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37 We are friends!

 "Liu Yue, I didn't know that your skills in English are great. Why didn't you tell me of this before?"

Liu Yue, who had brought coffee into the director's office, blinked her eyes when she heard this and looked at Yang Aoyun, who was sitting in the swivel chair, in total confusion.

However, although she was at a loss on what Yang Aoyun was talking about, she did not show it on her face.

Yang Aoyun regarded Liu Yue with a kind smile and thought, for the first time, that this little assistant who had come in via relations was finally useful.

"Your translation in English of that document yesterday is really superb. It's of high quality. Besides a few missed professional terms, the rest are perfectly translated," Yang Aoyun praised Liu Yue with a smile.

Hm? English translation? Since when did she translate any English document? She did not even pass her Level 4 English exam!

"What's wrong? Why are you just standing there and not saying a word?" At Liu Yue's silence, Yang Aoyun chuckled. She thought that the quiet but well-performing Liu Yue was more likable than usual today.

"I - I just got stunned at finally earning Director's praise for the first time. I'm really filled with happiness right now." Liu Yue tugged at her lips and smiled innocently.

"If you do the translations for me next time, I'll praise you again. This praise is not just limited to a verbal one but also comes with a reward in terms of salary." Yang Aoyun put down the documents in her hands as her smile faded. "You've seen the current state of our company. Our new CEO is someone resolute and strict. Hence, our company's mandate, as of now, is that whoever has the ability gets to rise in the ranks. From next month onward, there will be a reshuffling in the company's hierarchy. I hope you can grasp this chance for yourself." Yang Aoyun looked at Liu Yue solemnly when she said this.

She had said these words to Liu Yue because her translation of that document was really excellent and accurate. Besides a few missed professional terms, the translation of the document was on par with that of one done by a professional translator.

In addition, Liu Yue was given a position in the company at the request of her friend. Since Liu Yue had this ability, Yang Aoyun might as well help improve her career, as it was not much trouble on her part.

Liu Yue was wholly stunned by Yang Aoyun's words and she dazedly stared at her.

If Yang Aoyun only promised her a salary increase, she would not feel this stunned. At most, she would feel happy about it.

However, since Yang Aoyun informed her of an important chance to rise in the company's ranks and increase her salary, she was naturally stunned silly by it.

Liu Yue had thought that she would forever be just a small assistant doing menial tasks in this company, but who would have expected that a god-given chance to change her life would appear right in front of her now?

Liu Yue's eyes gradually shone brightly and she solemnly nodded her head toward Yang Aoyun, happily saying, "Director, I will definitely work hard! Don't worry; I certainly won't let you down!"

"Great! You may leave now; I'll pass you a few documents that require translation on the following days. Of course, your translation has got to be up to standard! Don't be careless about it!" Yang Aoyun nodded her head in satisfaction at Liu Yue's determination.

"Sure. I'll take note of it." Liu Yue left Yang Aoyun's office in high spirits.

When the other colleagues in the office saw Liu Yue walk out of the director's office in high spirits, they jokingly told her, "Heh... Xiaoyue, are you happy because Director Yang is planning to give you a pay raise?"

"Indeed. Your eyes are becoming slits from smiling so much."

When Liu Yue heard their teasing words, she retracted the smile on her face slightly as she first pouted and then grinned, "There's no such thing. I'm just happy because Director Yang praised me for a job well done."

Liu Yue exchanged jokes with her colleagues for a while before returning to her seat.

She then began to sink into her thoughts.

The English-translated document that Yang Aoyun was talking about just now must have been translated by Pei Ge.

When she thought of this, Liu Yue balled up her fists tightly.

That document must have accidentally been slotted into the pile of papers she had passed over to Pei Ge. Since she was not paying attention at the time, the English document was handed over to Pei Ge without her knowledge.

At the thought of this, Liu Yue could not help but mutter unhappily inside her,

Why did Pei Ge not inform me of it first before translating that document in English?

The more Liu Yue thought of this, the more she felt that this was Pei Ge's fault.


After Pei Ge finished all her work for the morning, she lazily stretched her back.


Taking a peek at the time in the lower right corner of her screen, Pei Ge rubbed her stomach.

It was 11:30 P.M., and it was almost time to get lunch.

