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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire

Author: Song Xixi

Lastchapter: 89 If only father were still around...

Updated: 2019-01-23 19:34

89 If only father were still around...
88 I am not childish at all!
87 I want to resign!
86 Screw this! This lady here will not do this anymore!
85 The Tragedy Induced by the Spoiled Fish
84 Yo, Little Chili!
83 Pregnant, your head!
82 Pei Ge, you really are something.
81 I sincerely wish you both the best.
80 Ill take responsibility.
79 That is not my child.
78 Why did you not wear a condom?!
77 CEO, please let me go!
76 Woman, stop it.
75 Bastard! Huge bastard!
74 I will not haggle with a pregnant woman.
73 You have got be kidding me!
72 Go ask for abortion money!
71 Who is that wild man?!
70 I am pregnant?!
69 It is not her.
68 What is there to like about that annoying person?!
67 The CEOs Search for Someone
66 That Woman
65 You don’t know who I am?
64 You again!
63 Turn Left, Turn Righ
62 You must be beautiful barefaced.
61 The High and Mighty Mr. CEO
60 Go meet the CEO with me.
59 The fake Cinderella gets her karma.
58 The real ‘Cinderella’ is someone else.
57 The Daydream of Fake ‘Cinderella’
56 Attending the Companys Gathering
55 Im not close with her.
54 The Return of Liu Yue
53 The Boyfriends Parcel
52 You are forbidden from looking at me!
51 CEO, dont be scared! Im not a ghost!
50 A Shitty Fate
49 Tang Xiaoyus Surprise
48 The Liu Yue Who Harbors a Ghos
47 Liu Yue suddenly reappears.
46 Eat your medicine, CEO.
45 I laugh every time I see the CEO.
44 A ‘Pretty’ Makeup
43 A Promotion and a Raise
42 The Wise and Mighty Mr. CEO
41 The Doomed Liu Yue
40 Our debts are clean now.
39 Finds out the Truth
38 The Truth behind the Documents for Translation
37 We are friends!
36 Please let me off, CEO.
35 New Skill Unlocked
34 CEO, you idiot!
33 Who exactly is Julia?
32 Young hero, you came too late again!
31 Young hero, you came too late!
30 Get it on, Julia!
29 A Dangerous Encounter in the Bar
28 CEO, CEO, do you mind it?
27 This Damn Ill Fate
26 The Woman Who Slept with the CEO
25 The CEO is here! Hurry and run!
24 Report! CEO, I need to go to the toilet.
23 The CEO is a male host?!
22 New Pothole Hairstyle
21 You are interested in her.
20 The Woman Who Hangs Around like a Ghos
19 Hello, Brother-in-law.
18 A Coincidental Meeting on the Stree
17 Is the company going to be acquired?
16 Passed the Interview
15 A New Job
14 Mom, Im sorry.
13 That woman again!
12 The Wave of Resignation
11 You have bad breath, so please shut up!
10 I am the real victim.
9 A Tip of 500 Yuan
8 I fell asleep?!
7 Tonigh
6 Woman, are you satisfied?
5 Troublesome Drunk Ca
4 Ill choose you.
3 Reward You with a Slap
2 My ex-boyfriend is a Casanova.
1 Unsold Goods