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Chapter 72 A Complex Alliance

 After the sun finally struggled out of the sky, it was almost nightfall. The clouds in the sky were in extremely uncomfortable bright red color as if it was soaked with a layer of human blood, making people feel as if it could drip blood at any time.

The streets around the hotel were very "busy". Since ancient China, Nanjing people were famous for their gossiping behaviors. People here just loved to talk about everything. Especially at this period of time where rumors were rife and panic pervaded the city.

Sometimes there were loud noises in the street, but other times, there were just quiet whispers. People were anxious, and many people didn't know what was going on, so they turned to the families, friends, or relatives, who worked in the government or the military, for information.

After several days of all sorts of unexplainable natural phenomena, experts also ran out of any logical explanations. Although people in the streets weren't sure what was going on, they all had an ominous feeling that something bad was going to happen.

The government has repeatedly issued the announcement that everything was going to be fine to avoid answering people's questions directly, and even the military also didn't give any answers. With anger and resentment, people knew that they had been lied to. However, apart from throwing some rocks at the government buildings, there was nothing else they could do. Some of the people even started to go through all their contacts to start the emergency preparation.

At nighttime, there was some strange information being leaked out from the military, and on the internet, some strange videos and photos that haven't been deleted, or probably, no one had time to delete those things, confirmed that strange information. Coupled with many eyewitnesses, the information was spread out like wildfire.

It was said that there were superhumans on the streets.

It was said that there was a fierce fight in Nanjing university!

It was said that...

While various bizarre incidents have become the hottest topics in the city, a rumor has been circulating that the government would secretly establish a safety zone in Shanghai.

In the hotel, Chu Yunsheng didn't know the various changes on the street, but he could feel that Song Zihuai's force was manipulating it behind the scene and pushing their plans in the dark.

Thick curtains separated him temporarily from the world outside the glass, and the light in the room was yellow and somber.

Now that the future Allies became his enemy, and the future enemy became his Allies, it made Chu Yunsheng feel that even if a person knew what would happen in the future, they still might not be able to control the situation.

Fang Baixiao sat on an oval-shaped sofa opposite of him. He was wearing a straight, neat military uniform, and his shoes were polished very clean. A pair of sharp and stern eyes gleamed with the unique calm temperament of a senior soldier. His every move and every word clearly showed how competent and decisive a person he was. No matter from which angle Chu Yunsheng looked at him, he didn't look like a father of a perverted son.

Chu Yunsheng didn't like to work with the Fang family instinctively, but Zhu Xirui that fool forced him to sit with this family.

"Mr. Chu, how sure are you that Shanghai will survive?" Fang Baixiao flicked the cigarette ash, and asked sternly. He didn't make light of this conversation because of Chu Yunsheng's age and background. Instead, he treated it very seriously and cautiously.

"Seventy percent!" Chu Yunsheng said it without any hesitation, "I can only tell you that seventy percent is the most optimistic estimate, and it is only under the circumstances where the main forces of your military area command are also defending Shanghai."

Fang Baixiao didn't respond immediately. After thinking about it for a moment, he asked, "if it's only seventy percent, why should we give up Nanjing and go to Shanghai? That place has no military bases nor terrain advantages."

Hearing this question, Chu Yunsheng realized that Fang Baixiao not only wanted more convincing evidence, but he also wanted to know more secrets as well. However, there was one thing that was very strange. Instead of questioning whether the disaster would really happen, Fang Baixiao's worries and concerns seemed to be always focusing on the issue of defense location.

This showed that Fang Baixiao or the military must have known something in advance, and they had definitely confirmed it. Otherwise, the strictly prudent military would not have overlooked such an important first question.

"Seventy percent does seem a bit low..." since Fang Baixiao didn't want to say it, Chu Yunsheng also did not want to take the initiative to ask, and the reason was the same as why he didn't want to explain it to Yu Jian, so he carried on, "but if you compare with Nanjing, I'm sure that your chance of survival is less than ten percent. This place will be a key strategic location for all kinds of dangerous forces in the future!"

It was funny that originally, he had planned to tell this to Zhu Lingdie's father, Zhu Xirui, but now he was speaking with Fang Baixiao.