At lunchtime, just as Pei Ge stood up, worked her wrists, and moved to find Liu Yue to eat at the company canteen together, she saw her already standing outside the office doors.

"Ge Ge!" Liu Yue hooked her arm around Pei Ge's with a grin.

At such a passionate Liu Yue, Pei Ge joked, "Why do you seem so happy today? Did they already pay out the salary?"

"Nope. You know me; I'm happy every day!" The corner of Liu Yue's eyes curled up as she looked at Pei Ge.

The duo walked to the company canteen amid their laughter.

"What do you feel like eating today? I'll treat you!" Liu Yue patted her chest in a generous manner.

At Liu Yue's generous look, Pei Ge teased with a smile, "Could it be that you've picked up some money on the road? You're being awfully generous all of a sudden."

"Do you want it or not? If you don't want it, I won't treat you anymore." Liu Yue pouted as she gave Pei Ge a look.

Pei Ge smiled and quickly replied, "Of course, why would I not want it?"

After getting their food, Liu Yue carefully found seats for them at a corner where there were few people.

"Ge Ge, I never get to ask you. Which university did you graduate from?" Liu Yue asked curiously.

Pei Ge looked perplexedly at Liu Yue, unsure why she was asking such a question.

"Why are you suddenly asking me about this?"

"Oh, I saw the notes written in our graduation yearbook yesterday and suddenly thought of it." Liu Yue smiled, her face filled with recollection. "I remember that you were our class monitor back then. Your grades as well as your looks were the best in our school..."

Listening to Liu Yue, Pei Ge also fell into a slight daze as she started reminiscing her glory-filled past.

"You're so smart; you must've graduated from a top-notch university like 985 or 211." Liu Yue stared at Pei Ge curiously.

At that, Pei Ge almost spewed out the rice she had in her mouth.

After spending much effort trying to swallow down her food, Pei Ge laughed. "Xiaoyue, you're thinking too much. If I really graduated from a top-notch university, would I be working here as a small assistant?"

"Hm? Is that so? Your grades were so good back then, though." Liu Yue blinked her eyes as she looked disbelievingly at Pei Ge.

"That was a long time ago. Alright, let's not talk about this anymore. Let's continue eating." Pei Ge smiled, not wanting to bring up those sorrowful memories.

She felt blue every time she thought of how she had been unable to attend her dream university just because of financial situation.

"Ohh..." Liu Yue blinked her eyes and nodded her head.

After eating in silence for a while, the forever-curious Liu Yue started asking questions again.

"Then, is your English very good?"

"Hm? Not in particular." Pei Ge shook her head. Her English only improved because of watching all those American sitcoms and shows, so it should be of normal standard.

When she heard Pei Ge's words, Liu Yue lowered her head and drank her soup in silence.

Meanwhile, Pei Ge did not pay her question much heed. After they were done eating lunch, seeing that there was no one nearby, Liu Yue softly asked, "Ge Ge, my English isn't really good. Could I please trouble you to help me translate some English documents next time?"

Out of nowhere, for some reason, Ji Ziming's words surfaced from Pei Ge's memories. "Be more careful next time. Learn to look through people and see their true colors."

Ugh! Why did she suddenly think of that annoying guy?!

Pei Ge scrunched her nose as she pouted, feeling stifled.

"What's wrong? Ge Ge, are you not willing? These documents are not part of my job. I just - just want to learn new things to improve myself..." Liu Yue, who had carefully been studying Pei Ge's expression, quickly felt nervous.

If Pei Ge refused to help her, she would have to spend lots of money hiring a professional translator for the documents. However, that would be very expensive and she would probably only be able to afford it for a few times. If Pei Ge were to help her, it would be free.

Seeing Liu Yue's careful expression, Pei Ge felt a tug at her heart. She also used to want to learn new things to enrich herself. In the end, she realized that no one cared at all about everything she did.

"Alright, what do you need?"

Hearing Pei Ge's reply, Liu Yue heaved a sigh of relief as she beamed at her, gratefully saying, "Ge Ge, thank you so much. Really."

"It's nothing. We are friends, after all!" Pei Ge smiled nonchalantly.

As she looked at Pei Ge's beaming face, although she still wore a smile on her face, Liu Yue coldly sneered at Pei Ge in her heart.

Heh... what friend? How naïve.