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Chapter 74 You Are Chu Yunsheng?

 "Who is this old man?"

Chu Yunsheng found Fang Baixiao in the crowd, twisted open a bottle of mineral water, and asked while drinking the water. No matter how powerful this old man was, he didn't have any memory of this man after the dark age, it could only mean that his old man might have already died. And those who could not survive from the first wave of the insect's attack would not pose any threat to him.

Fang Baixiao was about to look for Chu Yunsheng. Seeing him take the initiative to come out again, he asked in confusion, "you don't know master Yi Jing?"

Chu Yunsheng shook his head, he hasn't even met with Zhu Xirui yet. He just always remembered that such a person existed in the age of light.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng wasn't lying, Fang Baixiao was even more surprised. He could not help but think to himself, 'since you don't know who master Yi Jing is, why did you panic earlier? And why did you run away?'

Of course, this was something that he could only think to himself, and could not say it out. Chu Yunsheng was now his old man's trump card, which could be used to suppress Zhu Xirui. Even if this trump card had less weight than master Yi Jing, it was still an "important person" that has been discussed the most frequently in the military recently.

Fang Baixiao understood the importance of Chu Yunsheng's role, so after the initial surprise, he stopped himself from thinking about something else that was not related to his family's plan. Instead, he whispered, "Master Yi Jing is highly respected, and has a high reputation both in our country and abroad. He usually lives a very simple life. Only a few people are lucky enough to meet him. Our previous plan needs to be revised slightly. We should not offend Master Yi Jing directly. It would be great if we can get master Yi Jing's approval."

Chu Yunsheng frowned and said, "I don't have time for this nonsense, just tell me directly what ability he has."

Hearing Chu Yunsheng's irritated tone, Fang Baixiao's heart suddenly dropped. To him, Chu Yunsheng was still an impulsive young man. Due to the fact that he had just won a few battles lately, his morale was extremely high at the moment, but if he offended Master Yi Jing in any way, the consequences would be unimaginable.

So Fang Baixiao hurriedly pulled Chu YunSheng aside and carefully explained in a low voice, "Mr. Chu, you need to stop acting recklessly. Master Yi Jing is not someone, who has a special ability like you, but someone, who has great wisdom. The commander-in-chief and The Secretary of Party Committee have great respect for him. You can't offend him, otherwise, the consequence will be unimaginable."

Chu Yunsheng said coldly, "Commander Fang, I think you got something wrong here. We are only cooperating with each other. I am not your subordinate. I can make my own decisions, and I won't change my plan just because of an old man, who doesn't even have the power to survive to the end. Besides, if he is really wise and respectable, I will also respect such a man. But he should consider the impact of this decision on residents' lives, instead of helping Zhu XiRui make the wrong decision that will end up killing tens of thousands of people!"

Fang Baixiao could not help but be stunned, "Mr. Chu, how can you be so sure that Nanjing city will definitely fall?"

Chu Yunsheng did not answer him directly, he just looked at him, and asked, "Commander Fang, you still don't believe my words, do you?"

Fang Baixiao did not deny it. He simply nodded, without any sign of hesitation. This frank image of him left a very good impression in Chu Yunsheng's mind.

"I see. You are willing to cooperate with Song Zihuai and me, not because you agree that Nanjing will fall. On the contrary, you may think that it is much safer to stay in Nanjing than Shanghai. But if you go to Shanghai, you can get more military power, which is something that you cannot get in Nanjing, or maybe it is something that you cannot get for the time being. Am I right?" Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and said.

Fang Baixiao still did not deny it, "if what you said was proven correct in the future, then what we do today, and for whatever the purposes, the result would be beneficial for the majority."

Chu Yunsheng smiled and said, "you are much more competent than I imagined, but I haven't finished yet. In fact, I think Zhu Xirui also knew about this. However, for the bigger picture, he has to stop you or me at all costs. Because of this, I quite admire him, though his plan is currently our biggest obstacle. Given the fact that staying in Nanjing does not have many obvious benefits for him personally."

When practicing the cultivation method, Chu Yunsheng had been thinking about the situation of the military area command. Compared to the Zhu family he knew in his memory, he believed that there were more reasons why they did not want to cooperate with Song Zihuai, and Yu Jian probably did not know about it or probably they did not want to tell him about it.