"Dangerous forces?" Fang Baixiao's eyes instantly revealed cold gleams. He immediately sat up straight, and said in a low voice, "Mr. Chu also thinks that someone is behind this?"

"Yes! To be exact, it is insects. A very big type of insects. Their offensive and defensive abilities are both very strong. With the existing weapons, we will not be able to deal with them effectively."

Fang Baixiao suddenly stood up, frowned, and then sat down again and apologized, "I'm sorry, I lost my composure. Mr. Chu, if you want to convince the military area command, especially the commander-in-chief, you must have sufficient evidence to prove that defending Shanghai is better than defending Nanjing. I hope you can understand it."

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Chu Yunsheng nodded, he was surprised at Fang Baixiao's response just now. He "frowned in concerns" instead of "gasped in shock". Coupled with his sudden reaction, it seemed like he was finally able to confirm something based on the information he told him. However, this confirmation made him even more worried. This also reminded Chu Yunsheng of another thing.

Back in Horlivka city, Coline from the last resistance force told him one secret that happened during world war two. It was about the discovery of the remains of some large, possibly insect-like monsters in a cave that he couldn't remember what it was called now.

After the second world war, the people's liberation army was the one that controlled the area, so if what Coline said was true, the military had definitely sent someone to investigate that cave already, and they definitely have obtained some information. As a senior military officer, it would not be a surprise that Fang Baixiao also knew something about it.

Based on this assumption, perhaps the cooperation between the Fang family and the Fire race outside the Pseudo-Monolith also had something to do with this thing. This made Chu Yunsheng very curious about how much he actually knew. However, now was not the time to find out that. At the moment, as Fang Baixiao said, the key was that he must have sufficient evidence, otherwise, if he could not convince Fang Baixiao, there was no way he would be able to convince their commander-in-chief.

Speaking of the evidence, Chu Yunsheng couldn't give any. The first reason was that this was the world inside the Pseudo-Monolith. Whether there would be a real monolith below Nanjing city, he was not sure about it. Even if there was indeed a real one, they would not be able to dig it out. The second reason was that he couldn't even prove that the insects would appear soon, let alone Shang would land in Nanjing city.

After racking his brains, in the eyes of Fang Baixiao, Chu Yunsheng gradually understood something. He understood what this old man was trying to tell him. The so-called sufficient evidence was actually he himself.

It was very simple. Apart from showing the incredible power, nothing about him was impressive. He was not famous, nor did he have any background. The words he said were less credible than the specialists in the military, so what Fang Baixiao meant was that he didn't actually need to find any evidence and give to the specialists from the military to analyze. He was just trying to hint him that he himself was more than enough evidence.

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Regarding the unknown forces that the military area command of Nanjing had contacted with, whether directly or indirectly, there were, the incident of a white-dressed swordsman breaking into a military lab in Shanghai, the Dan Yang incident, and the Nanjing university incident, all of them had something to do with him. Now that the one of the Fire race was killed and he was also related to the white-dressed swordsman, he could completely become the representative of an unknown force and influence the decision making of the military area command.

These words, as a senior military officer, Fang Baixiao couldn't say it directly. He could only hint Chu Yunsheng repeatedly. Fortunately, Chu Yunsheng had experiences of being pushed to represent something that he didn't want to be, for example, "the most powerful man in the world", so he quickly understood it. If it was in the past, even after Fang Baixiao left, he probably still wouldn't be able to figure it out.

'As I expected, those people are craftier than each other. It is really not easy to deal with them.' Chu Yunsheng couldn't help but sigh. Originally, he wanted to convince Fang Baixiao, but in the end, it was Fang Baixiao who helped him.

It seemed like although one of the revived Fire race was killed by him, he would need to replace him and work with the Fang family. The inertia of history was truly terrifying, it was still the same in the Pseudo-Monolith.

With this hint in mind, the rest of the conversation became much easier.

About two hours later, Fang Baixiao got up and was ready to leave, but before he left, he seemed to remember something. He turned around and said, "tomorrow is the commander-in-chief's wife's birthday. So tomorrow night, the military area command will invite many important people to join a birthday banquet. I'll send someone over to pick you up. I think the commander-in-chief would also like to see you. One more thing, I heard that the deputy chief of staff Zhu will also bring someone to see the commander-in-chief. Mr. Chu, you need to be prepared."

