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Chapter 77 Origin Tracing

 Chu Yunsheng immediately moved slightly sideways to dodge the old man while gathering his strength. He quickly lifted his right leg and converged his energy into the muscles in his right leg. Using the sixteen diagrams of body movements he learned from the divine realm, he suddenly kicked his leg out, the powerful blast of air followed the right leg muscle and bone, heading straight toward the old man with a tremendous crashing force.

Although the old man was crazy, he hasn't completely lost his mind. Seeing Chu Yunsheng's lightning kick, and feeling the powerful force coming straight towards him, he hurriedly closed both of his hands and placed them before his chest, intending to block the kick. He had jumped toward Chu Yunsheng too quickly, and Chu Yunsheng's kick was also very fast, there was no time for him to dodge the kick, so he could only use his both hands trying to block the kick.

However, before Chu Yunsheng's leg touched the old man's hands, his pure Ben Ti Yuan Qi collided with the old man's soft energy first. One was like a strong and mighty shockwave, and the other was like a soft sponge, the collision was not violent, and ordinary people would not be able to see what happened during the collision, only Chu Yunsheng and the old man could feel the powerful shockwave directly pushed the soft sponge in, causing a deep dent, and pushing the old man's hands away from his chest.

This set of combat techniques was actually not very powerful, but it had one special characteristic, it was its impact force. It did not use the true power of Ben Ti Yuan Yi, but only relied on the impact force caused by the sudden blow. When Chu Yunsheng was in Shu Du city, he once used this impact force to kick a muscular metal-elemental guy and sent him flying.

However, this old man had neither the physique of that muscular guy nor the almost indestructible metal-elemental energy to protect him. The soft and strange energy could only serve as a buffer. If there was enough time, it may be able to weaken the kick and probably stop it completely, but Chu Yunsheng's speed was very fast, and he did not give him an opportunity to use other methods to stop his kick. At the same time, the impact of his kick was also quite powerful. After the old man's hands were violently pushed away, the energy flow inside the old man's body was disrupted. But before Chu Yunsheng's kick arrived, a visible footprint already appeared on the old man's clothes.

All the senior officers present could only see that Chu Yunsheng kicked Master Yi Jing, and then there was a visible footprint on Master Yi Jing's chest, and then Master Yi Jing was sent flying backward. However, none of them knew that actually, Chu Yunsheng's kick didn't touch the old man at all.

Chu Yunsheng felt very strange. Because this was not the most dangerous moment, and he still needed to keep enough Ben Ti Yuan Qi to deal with the unknown number of soldiers that were surrounding the building, so he did not use full strength, but with this old man's body condition and age, even if he had soft energy to protect him, this kick should have been more than enough to heavily injure him.

But at the last moment before the kick arrived, and when Chu Yunsheng thought that he could actually injure the old man, the old man suddenly flew out. He could clearly feel that there was an extra layer of obstruction between his kick and the old man's chest, and that layer of obstruction was made of a sudden fluctuation of the chaotic heaven and earth energy.

However, if it was just this, it still would not make Chu Yunsheng feel cautious. Awakeners in the dark age all had their own secret life-saving techniques. It was not uncommon to control an energy layer around the body to protect themselves from attacks. What really made Chu Yunsheng's heart sink was what happened next.

When the strong shockwave formed by Ben Ti Yuan Qi went through the soft energy layer that was created by the old man's both hands before his chest, the Ben Ti Yuan Qi energy around the kick wasn't dissipated nor was it blocked. Instead, some amount of it disappeared in a very strange way!

Although the part that disappeared was not that much, nor did it affect the power of the kick, such a situation had never happened before. He didn't know how the energy disappeared and where it went.

Chu Yunsheng has already put down his leg, but he was still confused by the disappearance of the energy. However, his actions were not affected at all. He would not stop the attack or hesitate because of a small problem during the battle. When the attack was successful, he would not hesitate to attack, again and again. This was his fighting style.

With the impact force, the old man was sent flying all the way back until he was mashed onto a sofa not far away. The senior officers around him quickly moved back to avoid being knocked over by the flying old man.

