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Chapter 76 The Prophecy Is About To Come True!

 Master Yi Jing gave Zhu Xirui a meaningful smile, and then used his eyes to appease him and said, "Commander Zhu, I know what I should and shouldn't do." Then he turned around, looked at Chu Yunsheng, and said, "young man, I was fortunate enough to see the portrait of my master's close friend, and it was painted by my master personally. If I may, I would like to see your palm. Whether you are really the descendant of his close friend or not, I can tell it by reading your palm."

"Oh? You know Palmistry?" Chu Yunsheng was slightly surprised. Originally he did not want to show him, but when he thought about it again, he also could not figure out if the white-dressed man was telling the truth or not. However, if he really had a disciple, then by showing him his palm, it would also help him figure out those questions.

If this Yi Jing old man could really use some strange method to read his palm, then what the white-dressed swordsman said would most likely be true, and he should trust him, but if this old man denied his identity, then it could either mean that this old man probably did not have the so-called palm-reading ability, and he was lying, or maybe the white-dressed swordsman was lying. He may really have a close friend, but it definitely would not be his ancestor.

But seeing the old man was quite confident in his own ability, Chu Yunsheng decided to let him read it.

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As soon as he made up his mind, he reached out his right hand with an open palm. The old man called Yi Jing moved a half step forward and gently brushed Chu Yunsheng's palm.

In the blink of an eye, Chu Yunsheng felt a wave soft and gentle energy went into his palm, and Master Yi Jing's facial expression suddenly changed!

"Young man, can I have a look at your left hand as well?"

At this time, everyone could feel that the voice of Master Yi Jing started to tremble all of sudden as if he was desperately trying to suppress something.

Chu Yunsheng frowned and was no longer willing to reach his other hand out. Although the energy in the old man's hands was gentle, it made him feel uncomfortable, it gave him a feeling of being peeped by someone. To prevent any accident, he did not want to take the "risk".

He didn't move, so master Yi Jing could only wait anxiously. Every second seemed like some kind of suffering to the old man.

As time slowly ticked by, the breathing sounds around him became clearer and heavier. Finally, someone could not bear with it and said angrily, "Chu Yunsheng, do you know what kind of status my Shigong (note: master's master) has? Do you know that for many people, this is once in a lifetime opportunity! Don't you dare to disrespect- "

The one who said this was a young man, who accompanied master Yi Jing to the banquet. Probably, he was accustomed to other people's praises and compliments, and he had never seen master Yi Jing speak to someone so humbly before, so the resentment, which he wanted to suppress since the moment master Yi Jing spoke to Chu Yunsheng, erupted completely.

However, all he heard was Master Yi Jing suddenly turned around and shouted, "Shut up!"

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Chu Yunsheng was quite surprised that he, who was already more than eighty years old, could still shout so loudly like that. But at the same time, he also became even more vigilant. The arrogant words of the handsome young man would not make him angry. Years of combat experience have already made him become only wary of the targets that would pose dangers to his life. He would not be distracted by some harmless people.

"Young man. I apologize to you on behalf of him." Master Yi Jing said apologetically, but Chu Yunsheng could clearly hear the anxiousness in his tone as if he desperately trying to suppress a certain emotion, "my ability isn't perfect, so I really need to see both of your hands to judge whether it is true or not, I can promise you that as long as it is true, I am willing to do my best to help you want to do anything."

Chu Yunsheng's face instantly darkened. He was staring at the old man's face as his eyes were emitting cold gleams. The past experience told him that the old man might be lying! But why would he lie? What could cause him to have such a big reaction that his emotions were about to overflow from his eyes!?

Was it related to the white-dressed swordsman or was it something that related to himself? There seemed to be a huge secret!

Chu Yunsheng decided to give it a try. He knew that the old man definitely knew something that he did not know, so he wanted to find out what he knew, maybe, he would be able to extract some clues from the old man.

"I can show you my left hand," Chu Yunsheng paused, stared into the eyes of the old man, and emphasized word by word, " But no matter what you see, don't spill out a single word about it. Otherwise, It will cost your life!"

As the voice fell, all the senior officers and government officials present only felt that there was a gust of cold wind blowing behind the back of their heads. They could not help but shiver all of sudden.

It was a blunt threat, and he was threatening Master Yi Jing, who was a very respectable person and influential figure. However, no one in the hall thought that he was bluffing. They did not know why they all felt that the young man called Chu Yunsheng would really do it.


Master Yi Jing seemed to have made a very difficult decision as if he had given up everything else.

Chu Yunsheng was ready to attack anytime. While secretly locating the battle cloak and the flaming sword in the storage talisman, he slowly extended his left hand.

Master Yi Jing once again brushed his hand over Chu Yunsheng palm with extreme caution, just like last time...

The gentle energy went into Chu Yunsheng's palm again, and the feeling of being peeped appeared again. Chu Yunsheng stared closely at the old man's every move, while controlling the energy inside his body and ready to stop the gentle energy that was invading his body.

At the same time, a large number of heavily-armed soldiers quietly entered the hall, blocking each exit with live ammunition, and a large number of top snipers in the army also rushed to the designated locations.

Suddenly, the old man raised his head and looked directly at Chu Yunsheng's eyes, and said in extreme shock, "You have no life! You should've been long dead, but why are you still alive!?"

Chu Yunsheng's eyes were even colder, and he began to draw out his sword from his storage talisman.

And when the old man's hand completely brushed past Chu Yunsheng's palm, the old man's face changed again. His fingers were shaking, and he was so terrified that he suddenly screamed, "you, you are not dead. You don't even have a life line. You... you are not even supposed to be born! You are not supposed to be born! You should've been strangled to death when you are still in...! Wait... You... Who are you!?"

The old man's scream became louder and louder, and his face became more and more twisted, which was extremely frightening.

Commander-in-chief Chen and other senior officers and officials were completely stunned, and the young man, who came with the old man, was also frightened. Everyone looked at each other not knowing what happened.

However, as if the old man suddenly remembered something horrible, he suddenly jumped up and screamed, "This is the prophecy. The prophecy is about to become true! Kill him! Quick! Kill him! He is a fiend, no, he is the devil who came from the very depth of hell! Quick! KILL HIM!!!"

Chu Yunsheng had already drawn out his sword completely. The flame instantly spread along the blade to the tip of the sword. And being filled with the black gas, his red battle cloak quickly turned completely black.

While the old man screamed, he also seemed to realize something, but it still was not very clear. It was not his identity, but the doubt caused by the gentle energy that went into his palm.

Master Yi Jing became completely crazy. His eyes were wide open in fear and his mind was still in complete shock. However, as if he could not wait for other people to initiate the attack, his body suddenly jumped toward Chu Yunsheng with both hands reaching Chu Yunsheng's neck, as if he wanted to strangle him to death.

The wind caused by him when he jumped up did not fit with the fact that he was a senile eighty years old man at all. Especially the gentle energy hidden in his hands, like the water that could carry a boat can also overturn the boat, it had incredible lethality.

"Death wish!"