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Chapter 71 A Lis


Chu Yunsheng wanted to give the military a strong impression. Before the insect appeared, for the military, his value was just "novel", "strange", and perhaps, he could also provide some values for scientific research, but they would not consider him to be on the same equal footings as them unless he showed them something.

Only when the insect appeared in a large number, and when the army had no idea of how to kill them in large numbers, and once they knew what he could do, then he would receive recognition and be regarded as in the same equal important position as the military.

Before that, he was at a disadvantage in all types of corporations. If he didn't show a strong and firm attitude, probably even the corporations were not possible.

But if he waited for the insect to appear and then find the military, it would be too late. After the second jade pendant was collected, encouraging the military forces around east China to establish a Shanghai surviving zone became his first and most important priority.

Convincing the Nanjing military area command not to retreat from Shanghai was the most important thing in this plan. Even if he could not convince the entire military area command, it was a great achievement to convince one additional army division to defend Shanghai.

In Chu Yunsheng's memory, he could still vividly remember the chaotic and horrifying scenes during the evacuation of Shanghai, and he could never forget the moment when he woke up in the world that was covered with piles and piles of bodies. So many people wanted to escape to Nanjing, but only a few managed to get there alive.

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Through Zhou Wenxing this major general of the political department, the message would be delivered back to the military area headquarters, coupled with some other things that Song Zihuai asked Yu Jian to do, Chu Yunsheng believed someone would come out to negotiate with him eventually, as for who it would be, he would know it in two days.

So he walked past Zhou Wenxing, completely ignoring this major general's threat. After all, the people from the political department were responsible for the political and ideological tasks, if the person standing here today was Du Qishan, then even if it was only a small regiment commander, Chu YunSheng would not dare behave this way. In fact, Chu Yunsheng found that Du Qishan, this kind of soldier, was quite fearful, which was mainly caused by the deep impression he had left in his mind. You could say that it was psychological trauma.

The face of Zhou Wenxing, who was ignored by Chu Yunsheng, looked very livid, and as the person in charge of the troops here, the eyes of all other military officers fixated on him, waiting for his order. Stop him or not stop him? They all needed his order.

Without specific orders, soldiers in camouflage helmets could only clutch assault rifles in their hands, moving back step by step, making ways for the strange young man. They had all seen Chu Yunsheng's power. Soldiers weren't stupid, and their Officers also weren't mindless, no one would want to step forward to stop him. When there was no clear order, firing the first shot may not only be able to gain any rewards, but they would also be a hundred percent dead.

As a result, in the small square in front of the library of Nanjing University appeared a funny scene. A young man casually walked out of the heavily armed military encirclement, ignoring the countless guns that were pointed at him.

When walking past Yuan Xiaoyi, Chu Yunsheng deliberately stopped for a while, and asked her, "which academic department are you from?"

"I, I, I..." After her phone was taken away by Chu Yunsheng and melted in front her, Yuan Xiaoyi was in a deep panic state. When she was constantly worried that she would be killed by the ruthless bad guy, the bad guy suddenly talked to her, so she stuttered.

Chu Yunsheng immediately raised his voice and said again, "which academic department are you from? What is your name?"

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Hearing the bad guy raise his voice, Yuan Xiaoyi finally broke into tears and said, "Yuan Xiaohai, electronic science, and engineering department, please don't kill me, please don't kill me..."

Chu Yunsheng gave Yu Jian a look, signaling him something and said, "I won't kill you, but don't take any more pictures that you shouldn't take. It is not good."

After he finished that, he walked to Liang Xicheng to meet with this "old acquaintance". As his facial expression eased, he said, "young master Liang, you can't afford to get involved in these things, so don't get involved. Go home. I'll ask Captain Yu to drop you off."

Liang Xicheng was a rich man, but he didn't leave a bad impression in Chu Yunsheng's mind in the past, at least, for example, he was way better than the grandson of Fang Yuehou. And whether it was inside the simulation or outside the simulation, in a way, he was quite helpful in the matter of collecting the jade pendant, so he didn't want to get him involved in the business he had with the military.

Liang Xicheng did not expect that Chu Yunsheng would also talk to him. Looking at Chu Yunsheng in surprise, his nervousness was as close as Yuan Xiaoyi. No one could stay calm in the scene like this, but he was more surprised at Chu Yunsheng's tone and words, it was as if he knew him in the past.

Liang Xicheng swore that he had never met the young man in the past, not even once. The only explanation he could think of was that Lin Shuiyao had told him about him.

Chu Yunsheng did not give Liang Xicheng the opportunity to ask any questions, he just walked through the heavily armed soldiers, and got on Yu Jian's helicopter. During the time he did all of this, Zhou Wenxing's face became more and more livid. However, although he clenched his hands into fists, he still didn't give the order in the end. Because he couldn't afford the consequences. If he didn't handle it properly, not only would he not be able to catch the person, but he would also end up dead here. And death might not be the worst, he might even carry all the blame after he died.

And clearly, there was not just him who had this kind of thought in their minds. After getting on the helicopter, Chu Yunsheng was also relieved. If they had really started a fight here, the people that would've been killed would not be just one or two. The incident in Dan Yang city was a clear example.

In the complex look of the soldiers and officers, the two helicopters were heading two different directions, one was sending Liang Xicheng back, and Old Youling was also asked to go to Liang Xicheng's place to check out the freeze gun, the other was heading the west of the city, which was the one that Chu Yunsheng, Yu Jian, and Mo Wuluo and her mother were in.

And Lin Shuiyao was also arranged to stay with Liang Xicheng by Chu Yunsheng. Although he didn't want this young master to get involved in his business with the military, the Liang family was indeed a big and wealthy family. The material and supplies they had been stockpiling before the darkness was not a small number, so if Lin Shuiyao was able to persuade him to transport everything to Shanghai, it would increase the survivability of Shanghai a lot.

