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Chapter 70 Arrogance

 The Major general's original intention was to let Yu Jian "persuade" one of them. After all, he said that one of them was from Shanghai. As long as they were willing to fully comply with the investigation of the military area command and follow its leadership, they could go easy on them.

However, he didn't expect that when he had just finished, a fiery figure suddenly jumped out from the student's evacuation crowd, flew past lines of people, and arrived before him within the blink of an eye. The flame from its body fell on the ground like lava, and soon, it revealed a human figure that was covered in a red cloak, and holding a thin long sword. As it slowly raised its head, a pair of stern black eyes could be seen in the hood, "officer, sometimes, the world isn't as easy as you think!"

The major general from the political department did not expect that the "suspected fiery figure" would directly appear in front of him, and his speed was so fast that it was unimaginable.

Moreover, it seemed like he had heard everything.

The internal report that was sent from Dan Yang city, he had already seen it. Although the military report generally would not exaggerate things, he was still a little suspicious about it. Subconsciously, he still thought that it was some people wanting to evade responsibilities.

But when the "suspected fiery figure" appeared before him at a lightning speed, the report became an ironclad fact. He could disregard other information in the report at the moment, but with just the long, flaming sword that was held by this man, he believed that if the man wanted, he would be able to take his life in a split second.

Seeing is believing. Now that he had seen it with his own eyes, he had to accept it.

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Because of their profession, most soldiers' body reactions were often much faster than their minds. This general, who looked more than fifty years old, understood that any movement was useless at this point, but facing the threat, his hand still touched the pistol on his waist instinctively. Started, all the guard soldiers that were around him aimed their guns at him in a panic. A battle seemed imminent.

Standing not far away from them, Yu Jian's heart was in his throat. As long as the gun was fired, the situation could no longer be controlled. They would offend the entire military area command.

At the same time, he was also started by his own thoughts. Just now, he was only worried about the military. He was not worried that Chu Yunsheng would be captured. He didn't know when the young man had erected an invincible image in his mind.

At this moment, Chu Yunsheng suddenly disappeared. Behind him, Old Youling also disappeared. All they could see was a wisp of green smoke and a fireball flying towards those soldiers at an incredible speed.

The flying trails of the fireball and the smoke were like beautiful ribbons in the air, and when they landed on the assault rifles those soldiers were holding, they instantly melted those rifles.

By the time the fireball and the smoke were converged again, the first line of more than 20 guards had been disarmed. Everything happened within just a split second.

Then, two "Chu Yunsheng" began to appear in front of everyone, and as they began to walk towards the major general again, one moment, they were merged together, and the next moment, they were split apart. Their images were like two ghosts, seemingly illusory and transparent.

In the end, in everyone's dumbfounded look, Chu Yunsheng finalized his form, took the mobile phone from Yuan Xiaoyi, who was completely stunned and melted it into liquid.

Unable to suppress the panic, the major general drew his pistol and trembled. He lost his composure and stammered, "are, are you a man or a ghost!?"

This question, not only he wanted to ask, but all the people at the scene also wanted to ask, including Yu Jian. Everyone's hair was standing on end.

The scene just now was really like a horror film. Coupled with the darkness caused by the disappearance of the sun, the fainthearted people could even feel a chill flowing down their spines, making their hearts thump heavily.

If it weren't for the fact that there were military troops here, people would have already screamed and run away.

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"Is it important? You just need to know that it won't be easy if you want to use force. If you could represent the military area command, I'd like to talk to you."

After using the phantom flame ability of the battle cloak, and seeing his goal was achieved, Chu Yunsheng didn't want to waste any more of his Yuan Qi energy.

Looking at Chu Yunsheng, who was staring at him coldly, the major general, who was more than fifty years old, couldn't help but say with a panic tone, "what... what do you want? I, I am, I am, from the political department..."

Obviously, he was very frightened.

