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Chapter 65 A Hundred Years Ago

 Zhao Shaohua was very frustrated. Originally, he thought that after he arrived at Nanjing city, he could directly get back to the municipal office building, but he did not expect that those SWAT police from Shanghai did not care about him and his superior's feelings at all. They just ran around with that young man doing all kinds of crazy things. They could forget the fact that they had run to Dan Yang city to intervene in other people's business, but why did they want to break into the Liang family?

They would have protested if he had not seen two mind-blowing battles. After all, this was Nanjing, it was their territory, they should be the ones that were giving the command here.

However, after personally experiencing the terrifying battle on the train track in Dan Yang city and the incredible duel in the Nanjing university basketball court, Zhao Shaohua suddenly became timid. A series of bizarre scenes were wreaking havoc on his intellectual system and worldview, causing a great deal of confusion. His head was in a whirl, everything was as surreal as a nightmare, and even though the disappearance of the Sun was said to have scientific explanations, the pictures he had seen were far beyond comprehension.

After forcing himself to calm down for a while, he started to think about Yu Jian's intention. It seemed like he intentionally kept him and his superior with them, and perhaps, he wanted them to see those things. To put it bluntly, this was to show them their strength, it was a type of deterrence. It seemed like he wanted to hint them that they should not join the wrong team when the time comes.

In any case, the goal of Yu Jian was achieved. However, after his superior was sent away by one helicopter, he was asked to stay behind. And the reason was that he needed to ask the people that were in charge of Nanjing University to grant Chu Yunsheng and the white shadow man permission to enter the university's library.

Actually, he did not even need to get permission from the people who were in charge of the university, because Chu Yunsheng and the white shadow man had already entered the library. No one dared to stop them. All Zhao Shaohua needed to do was to handle the rest.

While he was dealing with the people from the university and eating the food, Chu Yunsheng and the white shadow man were already in the most ancient section of the library of Nanjing university.

The library itself was not old, it has been renovated before. What was old was the book inside the library.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( ot a kutl .bl og s po t . co m)

Clean and clearly labeled, rows and rows of bookshelves were spread out as far as the eye could see. The fluorescent lamps on the ceiling were extremely bright, lighting up the entire hall. Countless old books quietly lying on the shelf, as vast as a sea, if you sit down to read one by one, probably you would not be able to read them all in your lifetime

"You brought me here to read these books? I don't understand any of these ancient texts."

After getting the second jade pendant from the white shadow man, Chu Yunsheng was finally relieved. With two jade pendants in his hands, once they were combined with the ancient book, the book would be able to locate the exact location of the third one. Now It was just a matter of time that he would be able to find the third pendant. Since everything would become smooth later, Chu Yunsheng also did not mind following the white shadow man into the library to check what exactly he wanted to show him.

But he did not let down his guard. He did not believe that after spending a great deal of effort to follow him, steal a gun, steal a jade pendant, and then fight with him, he just wanted to show him something.

"People use history to make sure that they don't make mistakes, and history is contained in books. If there were no books or words, human beings would have made so many mistakes." The white shadow man stroked one book after another, and took out a book that was written in the late Qing dynasty, stroked the cover of the book and sighed,

"In those days, how enthusiastic and passionate the students around the nation were when they participated in the Gongche Shangshu movement(1895), however, in just a hundred days, we saw how hopeless it was to start a reform... After the queen took control over the court, Jun. Kang and Jun. Liang were forced to escape from the capital. However, many other members that were still in the reform party in the capital, were either killed or captured, including their family members. Everyone in my family, more than forty people, were all executed because of that. I was the only one that was able to escape from the capital. After crossing many rivers and mountains, after so many days of fear and panic, I almost passed out outside Nanjing city."

The white shadow man paused as if he was immersed in the past memory. His facial expression gradually became bleak, as if he was mourning.

After a long time, the expression on his face slowly recovered slightly, "that year, your ancestor Jun. Chu was just nineteen years old. He, who was ambitious, was just about to finish his apprenticeship. But it is a pity that that time was not a good time, people were starving everywhere. Most people could not even take care of themselves, let alone a stranger. However, not only did your ancestor help me, but he also treated me with great courtesy. Though he was very poor, he still provided me with food and hid me in a hut at the risk of being killed.

At that time, I often told him some great philosophies, which is ridiculous whenever I think of it now. But he listened very carefully. He always thought that I was a very knowledgeable scholar, and a lowly person like him did not deserve to become a friend of a great scholar like me. But whenever I think of this, I think it is actually my honor to meet your ancestor."

