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Chapter 66 The Secret Of The White Shadow Man

 Chu Yunsheng was very surprised. Skeptical, he took over the ancient books that the white shadow man passed to him. On the cover of the first book that was called, "The Stars And The Future Of Ming Dynasty", it indeed mentioned Chu Yan's name, but it was difficult to understand the traditional Chinese characters and the way the language was organized, so he looked up and said, "it seemed logical, and from your sword Qi, I can sense pure Heaven and Earth energy, however, if I am not wrong, your fighting style is very different from the style that is mentioned in the book, at least, it is very different from the style I understand, so if you really understood the symbols and characters, it should not be like that. Then I can't help but question if what you have said is true or not."

Without sword forms, without talismans, and with just pure Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi, it would not prove anything. Chu Yunsheng speculated that the reason why the white shadow man wanted to say this was that he wanted to convince him to study the ancient book with him.

Although Chu Yunsheng no longer cared if the ancient book was known by other people, nor did he care if other people were practicing the cultivation method that was mention in the book, he would not be so stupid as to ask a person, who had unknown intentions and was most likely an enemy, to study the content of the ancient book with him. Doing that would potentially raise an enemy for himself, Even if this was not the world inside the Pseudo-Monolith, who could study the content of the ancient book would still depend on the specific situations.

The white shadow man was dazed for a second and then shook his head, "indeed, although I understand some characters, it did not have much use. I know there is great knowledge in this book, but it is too difficult for me to grasp.

At that time, I didn't quite understand it. The author of that book was a very knowledgeable person, but there were still many flaws in this book. Moreover, his writing arrangements had quite a lot of loopholes. It is impossible to achieve the methods that the book described. Now that I have seen you, all the questions I had in the past are solved. All the flaws in the book are just used to adapt to the present situation and your conditions. Everything that seems illogical and unreasonable became perfect in the blink of an eye. The author of the book was truly an amazing person."

What he said made Chu Yunsheng confused, "but you can also use sword Qi? This is something that I am sure of."

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In any case, he had never seen anyone else, who could use the pure Heaven and Earth Yuan QI to attack before.

The white shadow man nodded and said, "yes, I can use that, but I can't make any talismans."

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"What you are saying still does not make any sense, you said that you understand those characters, and you also know how to use Yuan Qi, how is it possible that you can't make any talisman?" slowly Chu Yunsheng began to lose interest. It seemed like the man was not honest about the things he told him.

If the white shadow man could really read character, he might have believed him if he had said that he did not know how to make a storage talisman. With his understanding of the ancient book and the new knowledge system, and as his understanding of space physics was getting deeper and deeper, the storage talisman, which seemed to be the simplest talisman amongst other types of talismans in the ancient book, was far more complicated than it appeared to be. Its technical content was more profound than the most powerful talisman he knew, and the only explanation he had at the moment was related to the ancient book.

And the reason why he thought that way was that storage talismans have never been separated from the ancient book. He was able to cast energy shield talismans to other peoples and let them use energy shield talismans, however, other people were never able to use his storage talismans. He could still cast storage talismans to other people, but they would not be able to get anything inside. Just like the time he left his "will" inside a storage talisman and cast it to Yuan Yiyang.

Therefore, storage talismans could only be made when there was the ancient book. At least, this was what he thought.

But in terms of other talismans, especially energy shield talismans, it was not possible that he, who could understand the character and the symbols in the book, couldn't make them. This kind of talisman, he had made so many that he could not even remember how many he had made. He was positive that it was completely independent of the ancient book.

The white shadow man sighed and explained, "there was one thing your ancestor said was right, it was that this book is your family heirloom, characters, and symbols in the book are not important. What is important is the book itself. It deliberately missed the first step in the cultivation practice, a step from nothing to something, which is the most important step! Without this step, even if the so-called barrier was broken, and the heaven and earth Yuan Qi was absorbed into the body, it would never be converted into Ben Ti Yuan Qi. Only after having Ben Ti Yuan Qi, can someone make those talismans; and only after having Ben Ti Yuan Qi, can someone practice the cultivation method that is related to it.

So it completely eliminated all possibilities for other people to steal it from the very beginning. Even if the entire book was opened in front of you, and even if you understood the entire book, you still would not be able to learn it. This is the power of the author who wrote this book!"

This was the first time Chu Yunsheng heard something like this. At first, he did not really care about it, but the more he heard it, the more shocked he was. Thinking about all kinds of questions he had in the past when practicing the cultivation method, he fell silent.

He initially thought that this was incorrect because he had taught Yu Hanwu how to make Monster Seal Talismans before, and when he was still in the mushroom forest, he had sealed quite a lot of monsters for him.

However, on second thought, if the disappeared first step really existed, it was very possible that the reason why Yu Hanwu completed the first step might be related to the ancient book and the seventh divine nail, since he had both things at that time. Not only that, but it may also be related to the fact that he had used his own Ben Ti Yuan Qi and Tong Bi talisman. In other words, like he himself, he made Yu Hanwu practice Yuan Qi cultivation method from top-down, which was a method that was similar to the paradox of breaking through Yuan Tian stage three.(1)

The seventh divine nail needed life force, and the basis of life force cultivation was Ben Ti Yuan Qi, and Ben Ti Yuan Qi was also the essential energy for Tong Bi talisman, so unless there was some sort of help, like the help he had gotten from the ancient book outside the pseudo-monolith, otherwise, without Ben Ti Yuan Qi, completing the first essential cultivation step was impossible, and without the first step, there would be no Ben Ti Yuan Qi that was needed for the entire cultivation system. In this way, it was like the bottleneck of Yuan Tian stage three, there was no solution for it.

