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Chapter 73 Hundreds Of Millions Of Fragments

 On the twenty-sixth, Chu Yunsheng spent all his time in the hotel quietly, and almost did not leave his room once. All he did was practice his cultivation repeatedly. Without strength as his foundation, he would not be able to do anything in the dark age. The persistent practical hard practice was the best way to increase his strength. He did not dare to use other methods to boost his cultivation speed again.

The darkness arrived again in the morning as expected, and it lasted for nearly four hours. Without black gas, Chu Yunsheng could not "see" anything this time. If he had not "saved" the only bit of slightly "restored" black gas by giving it to Old Youling, all his black gas would have been sucked empty again.

Outside the hotel, in order to maintain Nanjing city's public security, a large number of military vehicles had been deployed on the streets. Soldiers could be seen everywhere. Zhu XiRui's plan to "capture" him alive also seemed to have fallen through. Leaving aside the fact that Fang Yuehou might find some way to stop his plan, even if they managed to execute this plan, they wouldn't have been able to gather a decent fighting force.

At the end of four hours of darkness, the military area command hurriedly passed a policy that allowed the military officers and soldiers to bring their families to the vicinity of their deployed station, to allay the growing disquiet of the officers and soldiers in the various military units.

If this policy was not passed, the morale of the army would be unstable. Although many low-ranking officers and soldiers had done this already secretly, there was still a need for legal recognition.

Although the policy was beneficial to the morale of the military, it also had some disadvantages. In fact, its contents indirectly revealed that the military area command was preparing for something. After the news of this policy was spread out, the citizens became more nervous and agitated, and the atmosphere over the city became more and more intense.

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In this tense atmosphere, Song Zihuai's rumor plan did not have much effect. After all, people would only stay where the troops were.

Some citizens even stationed at railway stations and bus stations, and at the exits of various roads. As soon as the military made a move, they would rush to tell each other. The people, who had no means of self-protection, could only watch the troops in this way and follow them in fear. They were worried that one day they would wake up finding all the troops were gone.

As more and more people from other places rushed to the provincial capital, almost all the small local officials had already run away as fast as they could, the public security also became chaotic, and things like rioting, and raping happened very frequent. The insect hasn't arrived, yet earth has already become a hell.

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The hotel where Chu Yunsheng stayed could be considered the small outer base of Song Zihuai's men, but strangely, there were several people in charge of security of the hotel. In terms of the rest of the security guards, they were all sent to the entrance to block the refugees that were trying to get into the hotel.

Inside the hotel, it was not quiet either, and a lot of people were moving in the corridors, hurriedly. It made Chu Yunsheng wonder what kind of tasks Song Zihuai had assigned to them. Although people were doing different things, there was one thing they had in common, it was the way they looked at Chu Yunsheng. Regardless of their gender, whenever they encountered Chu Yunsheng, they all would often stop what they were doing and look at Chu Yunsheng curiously.

Until four o 'clock in the afternoon, several military vehicles arrived outside the hotel. After dispersing many refugees at the entrance of the hotel, the person that came out of the military vehicles was Fang Baixiao. It was as if they wanted to show enough respect for Chu Yunsheng, although he was clearly a division commander, he was here to pick Chu Yunsheng up in person.

After storing the freeze gun that Old Youling took back into the storage talisman, Chu YunSheng got into the military vehicle straight away. Through the car's windows, he could see many soldiers guarding the streets. With them, the streets did not seem to be chaotic, but instead, it made people hard to breathe as if there was a big rock on their chest.

The banquet was held in the villa of the commander-in-chief of the military area command. When Chu Yunsheng entered, there were many high-ranking officers scattering in various corners whispering and talking. Their voices were not loud, but all their faces were very serious, and the atmosphere in the air was extremely tense.

Chu Yunsheng was never interested in this kind of upper-class social gathering. When he was in Shu Du city, he also attended this kind of party once. However, apart from eating, he did not do anything at that time. If it weren't for his plan of building a surviving zone, he wouldn't have come here. He would rather spend precious time on practicing his cultivation.

He was from the bottom of the social ladder. It was with the help of the drastic change of earth and the ancient book that he was able to skip so many steps of the social ladder and jumped right to the top of the ladder.

However, because he was climbing up too fast and the world around him was changing too fast, he did not have enough time to experience the influence, assimilation, familiarity, and other steps. Coupled with he himself instinctively rejected this kind of social event, every time he entered this kind of event, he was not able to blend in easily.

Without drawing his sword and activating his armor, the aura around Chu Yunsheng may be even more unnoticeable than Fang Baixiao's security personnel. Only a few people would be able to notice him, let alone associate him with the person they had seen on the military report.

