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Author: GoodHunter

Lastchapter: 60 Oedon Chapel Dweller

Updated: 2019-01-19 22:14

60 Oedon Chapel Dweller
59 The katana called Chikage
58 The horrors of the upper cathedral ward
57 Beasts all over the shop...
56 Take 36. Ready, Set, Action!!
55 Gearing up for the big figh
54 The echoing will of the dying ones
53 The need to get stronger
52 Gruesome death…again
51 Father Gascoigne – Round two
50 Fireball!
49 Father Gascoigne
48 Totally worth it!
47 Healing blood VS Crazing blood
46 A complicated turn of events
45 The little voices in his head
44 Small victories
43 What real horror sounds like
42 Addicted to blood
41 Eileen the crow
40 A new encounter behind a secret door
39 A peaceful walk… interrupted!
38 The dormant monster in the inside…
37 Luck eventually runs out…
36 Never let your guard down
35 The unsettling feeling of being watched
34 Dark streets lead to dangerous beasts
33 Traversing dark alleys
32 The power of blood
31 A warrior’s experience
30 Impasse
29 Reunion
28 How did I ever get into this mess?
27 The Cleric Beast… infuriated!
26 No guts no glory
25 A colossal beast appears
24 Unexpected allies
23 To hunt or face the hunt…
22 Miracle in horror square
21 How to deal with, or die to a mob
20 Horror in the town square
19 A newfound purpose
18 A new friend
17 The monsters that lurk in the streets
16 More questions than answers
15 In the city of beasts and hunts
14 You are not welcome here
13 Doctor Iosefka
12 Werewolf down
11 A cornered beas
10 The werewolf strikes again
9 New weapons
8 The creature in the basin
7 To face a werewolf… barehanded
6 A new hunter arises
5 Dream or reality?
4 Wounded and tied up
3 Trouble at the dock
2 A journey to the city of blood
1 The city of legends and blood