What was different was that, one was only the cultivation system set by the senior practitioner, and the other one was a realm restriction in a broad sense. Perhaps, the senior practitioner borrowed the idea from this realm restriction.

But even so, Yu Hanwu's cultivation process was full of danger, in which he almost died when he tried to break through Yuan Tian stage one. And the reason for that, he still has not found a perfect explanation. However, from another point of view, it may also prove the potential dangers he would face when he completed the first step.

In addition, he had tried to use the black gas to make talismans instead of Ben Ti Yuan Qi, and the results have shown unexpectedly large deviations. This was also a piece of evidence.

The silhouette in the seven divine nails had also said that every single word in the ancient book had been carefully arranged by the senior practitioner.

Chu Yunsheng thought that he had learned a lot about the ancient book. But he did not expect that actually, there was still a lot to learn. According to the vixen, who was one of the crystal-dressed beings, there were two types of developments for any civilizations in this world. One was to focus on developing their own body strength, the other one was to focus on developing tools, but no matter which one of them, it required a vast amount of knowledge to support it. From basic theories to more advanced knowledge-based branches, it was a huge project, it was not something that could be explained by one book or two books.

Human civilization was only five thousand years old, but the accumulation of scientific and technological theories could not be fully grasped by even the smartest scientists. If they were all written in books, they could fill the world's largest library.

And for those civilizations that were more advanced than human civilization, the knowledge they needed could probably fill up a planet!

Chu Yunsheng also realized that the more advanced a civilization was, such as the crystal-dressed beings, the more detailed their division of labor would be. Individuals could no longer master the knowledge system of the entire civilization, so they could only make achievements in their outstanding areas. For example, some people were only specialized in combat. Maybe, the five elemental races were the products of this detailed division of labor. All of them could only master one type of energy system.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng fall silent, the white shadow man smiled confidently and said, "although there is no way to learn the system, the world it presents has attracted me. Over the years, I have checked a lot of documents, explored countless historical sites, and self-summarized and developed a system that is suitable for myself. It is my own system, which is also the best one.

But if I had not seen this book, I would have died in the dust like everyone else, and I would not have lived to discover the greater secret. So to me, it is a lamp in the dark, with it, I can see the sky above me."

Chu Yunsheng nodded. He agreed with one thing that the white shadow man said. Only a system that truly belonged to himself that was more suitable for himself. Maybe one day, if he was able to control the black gas freely and cultivate it freely, then he would also be able to create a new system.

But before that, he needed a huge amount of knowledge.

Now he roughly knew what the white shadow man wanted to tell him. It definitely had nothing to do with the ancient book, and it was most likely that scroll. So he asked straightaway, "the reason why you want to talk to me so much is to make me believe you, and then believe the things that you are going to tell me. Since this is the case, why don't you tell me straight away, whether I will work with you or not, it will depend on the things you are going to tell me. "

The white shadow man smiled and said, "because what I am about to tell you sounds very crazy, and I do hope you can believe me. Otherwise, I wouldn't have told you about those shameful things.

And I also really need your help. That was why I deliberately appeared near you several times, and also made it look like I was your enemy. The purpose of doing so is for your safety, you may not know, the things you did in Shanghai have already alerted many people. Both the capital and the military were ready to do something to you. But with me, it would give them the impression that there is a more terrifying and even more murderous enemy existing around them. Compared to me, it would be much easier for them to control you. They could use you to fight against me, or maybe use you to get to know more about me.

This was also the reason why I took away the jade pendant, if I had not appeared, and had not fought with you, Nanjing military would've suspected that you were actually working with me. And once what happened in the Laing family was reported to higher-ups, the military would definitely appear here very quickly. Actually, I think they should arrive outside the university now. That weapon, I have hidden it in the Liang family. You can give it to the military later as a trophy of defeating me to clear the suspicion."

Chu Yunsheng laughed, "even if you did not take the gun, they still would not suspect me."

The white shadow man shook his head and said, "it wasn't for the gun. There was another important thing with the gun, but the military didn't know that. To distract them, I had to take the gun."

Chu Yunsheng looked at him and said, "is it the thing you want to show me? It seems to have something to do with the secret you discovered. You can tell me now, no matter how crazy it is, I still want to hear it."

The white shadow man suddenly stared into Chu Yunsheng's eyes, and his eyes became more and more serious. In the next second, he said something that stunned Chu Yunsheng, "don't you think that this world may not be real?"


just a reminder of the paradox of breaking through Yuan Tian Stage three.

book 1 chapter 532

The purer and thicker the life force is, the heavier the pressure in the zero-dimensional space will be. Eventually, the zero-dimensional space will not be able to withstand the pressure and collapse!

"You cannot have a stronger zero-dimensional space unless you reach Yuan Tian stage four, but to reach Yuan Tian stage four, you must have a stronger zero-dimensional space."

practice from top-down here means, he helped Yu Hanwu to break through the cultivation restriction, before Yu Hanwu actually understood how to practice cultivation.