More and more guards stepped forward to protect Commander Chen and other important figures and escorted them to a much safer place in the hall, and quickly established defensive measures.

Not many people here knew how competent master Yi Jing is in terms of fighting, but they knew clearly how powerful Chu Yunsheng was, so before they figured out what exactly was going on, they decided to evacuate and wait first.

This was a military compound, not some martial arts competition stages. Although Master Yi Jing was respected by a large number of senior officials and officers, he had no right to command the military, nor give them any orders. To put it bluntly, all those people needed was just the old man's ability, they didn't want him to become their superior.

So when Master Yi Jing shouted to them that they needed to kill Chu Yunsheng, all the officers, including Zhu Xirui, were sweating heavily. There were so many high-ranked military officers and government officials in the hall. Fighting with Chu Yunsheng here would have unimaginable consequences. Many of those important people would die.

Of course all the senior generals at present naturally would not listen to such a ridiculous request. There was only one reason why they mobilized a large number of soldiers into the hall, it was to protect themselves, and to prevent Chu Yunsheng from causing unnecessary casualties.

Of course, if possible, they also needed to stop them from fighting each other. After coming back from the shock, Fang Baixiao quickly shouted to Chu Yunsheng from ten meters away, while his forehead was covered with sweat, "Mr. Chu, calm down, please calm down! violence won't solve the problem."

However, he did not expect that Chu Yunsheng had completely ignored him. Holding the flaming sword, pointing the sword tip downwards, he quickly dashed toward the old man Yi Jing, who was smashed onto a sofa. Before he reached the old man, he jumped up high while holding the sword above his head, and hacked the sword at the old man.

"Since you wish to die, then I will fulfill your wish!"

If the old man wanted to dodge this hack, he would have enough time. However, it would not be able to help him much. Unlike the combat technique he had used earlier, the flaming blade of the Fire race could cast out fire-elemental energy blades, as long as Chu Yunsheng slightly adjusted the direction of the sword, he could use the fire-elemental energy blades to hack the old man into halves.

What was interesting was that the old man didn't dodge this hack, but jumped up and quickly moved towards the sword that was hacked down. In this way, before the fire elemental energy blade was formed, he had already arrived before the sword.

This fire elemental energy blade skill came from the Fire race, but the military had reports about this skill when it was used in Dan Yang city, so Chu Yunsheng was not surprised that this old man knew some countermeasures. However, he still believed that his sword hack would be able to kill this old man.

Of course, the old man Yi Jing didn't want to get himself killed. As soon as he arrived before the sword, he reached out both hands to catch the hacking blade. To other people at the scene, the old man quickly and accurately stopped the sword with bare hands, but in fact, the old man's hands did not touch the blade. What actually stopped the hack, was the strange layer of energy around his hands.

At this time, Chu Yunsheng once again felt a strange layer of energy, and his hack was also weakened rapidly. With this layer of energy, the old man would not be injured by the sword.

But the battle continued, without any hesitation, Chu Yunsheng immediately pulled back the sword, switching the sword move from hack to slash, slashing the sword horizontally, aiming at the old man's waist. At the same time, he infused more energy into the sword. He wanted to see how long this old man could withstand his attack.

Meanwhile, in the hall, all the deployed soldiers have moved into their allocated position, even trump-card snipers have been well positioned, waiting for further commands. Only now, the evacuated officers and political leaders felt safe enough to persuade Chu Yunsheng to stop attacking Yi Jing from a safe distance.

Ignoring the fact that Chu Yunsheng ignored the persudation from the officers, old man Yi Jing seemed to have decided that he had to kill Chu Yunsheng at this moment at all cost. Despite the lack of his fighting capability, from his action and expression, it seemed that the old man would not hesitate to throw away his life in order to kill Chu Yunsheng.

However, as soon as Chu Yunsheng pulled back the sword, the old man moved even closer to Chu Yunsheng again. He suddenly grabbed Chu Yunsheng's hands and pressed his body closer to his hands as additional support. Instantly, the sword slash was stopped again.