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( ot a kutl .bl og s po t . co m)

Originally, Chu Yunsheng thought that the white shadow man would talk about some shocking things, but he did not expect that he would talk about his ancestor. Leaving aside the question of whether he was telling the truth or not, talking about this kind of thing at this moment was more than enough to make him question his intention, "What are you talking about? That was more than a hundred years ago. You are telling me that you are more than a hundred years old? Just get straight to the point. For example, what is that scroll?"

Even if he was more than a hundred years old, it would not surprise Chu Yunsheng much. After all, whether it was Huan or Huang Bei Ying, they all had a very long life expectancy.

"A hundred years? Maybe longer, but who knows?" the white shadow man said sadly, "I've been traveling around the world all my life. Although I have saved countless people, I have also killed countless people. Although I could travel freely everywhere, I was ashamed to face your ancestor again. Because without him, I would've been able to escape the country and... sigh, in terms of the specific details, they were mostly shameful and ugly incidents, so I don't think you will be interested to hear."

Chu Yunsheng could not help but sneer contemptuously, "I don't believe you. If my ancestor really helped you in the past, then why did you disrupt my plans many times? And you even tried to kill me. Don't you think that you are contradicting yourself?"

The white shadow man put the book back to the shelf, turned to look at Chu Yunsheng, and said, "you really think I can't kill you? If I really want to kill you, there are at least a hundred ways. With the weapon, I took from Dan Yang city alone, you will not be able to win the fight."

Chu Yunsheng's eyes instantly revealed cold gleams. What the white shadow man said was both correct and incorrect. If he had taken out of that freeze gun, he would have indeed been able to defeat him. But it was only if the gun was working. Regarding this, he knew in advance that the gun had been broken during the transporting. However, he was not sure if he was able to fix that gun in such a short amount of time, if he really could, then he was in great danger right now!

In case of any accident, he became even more vigilant and said, "oh, you really think so?"

The white shadow man smiled and said, "you don't need to be so nervous. I am just saying it. After I escaped from the country, I first went to Europe. Only after leaving the country did I know that the world is so big. Then I went to America and then traveled all over the world. But I never returned to see your ancestor. Then came the great revolution and the great war in central China, and soon, even the world was in a state of turmoil. War after war, in the end, I completely lost contact with your ancestor's family. And then after I became an immortal monster, I did not dare to disturb the peace of the posterity of Jun. Chu even more. If it had not been for the things you did back in Shanghai that shocked the military and the government, I wouldn't have been able to find you. Originally, I just wanted to find out what happened, but I did not expect that you are the descendant of Jun. Chu, and you have really inherited that book."

Chu Yunsheng's eyebrows inadvertently twitched for a second. So, this white shadow man really wasn't lying. He really knew the existence of the book. However, there were also many other people, who knew the existence of the book, for example, No. 1 that old man. So he thought for a second and said, "then, why did you come back? Is it for this book?"

The white shadow man picked out some ancient books from the bookshelf, held them in his hand and turned them over, shaking his head, and said, "your ancestor once asked me to identify the book. If I really wanted to have it, I would have already gotten it a hundred years ago."

Chu Yunsheng fell silent. If the white shadow man and his ancestors really knew each other, from a logical point of view, his pure sword Qi could be explained, because only the method from the ancient book was able to achieve the super stable state of Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi.

Checking the books in his hand, the white shadow man continued, "your ancestor said that the book had been passed down in his family for generations. He was determined that there was some secret in the book. However, no one could understand it at that time, so he asked me to help him.

After the reform movement slowly died down, I became free. So I went to the library of Jin Ling imperial college, which was the predecessor of Nanjing university, to do some research. Unexpectedly, I found a few books that no one seemed to be interested in, but mentioned these strange characters and symbols. One of them mentioned that in the Song dynasty (960-1279), there was a famous scholar called Chu Yan, who specialized in those characters and symbols. I then followed the historical books and found that this man was one of the inspectors in the imperial institute of astronomy, whose job was to observe astronomy and calculate the calendar. For the royal family at that time, these were the secret of the longevity of a dynasty, so all the documents regarding this aspect were kept deep in the palace.

After the Eight-Nation Alliance destroyed the capital(1900 - 1901), many ancient books and cultural relics were scattered all over the world. Many years later, I accidentally saw the Qing Imperial Court transcript that was written by Chu Yan at an auction in France and bought it. And the book I am holding now is that transcript.

According to his works, and my years of research, I was able to decipher some of the characters and symbols that I could still remember. However, since the contents recorded in these characters could not be verified and corroborated under the circumstances at that time, the subsequent characters could not be deciphered, so I failed to fulfill your ancestor's wish."