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If it was only about the personal grudge, Song Zihuai indeed would not be able to persuade Zhu Xirui to join him. But if Zhu Xirui wanted to go to Shanghai, he could consider other people, and there was a better candidate than Song Zihuai, such as the person who was currently in control of Shanghai. However, the fact was that he insisted on defending Nanjing, which meant that it was definitely not for personal reasons.

Fang Baixiao also understood the hidden meaning of Chu Yunsheng's words. Since Chu Yunsheng clearly expressed his admiration for his opponent, it meant that he would not do anything out of line, so he smiled apologetically and said, "I think I was thinking too much. Now let's go meet the commander-in-chief."

Realizing that Fang Baixiao might still be worried, Chu Yunsheng said as he walked with him, "don't worry, Commander Fang. Although I admire Zhu Xirui, it does not mean that I will compromise. Even if he changed his mind, because of the conflict of interests, he would still not be able to become my ally, but your factions are different. Besides, because he intends to bring that old man here tonight is to intimidate and suppress me, I have to do something about it, don't I? Otherwise, how will we be able to convince other people after we let them defame us?"

Hearing what Chu Yunsheng said, Fang Baixiao felt some admiration for him. He had stated that Master Yi Jing was not an individual who gained reputation and respect from others with brute force and violence, which was exactly what Chu Yunsheng was known for. If Chu Yunsheng intention was to beat the old master to a pulp, that would not only be a spit to Zhu Xirui's face, but also be a spit to the commander-in-chief's and the whole military sector's face, which would be exactly what Zhu Xirui want.

Although being uncertain of how Chu Yunsheng would "deal" with Master Yi Jing, Fang Baixiao was curious about how this young man would act in this situation.

Walking before Chu Yunsheng, he led him to bypass the crowd and arrived before Master Yi Jing and the commander-in-chief.

"Commander, this is Chu Yunsheng, the man, who was mentioned in the report."

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Fang Baixiao made a military salute, then politely interrupted their conversation and made a brief introduction.

"Huh? You are Chu Yunsheng? He is so young. If I did not see him in person, I definitely wouldn't believe it." The commander-in-chief Chen was a skinny man, who had a slightly darker complexion, but unexpectedly, he was someone, who had a big voice. Standing up from the sofa, he turned to other people in surprise and said loudly.

Probably because of his loud voice, almost everyone in the hall all heard what he said. Instantly, all the high-ranking military officers, and government officials, all looked at Chu Yunsheng, who was dressed in black at the same time. For a period, the whole hall was so quiet that even the sound of a needle dropping on the ground can be heard clearly.

In Shanghai, this man alone killed all the special agents that were sent from the capital, in Dan Yang city, this man killed the terrifying fiery figure, in Nanjing University, this man defeated the white-dressed swordsman, who took an important military weapon, in front of the library, this man threatened nearly five hundred soldiers with a ghost-like creature... Some of the senior officials and officers present already knew all of it, and some only knew a part of this information. But in conclusion, it could be said that in everyone's mind, Chu Yunsheng was an extremely dangerous person!

Now all of sudden, this person appeared in front of them, there was no way that he would not attract everyone's attention. But no one could connect this ordinary young man with a brutal, extraordinary, and strange man in the report.

Zhu Lingdie, who was standing next to Zhu Xirui also looked at Chu Yunsheng in surprise. After all, not everyone knew Chu Yunsheng's actual age, and not everyone had Chu Yunsheng's photos.

"Yes, I am indeed." Chu Yunsheng stood in front of Commander Chen, and simply said, "but my appearance probably won't prove anything. If possible, I would like to speak to the Commander alone. Then, perhaps, you will believe me even more."

Chu Yunsheng did not react like how all the people in the hall thought he would react. He did not show any sign of excitement after seeing the commander-in-chief, such an important person. He did not even show any signs that he was honored that the commander-in-chief knew his name. Instead, he said in a manner as if he was on the same level as the commander-in-chief, or maybe higher. He didn't even look at Master Yi Jing or greet him as if Chu Yunsheng deemed that he was not worthy of his attention.