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66 That Woman

 "Hu... hu... hu!" Pei Ge kept running even after she exited the bamboo forest. She only slowed down her steps when she was far enough.

Looking backward and no longer spotting a patch of green, Pei Ge rubbed her eyes and muttered to herself in relief,

It's a good thing I reacted fast. Otherwise... While that would not be the end of me, it would still cause me further embarrassment.


This was when Pei Ge neared the direction indicator she had passed by earlier.

She watched as the direction indicator swayed with the gentle wind, but as a strong gust of wind blew past it -


- the direction indicator started rotating at a very fast speed.

"...Damn!" Pei Ge's mouth twitched as she looked at the direction indicator speechlessly.

What a pothole

, Pei Ge muttered to herself. After what had just happened, she was no longer in the mood to dip in the hot springs and made a beeline for the changing room.

She thought of that earlier incident while walking, and the more she thought about it, the funnier it got.

Hei hei... I bet that that annoying person must be feeling

extremely pissed right now!

Pei Ge happily sang a song at that. She even hopped like a child inside the changing room that she was now at.

Removing the bikini, she wiped herself with a towel and changed into her clothes.

"Wearing my clothes is still the comfiest," Pei Ge whispered. She then threw the bikini aside in a fussy manner.

After changing into her clothes, Pei Ge looked at the Quartz wall clock and saw that it was only 12 P.M. There was still half an hour to spare before lunch.

Luckily, the changing room had a chair for napping, so Pei Ge decided to make use of it to rest briefly.

However, before she knew it, she was in deep slumber and did not wake even when many of her colleagues returned from the hot springs to change.

"Pei Ge! Pei Ge, wake up!"

"Oh!" Pei Ge felt someone pushing her and rubbed her eyes drowsily.

"Quickly get up; it's time to eat." A female colleague patiently attempted to wake Pei Ge up.

Hearing this, Pei Ge opened her eyes wide and quickly got out of the chair. This was when she realized that everyone had already returned from the hot springs and even finished changing clothes.

"Pei Ge, don't tell me you didn't go to the hot springs and slept in here, instead?"

"No. I did go for a while, and I then came back here," Pei Ge explained with a shake of her head and a smile on her lips.

"Eh? You went? How come I did not see you?" Another colleague looked at Pei Ge wonderingly.

"Ah?" Pei Ge guiltily blinked her eyes as she quickly thought of an alibi. "Perhaps, because there were too many people, so you did not notice me."

She would not dare to say that she had lost her way and ended up in their company CEO's private hot spring. Saying that was akin to digging her own grave.

Fortunately, Pei Ge was never conspicuous in the Planning Department and they also hardly took note of her presence, so these colleagues of hers did not realize that she was lying right now.

However, whereas her female colleagues in the Planning Department were unsure about this matter, her previous tablemate, Pan Xinlei, was completely aware that she did not go to the hot springs.

"Ge Ge, you b*tch. I didn't see you in the public hot springs earlier, so where did you run off to?" Pan Xinlei grabbed Pei Ge's hand the moment she saw her and eyed her suspiciously.

Seeing the suspicious gaze of Pan Xinlei, Pei Ge laughed dryly and replied softly, "I got lost while I was trying to find you guys."

Pan Xinlei did not know whether to laugh or cry at Pei Ge's answer.

"Okay, okay, Sister Xinlei, let's not talk about this anymore and eat, instead. I'm starving!" Without giving the other a chance to pursue the matter further, Pei Ge pulled her along with the rest of the crowd toward the dining area.

When the crowd arrived at the dining hall for lunch, the long table was already filled with many plates of different types of cuisines.

"Wow!" Many employees exclaimed in shock before hurriedly sitting down in an orderly fashion at the round tables.

Seeing the long table full of delicious dishes, everyone was not at all polite. Since the boss and all their superiors were nowhere to be seen, everyone opened their appetite and ate the delayed lunch to their hearts' content.

"So delicious!"

"Yes! No wonder it's so expensive to have a vacation here! I bet the chef is of five-star quality!"

"Mhm, mhm, mhm!"

People ate with gusto as they rained praises on the kitchen staff of Hot Springs Valley Golf Course.

Soon, their conversation drifted away from food.

"Today, Liu Yue is a big embarrassment!"

"Yeah! Ha ha! I heard about it, too!"

"She really is too shameless. Going all gaga over men, she actually went into the all-male public hot springs. Ze! Shameless!"

"Moreover, I think she revealed a lot of skin there!"

Pei Ge, who was enjoying her food, shrugged at the mention of Liu Yue's name and merely continued chewing on the tender and savory ribs before her.

"Hei hei... You think Liu Yue went there willingly?"

"If not willingly, then was she forced? Heh heh!"

"Definitely not! That Liu Yue is way greedier than that. In fact, she totally didn't want to go to the public hot springs but to our big boss' private hot spring, instead."

"Eh?" This sentence caught everyone's attention and made them turn to look at the woman who had said it.

"I heard that on the right side from the men's public hot springs are the VIP hot springs."

This statement did not only shock the other women at the table but also Pei Ge.

"Ke ke ke!" Pei Ge accidentally choked on her food in shock.

"Ge Ge, are you alright?" Without a care for the gossip, Pan Xinlei quickly patted Pei Ge's back.

"I'm - I'm fine." Pei Ge quickly waved her concern away.

Pei Ge's sudden cough did not draw any other people's attention to herself as all were busy discussing this particular tidbit.

"So that Liu Yue walked in the wrong direction? How unlucky of her!"

"I'll be damned! That Liu Yue is so determined!"

"She even dared think of seducing our big boss with that average looks and normal figure of hers? Heh heh... What a joke!"

"Exactly! What wistful thinking! There's no way our big boss will feel attracted to her...."

Hearing their words, Pei Ge silently racked her brains as she carefully ate the ribs in her hand.

The matter about her getting lost and ending up in the big boss' private hot spring could definitely not be revealed to others! She would never say a peep about it even if she were beaten to death!

However... This was too coincidental, was it not?


"CEO Ji... Is the person you are looking for here?" The Hot Springs Valley Golf Course's in-charge person nervously asked this question as he stood by Ji Ziming's side in a battle stance.

Ji Ziming coldly swept his gaze across a line of female employees, making them tremble in fear.

She's not here...

Ji Ziming frowned deeply. His voice revealed a hint of frustration when he asked, "Is this everyone?"

"Ye - Yes! All here." The person in charge hurriedly nodded his head as he wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

Damn it! Could it be that that woman was not an employee here but an employee of his, instead?

No, that was impossible. He had never seen her in the office....


Ji Ziming's cold black eyes suddenly brightened. He did meet that woman in the office!