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40 Our debts are clean now.

 "Ge Ge, don't you worry. I will definitely tell Director Yang later about how Liu Yue has been using you." Pan Xinlei assured Pei Ge in a firm voice once she saw her sad expression.

Pei Ge lowered her eyes after looking at her and Liu Yue's chat box for a bit and lightly shook her head, saying, "It's fine, Sister Xinlei."

She had sincerely treated Liu Yue as her friend. When she needed help, it was Liu Yue who had reached out to her. Hence, she had always felt grateful to her and had always strove to become good friends with her.

However, everything was only pretty because she painted it like that.

In actuality, Pei Ge had long realized that Liu Yue's personality was not as what she had initially thought, but she just did not want to admit it to herself...

"Ge Ge, don't be stupid! That kind of disgusting woman needs to be punished!" Pan Xinlei insisted upon seeing that Pei Ge's heart had gotten soft again.

Pei Ge gave Pan Xinlei a light smile, replying, "Sister Xinlei, it's really fine. She'll be given that promotion by making use of my translations. In the future, I won't be helping her do that anymore, and she herself is incapable of doing it. Think about it; would Director Yang really not find out eventually?"

One could not hide fire with paper. The truth would always come out eventually, and it was just a matter of time.

If she wanted to punish Liu Yue, Pei Ge only needed to send her a message saying that she had accidentally translated some parts of the statistics incorrectly and, after giving Liu Yue a new copy of the translation with the wrong figures, Liu Yue would definitely be shamed at the meeting later.

However, she did not want to do that.

"Yes, yes, yes! Ge Ge, you're right! I don't believe that she can keep that triumphant look for long if you don't help her! We'll just look on quietly as she exposes herself!" Pan Xinlei vigorously nodded her head in agreement.

She, who had more career experience than Pei Ge, thought even further and deeper than the latter.

While Pei Ge thought that paper could not hide fire and that the truth would come out eventually, Pan Xinlei thought that the higher one flew, the harder one fell.

Pei Ge looked at Liu Yue's picture on the chat window, pursed her lips, and closed the window with finality.

Liu Yue, good luck to you. This is the last time I'm helping you. Our debts are cleaned from now on.


"Liu Yue, have you finished making copies of the documents?" Yang Aoyun asked when she saw Liu Yue walk in.

Liu Yue nodded her head and said with elation, "I am done making copies of them."

She was ready and could enter the battlefield anytime!

"That's great. Pass me a copy. I need to bring it to the CEO's office for the boss to look through first." Yang Aoyun looked at Liu Yue with satisfaction. She had already seen Liu Yue's translation just now. She could only say that this little assistant of hers had constantly been improving ever since she started working on the files that she had passed to her.

Today's case, in particular, had truly given her a pleasant surprise!

The translation for the statistics was especially stunning. Although the translation was simple, it was concise and put clear emphasis on the key points of the subject matter, allowing people to understand it with just a glance. Simple yet easy to understand and concise...

"Alright, Director." Liu Yue's eyes shone with excitement upon learning that the document would personally be perused by the CEO.

Sensing the envious and admiring gazes of her colleagues, the corners of Liu Yue's mouth curled up in triumph.

She was really going to have a turnaround this time!

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"Come in," Ji Ziming said coldly without removing his gaze from the document in his hand.


A pretty lady wearing purple office attire entered through the door.

"CEO, these are the documents that the Planning Department has submitted for your approval." The secretary bent down her body and placed the documents on the office desk with a sexy posture.

The noticeable two balls of flesh at her chest could be vaguely seen.

However, this seduction act of the secretary was bound to be for naught.

Ji Ziming did not even raise an eyelid at the secretary's words and merely continued to study the proposal in his hand, totally ignoring her presence.

When the secretary saw that Ji Ziming did not even react to her presence, she bent her body even lower and wetted her eyes for them to look tantalizing.

"CEO..." After maintaining her posture for a while, the sexy secretary felt soreness crept up her back. When Ji Ziming still did not raise his head, her temper flared and she called out coquettishly.

It was only now that Ji Ziming realized that someone was inside the office with him. Raising his head and seeing the secretary's bent-over posture on his desk, he coldly asked, "Why are you still here?"

"Er..." The sexy secretary had never seen such an unromantic man, and this was also the first time she had encountered a man who was actually unfazed by her seduction.

"Get out." Ji Ziming threw the secretary an icy glare before lowering his head once more to continue his study of the proposal at hand.


Is the new CEO blind?! Or is he asexual?!

The sexy secretary stared daggers at a certain workaholic as she indignantly stomped out of the CEO's office.

After reading through the proposal in his hand, Ji Ziming then transferred his attention to the documents that the secretary had sent in just now.

As he slowly flipped through the documents with his slender fingers, he was quickly drawn to the contents within.

He had actually seen the original proposal before, yet he felt that this translated version was much more interesting and vivid.

Looking through the whole proposal once, Ji Ziming felt very satisfied with the person who had translated it.

This was especially the case when he saw the last handwritten section. His eyes shone with recognition and praise.

Ji Ziming's first sound of praise was for the clean and exquisite handwriting; the second praise was for the very satisfactory content.

After skimming through the proposal, Ji Ziming looked at the untranslated portion at the end and felt perplexed.

However, recalling that Planning Director Yang Aoyun was not such a careless person, he thought that there should be a reason behind it.

He closed the proposal file and raised his eyebrows when he saw what was written on its cover: 'Translated by Planning Department Assistant Liu Yue'.

Unexpectedly, this company really had such a capable little assistant.

As he thought of this, Ji Ziming could not help but think of that unkempt woman again.

She should have quite the strong working capabilities for her to be played by a colleague into working overtime.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

A series of knocks interrupted Ji Ziming's thoughts.

"Come in," Ji Ziming said coldly after correcting his expression.

"CEO, it is time for the meeting. The department heads are all waiting in the conference room," the sexy secretary informed him in a coquettish manner.

"Mhm." Ji Ziming looked at the secretary who was blinking her eyes so much that they seemed to have cramped up and furrowed his brows in displeasure.

Is it time for me to change my secretary? I can't seem to maintain a good mood whenever I see this woman.