This time, Chu Yunsheng experienced the old man's strange energy even more clearly, and he finally realized what was wrong with the old man's energy, and where did his energy go. At the time he realized this, he also could not help but be stunned!

'Did he just turn my Ben Ti Yuan Qi back to Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi!? Or is this some energy decaying ability? There are people with this kind of ability existing in this world!?'

While Chu Yunsheng was still thinking, the old man immediately noticed the opportunity and shouted, "what are you all waiting for! While I can still buy some time with him, kill him, quick! Don't give him any chance! He shouldn't have come to this world! Prophecy will not be wrong, once the devil's child is born, everything will be ruined! For your family, for your children, for everyone's lives, I beg you to quickly give the order now, shoot him dead! Even if you have to kill me along with him, now!"

Chu Yunsheng snorted coldly and said, "do you really think that you can stop me?"

Seeing Chu Yunsheng's eyes became colder and colder, the old man's brows twitched a few times, then he shouted even more desperately, "Do it! What are you waiting for?! Don't worry about me! Just kill him! "

Chu Yunsheng was quite angered. Originally, he decided to spare this old man's life in order to satisfy the generals in the military. But this damned old man is getting weirder and weirder, which raised his own killing intent.

To kill old man Yi Jing, he can continuously strike him with a fire elemental energy blade until the old man is exhausted, which will take a while. However, in order to avoid the uncertain factor from the military, Chu Yunsheng immediately infused the small amount of black gas that he restored when he was in the bathroom into the sword.

Although he did not know why the black would appear, before he killed this old man, he wanted to see if this old man was able to turn his black gas into some other form of energy.

Commander Chen, who has already retreated to the corner, was still hesitant. His character has always been like this. The generals around him also had different opinions, so the soldiers could only stand there with their guns awaiting orders, not daring to make any moves. These soldiers were specially trained. They were the elite troops. Although it was the first time for them to see the strange battle between Chu Yunsheng and the old man, they calmed down very quickly.

While no one else was moving, Chu Yunsheng lifted his leg and kicked the old man's stomach again while his hands were grasping his sword tightly. And as soon as the old man was kicked away, he lifted the sword again and stabbed toward the old man, baiting him to use the old method.

The old man quickly got up and attempted to catch the sword again, intending to use this and his agility to escape this attack.

But what he did not expect was that the black gas just went through the layer of energy around his palm like nothing was there. In this world, according to Chu Yunsheng's knowledge, there was only the seed and that hundreds of millions of fragments inside his zero-dimensional space were able to affect the black gas.

The old man immediately found the strangeness in his hand, his eyes widened in horror and his body became completely stiff as if he had seen the devil descend on this world.

As the black energy passed through the soft energy layer, the soft energy inside began to quickly collapse wherever it went, forming a "vacuum zone" that Chu Yunsheng has never experienced before.

Then came a huge powerful suction, or maybe it was the pressure from the space around the "vacuum zone", the pressure sucked and pushed everything around it rapidly, as if it was trying to fill a 'hole' that was not allowed to exist in this world.

Such a powerful suction not only sucked the old man toward the tip of the sword, but it also sucked Chu Yunsheng toward the old man. The process was very rapid and unstoppable. The speed was so fast that Chu Yunsheng had an illusion that the space between him and the old man was removed by something all of sudden!

By the time their sights were finally re-adjusted, the sword tip had already gone into the old man's body, and the smell of the burning flesh began to spread out in the hall.

At this time, the old man's face was completely filled with shock and disbelief. Ignoring the pain, he stuttered, "Origin...tracing! This is the real retrospective technique! How could you possibly know this kind of technique? You are the devil, how can you know the divine technique in the prophecy! Who the hell are you!?"

Meanwhile, in the wilderness, more than a hundred kilometers from the city of Nanjing, a scurrying white shadow suddenly stopped his escaping process. As his beautiful heroic dashing brows frowned in confusion, he murmured, "what happened? Why is there a micro-adjustment again?"