After spending the entire afternoon practicing his cultivation, Chu Yunsheng also felt very hungry. However, this time, he would not steal the food from the banquet. After all, the environment was different now.

So he sat quietly in a corner of the villa, gazing silently at the world map on the wall.

Looking at the meticulous and accurate drawing latitude and longitude, country names and place names, and colorful colors, Chu Yunsheng suddenly had a glimpse of how powerful the simulation ability of the Pseudo-Monolith was. Whether it was the dust on the bottom of the table, the fallen leaves with a different shape on the roadside, or folding marks on the map, stains on his own shirt ... There were hidden laws of physics, laws of chemistry, and laws of biology, etc... behind the huge and detailed world, covering almost all the frontiers of science that humans could reach.

For example, when the basic elements of the world were set, there was bound to be the existence of dust, and then with the law of airflow, the law of human activity, and so on, it would determine the seemingly random, yet inevitable dust distribution, and accumulation.

Another example was that when the basic spatial compositions of the earth were set, there was bound to be the existence of land, and then with the law of geographical activity, the law of human activity and so on, it would evolve generations of different maps.

Another example would be that when the basic body composition of living creatures were set, there was bound to be the existence of life span and the creation of the food chain. From small bacteria to big sea creatures, no one could escape from it, and then with the law of nature, the law of climate and other influences, it would form today's biosphere.

Then Chu Yunsheng suddenly had a strange idea. Was it because the speed of light was set, so time became the basis and carrier of everything?

In a trance, he was surprised to find that he "saw" that hidden chain of life across the vast sea of stars again, and he also saw that although he was struggling in it, he was sinking deeper and deeper...

"Mr. Chu?"

Fang Baixiao's deep voice startled Chu Yunsheng. Pointing at the entrance, he said in a low voice, "they are coming."

Chu Yunsheng only uttered, "h'm", and subconsciously looked at the entrance. However, the suffocating feeling he had when he saw that hidden chain of life across the vast sea of stars has not faded away.

Fang Baixiao also noticed Chu Yunsheng's strange behavior. He slightly frowned, and said with concern, "I did not expect that they would be able to invite master Yi Jing, Mr. Chu, if you can't do it, we may need to avoid having the direct conflict with master Yi Jing."

Chu Yunsheng has never heard of this master Yi Jing person. Every time when he "saw" the hidden chain of life, his mind would be shaken by external forces. With the current strength of his zero-dimensional space, he was not able to withstand this kind of shock, so he needed to find a way to calm his mind down.

So he said absent-mindedly, "I'm going to the bathroom."

Seeing Chu Yunsheng left in a hurry, the expression on Fang Baixiao's face did not change much, but inside, he was extremely shocked.

He was prepared to meet someone who had the same ability as Chu Yunsheng, but he did not expect that Chu Yunsheng would be "scared" away by him.

Fang Baixiao could not help but frown. According to the information they gathered, Chu Yunsheng should not be this coward, so why was he acting like his?

However, time did not allow him to carry on thinking about Chu Yunsheng's problem. Zhu Xirui was currently leading an old man into the main hall politely. They were followed by a lot of senior officials. The commander-in-chief also appeared at the same time. Seeing them, Fang Yuehou and other senior provincial political officers quickly walked forward to greet them.

At the moment, the old man who was called Yi Jing master was like a bright moon surrounded by many stars. He was the center of everyone's attention. Even with Fang Baixiao's social status, he was only able to clap his hands on the side to welcome them. Only his father Fang Yuehou was able to stand next to the old man.

And in the bathroom, Chu Yunsheng was trying to use cigarettes to calm his mind down. Although there was a cleaning auntie glaring at him angrily, he didn't have time to think about her at the moment.

However, before he even finished one cigarette, and before shock could fade away, the seed that was buried deep inside his mind started to become restless and it seemed like it was eager for some actions. Sensing its movement, black gas suddenly began to emerge out of nowhere and it began to increase rapidly. It seemed like an internal battle was about to break out again.

At this time, the "Chu Yunsheng" that was composed of hundreds of millions of fragments in the zero-dimensional space, suddenly turned into countless flying pieces, filling the entire zero-dimensional space. The sound of murderous roars also appeared like huge violent waves, isolating the shock caused by the external force, suppressing the restless seed, calming the black gas, and soon, it went back to normal.

When Chu Yunsheng finally finished one cigarette, everything went back to normal as if the crisis of the zero-dimensional space had never happened before.

In the cleaning auntie's very unfriendly eyes, Chu Yunsheng smiled apologetically and returned back to the hall. After all, that master Yi Jing was still waiting for him.

After coming out from the bathroom, Chu Yunsheng had already calmed down, but when he had just walked into the hall, he was dazed for a moment.