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Chapter 69 Dont You Always Want To See Some Big Bosses?

 These were the plans that he came up with some time ago. The most important thing right now was to gather all the resources, and create a strong survival zone. A place that he could use to withstand the swarm of insects.

After casting the fire enchantment talisman to the sword, Chu Yunsheng checked all things he had and stored them all in the storage talisman. After searching around, he found a small flashlight and then headed outside.

While moving along the wall in the now dark narrow corridor, Chu Yunsheng still had some doubts in his head. The white shadow man's interpretation of the ancient book gave him a great deal of trouble, especially on the problem regarding the existence of "the first step".

While experiencing Yuan Qi energy going through his body earlier, he also paid attention to the changes that were also occurring inside his body. According to his study of the ancient book, his body was not able to convert the property of Yuan Qi in Yuan Tian stage one. Only when he reached Yuan Tian stage two would the property of Yuan Qi begin to change and become Ben Ti Yuan Qi.

Regarding this, when he tried to break through Yuan Tian stage one in the fog city in the past, he had already experienced it.

But the white shadow man's statement, along with Yu Hanwu and other evidence, had confused him. Did he understand it wrong? Or did the senior practitioner deliberately make it unclear? If he didn't understand it wrong, and if the senior practitioner deliberately did it, what was the purpose of doing it?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( ot a kutl .bl og s po t . co m)

Chu Yunsheng believed that the senior practitioner would not do something to harm him deliberately, because it was meaningless. Probably, the truth of it, he would only be to find it out after he reached Yuan Tian stage nine.

Anyway, when he slipped out from one of the glass doors of the library, there was a lot of noise and commotion outside, and all the students in the library had already run out and gathered at the small square outside the library.

Then the emergency street lamps were finally switched on, and a number of headlights were also switched on outside the small marble-cut square, some of them were from the military vehicles.

Apparently, they had just arrived, and a line of soldiers was about to surround the library and go in to capture someone. But they bumped into the students that had run out of the library.

Old Youling's eyes were very sharp, or perhaps it was very sensitive to the scent of the Dark lord. After noticing Chu Yunsheng from far away, it started to approach him. It had changed its appearance again. This time, it was a student.

The world without sunlight was Old Youling's favorite environment. The darker it was, and the chaotic it was, the happier it would be. Because it could change its appearance and hide anywhere, and no one would be able to capture it.

The people from the military could surround Yu Jian, but they couldn't do anything to Old Youling. Not satisfied with the military's attitude, Old Youling just turned into a wisp of smoke and disappeared in front of everyone.

Originally, it wanted to take advantage of this chaos and sneak away, in any case, that devil was currently still in the library, he would not be able to capture it. This was a great opportunity for it to escape. However, it was still worried about the consequences. Only after hesitating for a while did it finally make up its mind.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( ot a kutl .bl og s po t . co m)

But before it could move a few steps, it noticed that Chu Yunsheng was walking out of the library and heading towards it. It was terrified, thinking that Chu Yunsheng had a method to locate it.

Helplessly, it could only abandon the idea of escaping from him now, and approached him dispiritedly.

"Boss, is everything all right? Captain Yu was called in for questioning, something about taking you back to investigate. What shall we do?" Old Youling secretly watched Chu Yunsheng's reaction while taking the initiative to talk first. This may distract this devil a lot. It thought.

But soon, it began to regret it. Chu Yunsheng first looked at him in confusion. Only after two seconds did he finally recognize it.

It turns out that this devil didn't recognize it earlier. Old Youling regretted it so much that it almost wanted to kill itself.

Through the headlights, Chu Yunsheng took a quick glance at the direction where Yu Jian's group was. Seeing the heavily armed soldiers were checking the students that came out of the library one by one, he thought for a second and said, "don't worry, with just those people and this kind of weapon, they can't take me away. Let's go meet them. Don't you always want to see some big bosses? Now you can see a lot of them. Oh also, the sun will come out again in a little over an hour. Don't say I didn't warn you."

Hearing the sun would come out again. Old Youling completely gave up the idea of running away from him. After all, it still needed Chu Yunsheng's black gas to protect it.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't care what it was thinking. After switching off the flashlights, he headed straight towards Yu Jian's group.