"From the political department?" Chu Yunsheng tried to search for anyone he could remember from the political department in his memory, but he could not remember anyone, who could make decisions in the dark age, from the political department, so he frowned, "so that means you can't make decisions, can you? Do you know Zhu Xirui? I want to talk to him!"

On the way to Nanjing, Chu Yunsheng has been thinking about who he should work with. In the near future, Nanjing would definitely be controlled together by Zhu Lingdie's father Zhu Xirui and the Fang family, which was supported by the Fire race. Compared to Fang Yuehou, who he was less familiar with, and the relatively weak future commander-in-chief, who seemed to make mistakes repeatedly, Zhu Lingdie and her father may be the best choice.

Chu Yunsheng's attitude was very overbearing and strong. This was something that he had inherited from the dark age. The major general was unexpectedly dazed by this kind of attitude. With this daze, his panic faded away slightly, and with that, he soon calmed down. After all, he was still a major general. Earlier, he had just been shocked by the strange but incredible ability of Chu Yunsheng. He had a heavily armed troop behind him. He believed that Chu Yunsheng would not dare to do anything to him unless he didn't want to get out of this place alive.

Thinking of this, the major general took the pistol back naturally, pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, and carefully looked at Chu Yunsheng, as if he was trying to find out something. After thinking for a moment, he then said, "if I am not wrong, you are Chu Yunsheng that Captain Yu was talking about. I am Zhou Wenxing from the political department of the military area command. If you want to see the Deputy Chief Of Staff Zhu, we can arrange it later. Since I'm representing the military area command, so of course, I can also represent him."

Yu Jian did not hide the true name of Chu Yunsheng to Zhou Wenxing, because there was no need, as long as he appeared in Nanjing, his strange behavior would definitely attract people's attention. Even if they wanted to conceal his identity, they would not be able to do it. If that was the case, then they might as well tell them. At least, in this way, in the eyes of others, Chu Yunsheng and Song Zihuai have formed a kind of unknown "alliance".

Chu Yunsheng also did not go to the depth of how he knew his name. He was trying to search the name "Zhou Wenxing" in his memory, but he still could not remember the existence of this person. It was very possible that this person was killed in the very early stage of the dark age.

But he also did not expect that Zhu Lingdie's father Zhu Xirui was still only a deputy chief of staff, compared with those who were in real power, his power was still very weak. From this, it seemed that Zhu Xirui was someone who gained his real power after the darkness.

All the subtle changes in his expression were noticed by Zhou Wenxing. Although he didn't know what Chu Yunsheng was thinking, he knew Chu Yunsheng was hesitant. He, who was very skilled at talking with other people, immediately seized the opportunity and said, "comrade Chu, you don't need to be nervous, let's go to the car to talk about it in detail. The reason why the military area command has come to you is that we want to find out what happened in Dan Yang city. We also want to know the relationship between you, the fiery man and the swordsman in the white dress, and the whereabouts of the object that has been taken away."

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to waste time talking nonsense to him, so he just said directly, "there is no need for that, I just need to say a few things, general Zhou can take the message back to the headquarters of the military area command for me. First, the fiery man you mentioned is dead; Second, I can help you to find that gun, but it is with conditions; Third, I will live in Nanjing for some time. Once you make up your mind, send someone who can make decisions to see me. I can show them something you have never seen to prove something."

Once again, Chu Yunsheng showed a strong and overbearing attitude. Although Zhou Wenxing's face was livid, he also still had to hold back his anger.

"Our troops are the party's troops, and we will never make a deal with anyone! I have orders to take you back. It's a military order! The main forces are here today, and if you don't obey them, you can't leave."

Zhou Wenxing admitted that Chu Yunsheng was unreasonably strong, but he also firmly believed that in any case, an individual was still no match for an entire military area command.

However, Chu Yunsheng simply sneered and said, "I have said what I wanted to say, if you want to use force, you can try it! I don't think your 'military area command' will send all its soldiers here."

With that, he simply walked past Zhou Wenxing without looking at the guns they were holding. Using the words that Yu Jian wanted to say, he was very haughty!