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Chapter 68 Confidence

 Chu Yunsheng immediately looked back, but he did not see anything. However, thinking about what the white shadow man had just said, he could not help but feel anxious.

However, there was something that the white shadow man said was wrong. He had seen the so-called "they", and also knew the existence of "they", but those white figures with bloody rulers seemed to ignore him. Not only did they not remove his memory, but they also did not chase him.

'What is going on!?' Was it because of the black gas, or was it because he was the basis of the simulation?

It seemed like he was about to grasp something, but no matter how hard he tried, he just could not do it. There seemed to be a thin layer of paper always blocking his view, and he just could not break that layer of paper.

Judging from the noise and commotion outside, probably not only did the military arrive, but the sun also disappeared again.

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Today was the 25th, so if he remembered it correctly, the earth would be plunged into darkness for two hours, during which communications would be lost, the city would be even more chaotic, and when the sun returned again, greater chaos, or riots, was approaching even closer.

Taking advantage of the chaos caused by the sudden disappearance of the sun, Chu Yunsheng went to the corner of the library, sat down against the wall, took out the first jade pendant, put it on top of the ancient book, and waited for them to merge.

According to his memory, it would only become more and more chaotic later on, but now he had more and more things he needed to carry, battle cloak, the ancient book, the police crossbow, the sword that came with the battle cloak, the broken scroll, the other books that the white shadow man had given to him, and a martian rock, etc., not to mention the other stuff like a mobile phone and some other things. Without a storage talisman, he would not be able to take those things even out of the library.

The rock that came from Mars, Chu Yunsheng had never seen it before, nor has he used it before, so he could not tell if it was useful or not, but in the past, when he was either in the yellow mountain area or Shu Du city, he had seen similar rocks. However, although those rocks indeed contained elemental energy, the energy restoring speed of those rocks were not optimal.

He has always been using absorption talismans to restore his energy. It was fast and convenient, and the same speed and function could also be achieved when the book and the jade pendant were merged.

To be on the safe side, he still chose to use the ancient book and the jade pendant to restore his energy, the soldiers outside the library may break in at any time. Time was limited, so the Martian rock could be temporarily kept aside.

The process of merging the jade pendant with the ancient book was not visually intense, except for the continuous waves of energy ripples that radiate outwards, and the slow appearance of the hidden graphics and text on the book, there wasn't anything special. However, the degree of Yuan Qi fluctuations was extremely intense, like boiling water.

When the sun disappeared, the amount of Yuan Qi energy that was leaked into Earth would reach its peak. Originally, its amount and density were already increasing at an almost vertical line, but after it was stirred up by the ancient book, various indexes were increased even faster, forming a huge energy vortex at every corner of the library.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( ot a kutl .bl og s po t . co m)

Because he has used up the black gas, so his consciousness would not be pulled into the black vortex. With a clear mind, he could have a high level of concentration. With one hand holding the ancient book and the other hand doing the drawing gesture, he was ready to move at any time.

The time that the ancient book would stir up the energy would last about thirty seconds. During this time, it would be like a bottomless pit swallowing a huge amount of Yuan Qi. Chu Yunsheng's body could only contain six units of Yuan Qi at the moment, compared with it, it was like a drop of water in the sea.

His plan was that since the book was able to help him replenish his energy, why not use this opportunity to make talismans? Since he was familiar with making talismans, although thirty seconds were short, he could still make some low-level talismans.

The first thing that he needed to make was, of course, a storage talisman. He had too many things that he needed to take with him, without it, he couldn't even move everywhere freely.

The method of making talismans in the air, he was also very familiar with. After the first batch of Yuan Qi entered his body, his finger began to flash while moving at high speed in the dark.

Six seconds later, a storage talisman was completed!

An energy shield talisman was the second talisman he needed to make, whether it was survival, combat strength or speed, an energy shield was very helpful in all aspects. Coupled with the battle cloak, he would even have no problem sneaking into an insect's tomb.

Five seconds later, an energy shield talisman was completed!

Then the next talisman was a fire elemental enchantment talisman. He already had a frost talisman, which was cast onto a police crossbow. In the future, he would use that to deal with red-shelled insects. So although he made it quite early, it wasn't completely useless now.

In terms of the sword that came with the battle cloak, its material was already very good. So lower-level enchantment talismans like Divine Weapon talisman wouldn't improve much damage. However, because it was from the Fire Race, the weapon itself was very compatible with fire elemental energy, so a fire elemental enchantment talisman would boost its power a lot.

Six seconds later, a Fire elemental enchantment talisman was completed, but he didn't seal it immediately.

The last one was absorption talismans. All the offensive talismans were basically level-three talismans, with his Yuan Tian stage one's strength, even if he wanted to create them, he didn't have that ability. Therefore, in the remaining thirteen seconds, he used the fastest speed to complete two absorption talismans and then seized the opportunity to absorb Yuan Qi that was passing through his body and going into the book.

After thirty seconds, the ancient book suddenly returned to its original state, the energy vortexes disappeared, and the energy fluctuation fields also became flat in the library, everything has calmed down.

Chu Yunsheng's forehead had exuded many tiny sweat drops after making the talismans. Thirty seconds wasn't long, but not only did he need to have a high concentration while making talismans, but he also had to withstand the damage that Yuan Qi did to his body as it passed through his body, preventing it from tearing his body apart.

Fortunately, he had experienced this kind of situation many times before, so the whole process was well controlled from the beginning to the end. Although it was inevitable that there would be pain all over the body, it was well worth it, compared with what he had gotten in return.

In the stage where he would often use up his energy very quickly, the benefit brought by merging the jade pendant and the ancient book was particularly important. At the most dangerous moment, it could even save his life, so Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to use the second jade pendant at the moment.

After all, he already knew what kind of information would appear after the jade pendant was merged with the book, so he was not that worried. Moreover, he also knew that the third jade pendant was in the hands of that military officer called Shao Bing, and at the moment, he was probably still in the capital city.

That place was currently full of the top brass of the government, the military, and the No.1's Chu Clan. Moreover, the Ice race's headquarters also seemed to be in the north as well. For he, who still had Yuan Tian stage one's strength, going there now was definitely similar to commit suicide. It was much better to wait after the complete darkness, and after his strength was increased.

Time, he now had plenty of it.