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Chapter 75 Master Yi Jing

 Such a scene would inevitably lead to awkward silence, and if Commander-in-chief thought that Chu Yunsheng did not show enough respect, there would definitely be no further discussions.

But Commander Chen seemed to be an eccentric person. Hearing what Chu Yunsheng said, he simply laughed, "you are a truly strange man! However, young comrade Chu, Master Yi Jing is also our distinguished guest today. We can talk about anything later. Let me introduce you to him first, this is Master Yi Jing! Master, this is the person you were talking about."

Only until this moment, did they just realize that Master Yi Jing has already stood up, and he was walking quickly toward Chu Yunsheng, ignoring Commander Chen, who was talking to him, with a seemingly excited expression. Moreover, while walking, he was also mumbling uncontrollably, "yes, it is him, it is him! I can feel my master's scent from him!"

Seeing the old man was "running" toward him, Chu Yunsheng frowned and quickly moved two steps backward and then said, "what do you mean your master!?"

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Master Yi Jing was an eighty years old man, with a full head of grey hair. His body looked thin and weak, but Chu Yunsheng could feel the power contained under his skin and bones, so he was on high alert. Once he noticed something unusual, he would attack first.

But unexpectedly, this old man stood before him with tears all over his face and said with a shaking voice, "young man, could you please tell me where I can find my master? I will be most grateful!"

Chu Yunsheng looked at the old man in confusion, and then Fang Baixiao, who was in shock, and then looked at Zhu Xirui, whose face had completely darkened. Probably, he also did not expect that this old man would do something like this.

Commander Chen was also a bit surprised, and other senior officials and officers all looked at Chu Yunsheng in disbelief, as if they had seen an alien. Actually, it was the first time for many people present to hear master Yi Jing mentioning his master.

"Sorry, I don't know what you're talking about." Chu Yunsheng really didn't know what was wrong with this old man, so he just replied honestly.

The old man was so excited that his face had a clear abnormal red color, "I'm sorry, I am too excited. I know you are confused, but the swordsman in the white dress, who met you at Nanjing University, was my master. In the old days, if it weren't for my master, I would've been dead on the street like a stray dog already, and I wouldn't have had any chances to learn anything from him. It was a shame that I was not talented enough, and my master really couldn't endure my incompetence ... I just wish that I could see my master one more time. I don't know if young man could help me?"

Chu Yunsheng finally realized who he was talking about, but he was quite surprised, "he was your master? He didn't tell me that he had any students or disciples. I thought he was always fooling around alone..."

This time, all the senior officials and officers all gasped in shock. It turns out that the white-dressed swordsman mentioned in the report was master Yi Jing's master. Then how old was he? Was he an immortal? Furthermore, it was no wonder that the young man named Chu Yunsheng would be so arrogant that he completely had ignored master Yi Jing from the beginning. In his mind, even master Yi Jing's master was just some guy who did nothing but always fool around.

Zhu Xirui almost passed out when he heard this. The reason why he had spent so much effort to invite master Yi Jing was to prevent the current messy situation from affecting the judgment of the military area command, but he did not expect that the reason why master Yi Jing, who rarely accept any invitations, accepted his invitation, was for the white-dressed swordsman.

He had a strong ominous feeling that his plan would definitely not end up well tonight.

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After Chu Yunsheng finished, master Yi Jing said embarrassedly, "since I was young, my aptitude was very disappointing, but my master was extremely talented, so he wouldn't accept me as his disciple, and I also wouldn't dare to ruin my master's reputation! It is just that I have served my master for many years and learned a lot of things from him, I really admire him from the bottom of my heart!"

The more the old man said the more respectful he was. It made all the people around him dumbfounded. Up until now, there has never been one person who dared to say that master Yi Jing's attitude was bad. Or at least, they have never heard anyone say it.

This would be a joke. If Master Yi Jing's attitude was bad, then there would be no talented people in the world. Who the hell is that white-dressed swordsman? Why would he say that master Yi Jing was not talented? This was what those senior officials and officers were thinking.

Even Chu Yunsheng was also a little bit "sympathetic" for the old man. That immortal monster probably only taught this old man some symbols, words and incomplete theories from the book. It was funny that he himself couldn't even figure them out, but this old man thought that that white-dressed swordsman was trying to teach him something, but he failed to understand it.

Ignoring the shocked expression on everyone's face, master Yi Jing earnestly begged, "young man, is my master still in Nanjing? If he doesn't want to see me, it is fine. I'll just go to the place where he lives, and pay my respects. I'll definitely not disturb him. I promise. Please, can you tell me?"

Chu Yunsheng finally could not bear it. He said straightaway, "firstly, he is gone, and I do not know where he went, so don't ask me where he is. Secondly, he doesn't look like a master or teacher. Besides, he looks much... I mean, if you two stand together... Do you really think that is a good idea? Thirdly, if you feel that you still owe him anything, you can repay me instead. Your so-called master himself said that he owed my ancestor too much. If you do something for me, you will help your master to pay off his debt. And if you, me and him see each other again, we will not owe each other anything."

The eyes of Fang Baixiao and Zhu Xirui suddenly opened wide in shock at the same time. They all knew what Chu Yunsheng wanted master Yi Jing to do. They just did not expect that things would develop to this point.

"No, no, no, I can't do that!"

Master Yi Jing quickly shook his hands, telling Chu Yunsheng that that would be inappropriate. It made Zhu Xirui secretly sigh with relief, but before he was able to become relieved completely, he heard master Yi Jing say, "I'll never be able to forget master's kindness. My master did mention that he owed a close friend of his a lot. Each time he mentioned that he was either drunk, or choked with tears, or even hurted himself in agony. If you are really the descendant of that close friend, I will help you."

Hearing this, Chu Yunsheng nodded, "all right then, commander, I think we can talk now right? You can take master Yi Jing with you as well."

Commander Chen also didn't know when Chu Yunsheng had completely controlled the situation in the hall. While he was still pondering and has yet to nod his head to agree, Zhu XiRui quickly said, "master, I know you are eager to see your master, but according to the intelligence we gathered, it shows Chu YunSheng only had a fight with your master, he doesn't have any close relationships with your master. What he just said doesn't have any evidence, so we can't confirm it. Please be careful, and don't fall for it!"

What he said was true, no one knew what the swordsman in the white dress had said to him in the library, and no one knew if Chu Yunsheng was lying or not. Many officials and officers, especially those who wanted to defend Nanjing, all nodded to signal that what Xirui said was true.

But master Yi Jing shook his head and said, "it can't be wrong, his scent is very similar to my master's."

So it was just because of scent, then it would be much easier to handle. Zhu Xirui was secretly relieved and immediately said, "even if their scents are similar, it doesn't mean that they are close. Otherwise, why would they fight each other? They might be each other's enemies. Master, I know you are concerned about your master, I think in the absence of any sufficient evidence, what Chu Yunsheng said, can not be trusted."

Zhu Xirui once again mentioned a valid point. And it caused even more officers and officials to nod their heads. They all thought that because of emotions, it had impaired master Yi Jing's judgment.