In the eyes of Yu Jian, Chu Yunsheng has always been a very special person.

He was eccentric, incomprehensible, but once he acted, it was quick and fast; he had an unyielding attitude, whether toward other people or his own people, once he made up his mind, he would not change it easily; he was very powerful, so far, he has not lost a single fight. Amongst the people he had defeated, there were people from a powerful force in the capital, a white-dressed swordsman, and the fiery figure, etc.. None of those people were weak, but all of them were still defeated by him. What was scarier was his prediction ability, it was as if nothing or no one would shock him, no matter how strange, how bizarre they were. He seemed to know everything in advance already.

From the years of criminal investigation experience, Yu Jian had no reason not to put this person in an extremely dangerous category. In his more than ten years of career, even the most dangerous criminal was not as dangerous as Chu Yunsheng. In the face of such a person, he had a feeling that this person could not be defeated at all. For a policeman, having this kind feeling meant a complete psychological failure.

Fortunately, Chu Yunsheng was just an extremely dangerous person, not cruel, this was the biggest difference from those criminals, and the white-dressed swordsman. So the person that made Yu Jian nervous was not Chu Yunsheng, but Old Youling, a ghost-like creature that could swallow a person alive.

The SWAT police that he brought here mostly admired and envied Chu Yunsheng's powerful ability, and when facing Old Youling, a creature that people normally associated with hell, they were scared of it.

If it was not for the fact that Chu Yunsheng and Lin Shuiyao were very calm about it, and the fact that behaved like a well-mannered cat in front of Chu Yunsheng, and never once disobeyed Chu Yunsheng's command, the people in the SWAT team would have already run away.

Clearly, this was a "ghost", and it was a legendary "underworld" creature, a creature that subverted common sense and modern science. Standing next to this kind of creature would only make them question their own sanity.

Compared with Old Youling, Chu Yunsheng was still a human being. Although he had incredibly powerful skills, it was much easier for them to accept it.

Right now, Yu Jian knew that Chu Yunsheng was in the library. However, he didn't know where Old Youling was.

When he realized that he couldn't find old Youling, he began to suspect if Chu Yunsheng was ready to withdraw. After all, it was always following Chu Yunsheng.

Although they didn't notify him, Yu Jian thought that according to the current situation, it would be best if they retreated secretly.

The military area command has deployed heavy forces around Nanjing university. There were even five latest attack helicopters equipped with the latest air-to-ground anti-tank missiles, blocking all possible escape directions, as if the military was facing a deadly enemy.

The military was determined to capture the white-dressed swordsman, and Chu Yunsheng, who was suspected to be another fiery figure. At least, they needed to capture one of them. Otherwise, people would think that it was easy to take something from the military.

Although Yu Jian had special orders from Song Zihuai, in the face of Major general of the political department from the military area command, he also couldn't do anything. The heavily armed military main forces could easily destroy those SWAT officers within a matter of a second.

Students were quickly evacuated, all kinds of military sirens were blaring, snipers, heavy machine-gunners, armored vehicles were all in position, and the attack helicopters were circling back and forth in the sky. Even the tanks have also arrived at every intersection.

The Liang family has also arrived, and some students near the basketball court were also called in. It was said that the military area command needed their help to investigate what had actually happened.

Yuan Xiaoyi was also invited to a command vehicle in front of the library, followed by the major general, because she was one of the first group of people to see the black and white two shadows, and also the person who took the most photos. The people from the military political department needed her to check some information, such as the identity of the cloaked man.

Looking at the military deployment, it looked as if the major general from the political department was preparing for an uphill battle, but they didn't make things difficult for Yu Jian. After all, some leaders in the military area command had a good relationship with Song Zihuai, not to mention that it was still not in the special time where the military could control everything.

All material resources were still controlled by the government. The military area command did not want to offend the government and some important people in the party too much. After all, the army still needed to follow the command of the central government, especially the party. This red line was so deep-rooted that no one dared to cross it, even in the current situation, and even the generals in the military area command.

However, although the major general wearing black glasses seemed to be gentle and weak, his tone was not soft nor weak. It showed enough respect, yet also 'threatening', "... If those, who are still inside, do not surrender, we do not rule out the use of heavy forces!"