According to the memory outside the Pseudo-Monolith, Nanjing was definitely going to fall. Even if they were able to withstand the initial wave, the people inside the city would be manipulated by the Fire race and the Ice race, so it would be extremely dangerous. What was worse was that the first Shang on earth would be landed there, so no matter from which perspective Chu Yunsheng looked at it, it was still not the best location.

On the helicopter, Mo Wuluo and his mother became even more nervous. Mo Wuluo was still a child and he was clearly scared, and his mother was even more worried.

The man in front of her was first very mysterious and then he became terrifyingly powerful. She had also witnessed what happened in Dan Yang city and the basketball court of Nanjing university.

She did not understand why a powerful man like him would only bring her and her son with him out of so many people in Wuxi city. And he even said that her son was very talented and would be a very competent man in the future.

"Captain Yu, the girl just now is scared, you can use this opportunity to send someone to contact the university and approach the students there. Those students can be very useful in the future, it will be much easier and faster for them to learn the new knowledge system. We can't just count on Zhao Shaohua and his department, we need to have some connections from the lower level. If you need some help, ask from Old Youling."

Chu Yunsheng didn't tell him in detail what he needed to do, because he believed that Yu Jian was much more competent than him in handling this kind of matter.

Yu Jian simply nodded his head, signaling that he understood what he meant.

Then Chu Yunsheng looked at Mo Wuluo and his mother. He said directly, "elder sister Wang, I think you already started to have some ideas about what is happening outside right now, so I am not going to beat around the bush. In just a few days, the sun will disappear forever, and the world will be plunged into the endless darkness, and that is not the worst of it.

You probably think my ability is powerful, and it is some kind of supernatural power, but soon, your son's ability will be even more incredible. So I need him, and Shanghai also needs him in the future. And since Captain Yu is here today, he can vouch that I can represent Shanghai to guarantee that your food, safety, and all other necessary supplies will be our first priority. Of course, if you have any relatives, they will also receive protection as well. However, our resources are limited, not everyone will receive the same level of protection, so you must choose carefully. Of course, I can also disclose some top secrets to you, this city will fall and you will die if you choose to stay here."

Mo Wuluo's mother was so shocked that she couldn't utter a word. If she hadn't seen Chu Yunsheng's ability, she would've definitely thought that Chu Yunsheng was a crazy person, but now he was indeed with the government, and from the conversation he had with the military earlier, it seemed like he indeed knew some top secret.

"Mr. Chu, Captain Yu, can, can I discuss this with his father first?" Mo Wuluo's mother said nervously. She couldn't decide on her own, she needed to discuss it with her husband.

Chu Yunsheng did not mind it. He nodded to signal her that he understood her decision.

Yu Jian looked at Mo Wuluo, who has been staying silent from the beginning because of fear. Puzzled, he asked, "Mr. Chu, you can tell this kid's ability?"

Chu Yunsheng smiled, "don't underestimate him. He may be able to save your life in the future. I only know how to fight and kill people. In terms of saving people's lives, I am no match for people like this kid. There are also some other people as well. I'll give you a list, try to find everyone on that list. Don't ask me why. If you want to work with me, the first condition is not to ask me many things. It is not that I don't want to explain, it will take a lot of time to explain it."

Hearing what he said, Yu Jian felt embarrassed, but he also understood why Chu Yunsheng didn't want to explain it. The people like him and the white-dressed swordsman had too many secrets. If it were him, he also wouldn't explain it to other people.

The helicopter later landed in an open area. There were many black vehicles already waiting outside when they landed. After Yu Jian explained, Chu Yunsheng couldn't help but be impressed by Song Zihuai's resources once again. Yu Jian was the first batch that Song Zihuai sent out to chase Chu Yunsheng, there were the second batch and third batch, each batch had more people over the other, so it could be clearly seen that what kind of power he was holding, how large his force was, and what kind of ambition he had.

Before the sun disappeared, Yu Jian probably had already contacted those people, and told them about the meeting point, otherwise, during the period when the communication devices were not stable, it would be hard to find each other.

In order to show that they valued Chu Yunsheng's demand highly, Yu Jian escorted Mo Wuluo and his mother home personally, and the work of persuading Mo Wuluo's father and the subsequent arrangement would also be personally arranged by him.

And Chu Yunsheng followed the other group to a three-star hotel that they temporarily controlled. The staff of the hotel had already run away, there was even no one guarding the entrance, if Song Zihuai's people hadn't arrived one time, they would've even taken away everything inside the hotel.

After getting into a room, Chu Yunsheng began to write down many people's names and their rough locations. Thanks to the many notes that contained the messages that the people outside the Pseudo-Monolith wanted him to pass to the people inside the Pseudo-Monolith, he could remember quite a lot of people's rough locations. Originally, the purposes of those notes were to deliver people's wishes, making up people's regrets, finding some clues to their living loved ones, etc, but he didn't expect that those notes would have this kind of usage.

With the help of those notes, he could gather many talented awakened people in Nanjing and it's surrounding areas.

But since it was inside his memory, it was understandable that he would not be able to remember it all. So he could only try to write down as many as he could remember.

While Chu Yunsheng was trying to write down as many people's information as he could remember, the argument in the meeting room of the headquarters of the military command area became more and more acute. But what surprised Chu Yunsheng, later on, was that the first party that secretly told him that they would like to work with him was Fang Yuehou's son, Fang Baixiao, a division commander, and the father of Fang Yusen.

What made him even more speechless was that Zhu Xirui and those who supported him wanted to capture him using force.