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61 The High and Mighty Mr. CEO

 The clear blue sky was so stunning that one could fall for it in a second and the air was so refreshing that one breath could make anyone blissfully content.

However, after having experienced the 'murder scene' caused by the golf ball, Pei Ge's good mood was totally ruined.

The ball had obviously hit someone by accident, yet she had to endure being labeled as someone who had purposely committed the 'crime'.

Unwilling or not, Pei Ge still had to follow Mu Heng. Thus, under an unknown number of sympathetic gazes, she left the 'crime scene' with him.

"Hey! I really didn't do it on purpose!" Pei Ge insisted as she looked imploringly at Mu Heng, who was beside her.

"Hm. Is it not, really?" Mu Heng found it interesting to look at Pei Ge's angry look.

Having gotten used to Pei Ge's spooky makeup, Mu Heng now thought that it was actually cute.

If anyone knew of Mu Heng's present thought, they would definitely praise him,

Young Master Mu really has such an exotic taste!

"Of course! Although there's a slight issue between me and Liu Yue, I still wouldn't resort to such violent action. What if, by accident, I put her life in danger? I would have to be pretty dumb to do that on purpose." Pei Ge pouted as she said this in a sincere manner.

Her current

modus operandi

was to strive not to cross paths with Ji Ziming whenever possible.

"They way you said it sounds right, too." Mu Heng stifled his smile and nodded his head solemnly.

"That's right! That's why you should let me go back! I didn't use much force in my swing just then, so Liu Yue should be fine. Such a small thing shouldn't have to be brought to the CEO..." Pei Ge innocently blinked her eyes as she tried to appeal to Mu Heng's rational side.

Pei Ge's puppy-like, big, watery eyes piqued Mu Heng's interest even more as he felt that this woman, who had purposely drawn herself ugly, was getting more and more fascinating by the minute.

That was right. Drawn ugly.

How could Young Master Mu, who had multiple encounters in love and had seen countless women, be unable to see through the fact that this woman had purposefully drawn herself ugly?

With a curious heart, he kept thinking of why she had drawn herself ugly and what her face really looked like past that horrendous makeup.

Er... Judging from her five features, she shouldn't be too ugly. She should also be someone who has a decent head on her shoulders based on her personality...

"Hey! Hey!" After talking for a while, Pei Ge realized that the person beside her had actually fallen into a daze. Waving her hand a little, she then slapped the man's handsome face.

"Ah!" Mu Heng screamed after being slapped so suddenly. Although it did not hurt, it was so unexpected that he was a little spooked.

"What are you doing?!" Mu Heng might be a little interested in Pei Ge and was a gentleman, but he was still a proud man through and through.

He, who was abruptly slapped by Pei Ge, looked at her with slight displeasure.

Honestly speaking, Pei Ge had slapped Mu Heng on purpose just now to exact her vengeance on him in the name of work.

Of course, on the surface, no one would be so honest.

Pei Ge innocently blinked her eyes and softly asked, "Why are you so angry? I called you so many times just now and you totally ignored me. What else could I do other than to hit you once? It didn't even hurt. Screaming so much when you're already a big man..."

Hmph, hmph, hmph! Serves you right for dragging me along to see that annoying CEO! Serves you right for being hit! Hmph!

Mu Heng's anger immediately dissipated the moment he heard her words.

He glared at an innocent-looking Pei Ge as he muttered inside,

Did I go overboard?

"That... Just let me off, alright? Our CEO definitely does not have that much free time to care about this minor incident."

She could totally not imagine how Ji Ziming, with his annoying poker face, would look like when caring about this kind of things with pea-sized importance.

"Is it? You know your CEO so well, huh? Go on. I might just let you off..." Mu Heng's urge to tease this little woman increased as he saw her being anxious.

Pei Ge finally realized that Mu Heng, this peacock-like man, was not really properly settling an issue. He was totally just teasing her for his amusement!

Hence, she resolutely turned her head around and, without waiting for it to stop, jumped down from the electric buggy.

Mu Heng was totally stunned at Pei Ge's abrupt action.

The electric buggy was fortunately not moving at a high speed so, when Pei Ge jumped down, she only lost her balance for a while before stabilizing herself again.

"Stop the car!" Mu Heng shouted and the driver immediately stopped the buggy.

Mu Heng jumped down from it, hurriedly walked toward Pei Ge, and reprimanded angrily, "Do you know how dangerous that was?!"

"I know!" Pei Ge coldly glared at Mu Heng.

"You know it, yet you still jumped?! Did you think you were a frog?!" Pei Ge's action had totally given Mu Heng a fright.

"I hate people toying with me the most!" Pei Ge harrumphed before indignantly exclaiming this.

Was it very fun for this man to toy around with her?!

"Alright, I apologize. I was really too much just now." Seeing Pei Ge's angry look, Mu Heng realized that, while his actions might be nothing to him, to an employee of Ji Ziming's company, the incident just now was a very serious affair for Pei Ge, especially when he had made things sound so serious just to tease her.

"Hmph!" Pei Ge did not want to bother with Mu Heng anymore, so she walked straight back the road that they had come from.

Seeing Pei Ge's angry back view, Mu Heng sincerely apologized, "Get in the car. There is still quite a distance between here and that outer golf course."

At Mu Heng's sincere persuasion, Pei Ge thought that the outer golf course was indeed still quite far. Hence, without being stubborn about it, she got on the buggy once more.

Mu Heng silently observed Pei Ge's cold face after they got on the buggy and did not dare to tease her anymore. He settled himself with sitting by the side, like a well-behaved child, and staring at Pei Ge with unblinking eyes.

"Do you want to eat something? Are you thirsty?"

Pei Ge looked at the way Mu Heng tried to pass over a black sports bag to her like a peace offering. Pouting her lips, just as she was about to reject his offer, she saw a book sandwiched within the bag.

For some reason, the brown book jacket attracted Pei Ge's attention.

Looking toward the item that caught Pei Ge's attention, Mu Heng grinned. "You like reading books?" Without waiting for her reply, he continued, "You definitely won't understand this book."

Pei Ge frowned and indignantly asked, "Why would I not understand it?"

In the next instant, she saw Mu Heng, who was acting normal just now, grin and wink at her. "That's because the books your family's CEO likes to read are all very eccentric. This book is written in Greek. Do you really think you will understand it?"

"..." Pei Ge silently retracted her curious gaze.

Alright, she really did not understand! He was too high and mighty! An uncultured woman like her indeed would not understand...