springs Valley Golf Course.

It really should not be, right?

"Here. This is Director Yang's parcel."

Just as Pei Ge was starting to become restless, the receptionist found Yang Aoyun's parcel and handed it over to her.

Pei Ge absentmindedly received it and, as she turned to leave, the same receptionist reminded her, "You haven't signed for it. Sign first before you leave."


Pei Ge's muddled thoughts cleared up as she stared at the registry book in front of her. Instead of signing on the registry book, she started flipping through it to look at the sheets from previous dates.

"What are you doing?" the receptionist asked Pei Ge perplexedly.

Pei Ge did not answer her but merely continued flipping through the registry book to find her signature for that day that she had collected her parcel.

It's not here... Indeed, that annoying fellow... took away that page!

Pei Ge gravely signed on the registry and, with Yang Aoyun's parcel in hand, turned around with her head hanging low. Just as her gaze randomly swept across the place, she spotted a dark brown item.


Pei Ge looked at the potted plant beside her. Someone might have accidentally dropped the item on the potted plant by the reception desk when they had come to collect their parcel.

Luckily, the book did not squash the lush vegetation in the pot and merely landed on the soil in it.

Pei Ge thought that the book looked familiar, so she took a step forward and picked it up.

Made from leather, the book cover was inexplicably comfortable to the touch.

Pei Ge flipped the book open to look for the owner's name inside.

However, the moment she flipped it open, only writings from an indecipherable language greeted her sight.


What language is this even?

Pei Ge curiously examined the book.

It looks a little similar to Greek...

Pei Ge flipped to the second page and saw that it was empty save for a writing using a fountain pen-


What does this mean?

Staring at the string of foreign characters, the beautiful handwriting gave her the urge to learn Greek as well.

The owner of this book must be well read!

Pei Ge stared at the string of words that she could not understand with shining eyes and a heart full of praise.

Wait a minute!

Pei Ge's eyes suddenly widened as she closed the book and stared at its cover again.

This book... seems to be that annoying fellow's! Greek language, brown leather cover, and left by the reception desk....

"I'll be damned..."

Did we really have to be this fated?

Pei Ge spat inside her and turned around.

"I picked up this book near the potted plant just now. Maybe someone dropped it there by accident when they were collecting their parcel." Pei Ge placed the book on the desk with a sour look.

The few receptionists did not pay the book much heed and only told Pei Ge to leave it there before continuing with their work.

Seeing their nonchalant reaction, Pei Ge did not tell them that the book might belong to Ji Ziming but took large strides away from the reception desk, instead.

Just as she left the reception desk, she spotted an assistant in black suit running toward it.


Pei Ge got in the elevator with her arms around the parcel. Her mind was currently thinking,

Why did that annoying fellow, Ji Ziming, take the parcel collection registry from that day?

Could it be that he had recognized her already?

That was not right. If he recognized her, he would not be asking for that registry.

That annoying fellow should have only guessed that she might be working in the company but was not sure of it yet, right?

This question hovered in Pei Ge's mind the whole day and, when it was time to get off work, Pei Ge's mind was only filled with:

What in the world did that annoying fellow discover? He shouldn't be able to find me, right?

"CEO Ji, these are the details of the employees from the registry."

"Mhm." Ji Ziming stopped his work and raised his eyelids to look at the stack of documents on his desk.

He then grabbed the documents and started flipping through the individual biographies in them.

No, no, it's not her...

Ji Ziming's face darkened the more pages he flipped through.


Ji Ziming slapped the documents back on his desk.

The assistant standing in Ji Ziming's office was frightened by that. However, as a professional assistant, He Wei did not display his panic at all.

"Are the details of all the employees on that list here already?" Ji Ziming repressed the inexplicable frustration he felt inside him as he coldly asked this.

"Yes, CEO Ji." He Wei nodded his head before saying, "Other than the male employees and Pei Ge, whom you told me to exclude, all the details of the female employees who signed on the registry that day are here."

Ji Ziming frowned at He Wei's words.

Could it be that she did not sign her name on that day, or... was he mistaken?

"CEO Ji, should I retrieve all the employees' details from the registry that day for you, instead?" He Wei softly suggested when he saw Ji Ziming's darkened face, as though he were in deep thought.

"Forget it," Ji Ziming coldly refused.

She was a woman beneath his notice. It did not matter whether she was working in his company or otherwise.

She was merely a woman that... he did not care about.