Chu Yunsheng would not be fooled by this. Why would the commander-in-chief's wife have a birthday banquet at this time? Obviously, it was a cover. The reason behind this banquet was to gather all the big shots to discuss the current situation. After all, the regulations clearly stated that the military shall not interfere in local politics. So even if it was the military commander-in-chief, they also had no right to gather this kind of meeting directly, this kind of thing was strictly forbidden. Otherwise, if the central government knew about it, they would be in deep trouble.

It was just that this Zhu Xirui started to give Chu Yunsheng more and more headaches. Originally he wanted to work with them, but who would have thought that they were the one that was causing the biggest problem to him. Is it the Ice race? If so, it would be even more troublesome.

After sending away Fang Baixiao, the more Chu Yunsheng thought of it the more strange he felt. On the surface, it looked like everything was normal, but there was something that he always didn't feel right. He didn't think that Zhu Xirui and Fang Yuehou had seen him before or talked to him before, but why did one person reject him so firmly? And why did the other person accept him without any hesitation? There was definitely something going on here.

Perhaps he had experienced too many things, he was more than more sensitive about abnormalities. So he quickly found Yu Jian and wanted to find out what he didn't know.

As soon as Yu Jian entered the room, he felt that Chu Yunsheng was not in a good mood. There was a clear sign of anger on his face. This made him feel very nervous.

"Tell me, what have you been doing without my knowledge?" Chu Yunsheng said while signaling him to sit down.

With a bitter smile, Yu Jian sat down where Fang Baixiao had just sat, picked up a cigarette and lit it up, "Mr. Chu, I don't mean to hide it from you. You have been busy, and there are a lot of trivial matters, so we don't have time to explain it to you. To put it simply, the 'work' in Nanjing had already begun before you even came here. We have already secretly contacted the commanders of several major divisions and the commanders of several army corps, and the government as well. Even if you did not come to Nanjing, the work here would still continue. But since you're already here, it will be much easier for them to do the work. Regarding this, I think you know what kind of work I'm talking about."

"So you've always been in touch with the Fang family?" Chu Yunsheng asked, and signaled Yu Jian to continue.

Yu Jian nodded and said helplessly, "it is about the conflicts of interests that my superior had with them in the past. It is very unlikely for Zhu Xirui to forget about the past and work with us, so the work regarding the military forces is only focusing on other people, such as the Fang family, and several other people that are not on good terms with Zhu Xirui..."

"No wonder he didn't like me so much." Chu Yunsheng finally realized why, but he asked again, "the Fang family is willing to cooperate with you?"

Yu Jian smiled, "Mr. Chu, I am just a little captain. Because of you, I am able to learn some top secret arrangements. The people that were sent to contact with the Fang family all have high social status, so I don't know anything about that, but since Fang Baixiao came to see you in person today, it definitely means that they will cooperate with us."

"Hehe... Two old foxes!" Chu Yunsheng mocked sarcastically, "one wants political power, the other wants to control the military. Without notifying me in advance, they have already divided my security zone!"

Yu Jian heard what Chu Yunsheng said, but he did not answer him. There were some words that Chu Yunsheng could say, but he couldn't.

Seeing this, Chu Yunsheng smiled and said, "it doesn't matter, they can have it. But regarding my own things, if they dare put out their hands on it again, then don't blame me for chopping their hands off!"

A threat was necessary, and his dissatisfaction must also let Song Zihuai know. Otherwise, he would think that they could easily use him, but this would not cause him to give up cooperating with them. After all, he couldn't find anyone that was better than them. It was not worth it to abandon them for Zhu Xirui. Moreover, Fang Baixiao had also hinted to him that Zhu Xirui also had someone that had a similar ability as him, it was very unlikely that they would work with him.

The situation in the future would be much more complex, but at present, the first thing was to "defeat" Zhu Xirui's party.

"You can tell Fang Baixiao that I'll attend the banquet tomorrow," he thought for a second and said.