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Chapter 64 Witchcraf


It was the first time for Chu Yunsheng to see the true face of the white shadow. The first thing that came to his mind was those crystal-dressed beings.

In his memory, only the crystal-dressed beings could look so perfect, whether they were males or females.

But the logic told him that this was not possible immediately.

The fighting technique of the crystal-dressed beings was completely different from that of the white shadow man, and more importantly, their weapons, the radiant cubes, this person did not have one.

No matter from which aspect, the white shadow man was definitely not a crystal-dressed being.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( ot a kutl .bl og s po t . co m)

Since he was not a crystal-dressed being, and Chu Yunsheng could not find anything that he could use as a reference, he could not tell who this man was, and what race he was. But no matter who he was, he would not allow him to take away the second jade pendant.

On the basketball court, Chu Yunsheng did not realize that he had already been regarded as a villain in this fight. With the support of a little Yuan Qi he had inside his body, he was forced to rely on the cloak and nine diagrams of body movements to launch a fierce attack.

Because of the lack of black gas and Yuan Qi, he could only use the three sword moves that he had created a long time ago.

The material of the long and thin sword of the cloaked man was very good, plus after it was surrounded by the black gas that he had taken back from Old Youling's body, he was able to compete with the white shadow man's pure sword Qi. In terms of protection, if it wasn't for the battle cloak, he would have already been defeated.

The white shadow man's movement was very fast, it could even be described as elegant. And even in the heat of the high-speed battle, he still did not want to engage in a head on battle with Chu Yunsheng. In the face of Chu Yunsheng's attempts to approach him again and again, every time, he could always escape and attack Chu Yunsheng using sword Qi from a distance, making sure that Chu Yunsheng would not be able to approach him again.

Without sword Qi and a small black sword, Chu Yunsheng could only block the attack from a distance constantly. He must think of some method to approach him before his remaining energy is completely exhausted. Only by approaching him, was he able to defeat him.

Currently, he had less than a unit of Yuan Qi left.

Perhaps, the white shadow man could also tell that Chu Yunsheng would not be able to carry on attacking much longer, so he was not in a rush to defeat Chu Yunsheng. In the high-speed fight, one was dodging all the time, the other was attacking all the time. To outsiders, compared with Chu Yunsheng, who was always launching fierce attacks, the white shadow man seemed to be the one that was always at a disadvantage in this fight.

And the weak ones were often easier to arouse the students' empathy. After the initial panic and fear, all the girls, who had been completely lost in the perfect appearance of the white shadow man, stood in their dorm's windows, holding their hands in their chest, praying that the swordsman in the white dress could win the fight.

Yuan Xiaoyi was also praying. She was extremely worried that the swordsman in the white dress would be injured by the despicable black-cloaked man.

The fight between good and evil could always make those hot-headed young people's blood boil. Although the truth was often more complicated than what they had seen, however, it did not stop them from jumping into conclusions quickly.

The armed police detachment stationed at the school, soon, rushed in. And when they appeared near the dormitory buildings, two police helicopters also appeared in the sky.

Old Youling was the first one that jumped down from the helicopter. It also had no choice, at the moment, it still did not dare to resist Chu Yunsheng's command.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( ot a kutl .bl og s po t . co m)

As soon as it joined the battle, the situation on the battle instantly changed!

Although Old Youling did not have any real attacking ability, its shapeshifting ability could confuse anyone in the battle.

It and Chu Yunsheng kept changing positions repeatedly after it changed to Chu Yunsheng's appearance. Soon, on the basketball court, there were two black-cloaked men. No one could tell which one was the first one, and which one was the second one.

This scene, not only did the students find it hard to believe, but even Yu Jian also gasped in shock. And the white shadow man also frowned in surprise. It seemed like he also realized like the fight started to become more and more difficult.

Chu Yunsheng's goal was to get close to the white shadow man and defeat him in close combat. Before, he was suppressed by the white shadow man, so he could not approach him, but now it was different. With Old Youling's help, no one could differentiate which one was him and which one was not.

Once the white shadow man misjudged it, then his chance would appear.

Chu Yunsheng was sure that the white shadow man's power definitely would not surpass him too much, and his energy definitely had a limit as well. And since they have been engaging in a fight for this long, at most, he would only be able to prevent one of "him" from approaching him, so there would definitely be a chance for another "him" to approach him.

Yu Jian was also a very smart man. He quickly understood the tactical intention of Chu Yunsheng. Immediately, he commanded the SWAT police and helicopters to block the escape route of the white shadow man. At the same time, he also contacted the Nanjing's local forces, asking them for additional support.

The bizarre behaviors of the police, especially when the bullets were fired at the swordsman in white instead of the man in a cloak completely shocked the students around the basketball court. They could not believe that the police were actually helping the "evil" side, especially after the appearance of Old Youling, and its ghost-like movement, plus the witchcraft-like skill, it made those naive students believe that the black-cloaked man was a bad guy even more.

Of course, very few people actually thought that the black-cloaked man was actually much more powerful than the swordsman in the white dress.

But no matter what they were thinking, it would not affect the battle situation. The white shadow man was not from the Fire Race, and he did not have a Fire Race's battle cloak. In the face of bullets, he could only try to dodge as fast as he could. Otherwise, when he wanted to steal the freeze gun, he wouldn't have waited until Chu Yunsheng froze the fiery figure.

At present, the darkness has not completely arrived on Earth. No matter which race they were from, even if it was Chu Yunsheng, it was impossible to suddenly become extremely powerful. Everyone needed time to gradually improve their power. Bullets were still very deadly to the human body, so no one dared to underestimate its power.

But without Chu Yunsheng constantly harassing the white shadow man, those SWAT police's guns wouldn't have been a threat to the white shadow man. He could easily use its fast movement to dodge those bullets, and if he had enough physical strength, he might even be able to kill those police that were shooting at him.

But now it was fatal. Chu Yunsheng and Old Youling kept changing their positions. This was already a very difficult problem for him to handle. Now that he had to deal with those bullets as well, he started to feel that he was losing.

Soon, after overlapping with Old Youling and separating with it again, Chu Yunsheng was finally able to deceive the white shadow man, who was currently trying to dodge bullets. Dashing forward like an arrow, he jumped up from the side of the white shadow man and hacked down the sword instantly. At this moment, the white shadow man had just dodged a round of bullets attack, it was trying to use sword Qi to keep Old Youling from getting near him.

Chu Yunsheng aimed his sword at the place between the white shadow man's neck and shoulder, which was the weakest part of the human body. Once the attack succeeded, even if the white shadow man could survive from it, he would definitely be injured.

Chu Yunsheng knew that he had only this chance. His Yuan Qi energy was almost exhausted again, and black gas would soon run out, so that the cloak was slowly returning to its original red color.

So this must be the final blow.

Under Chu Yunsheng's powerful hack, the white shadow man also sensed danger. He knew that he had been fooled by Chu Yunsheng, but it was too late. He would not be able to raise the sword and use it to block Chu Yunsheng's attack in time. He knew exactly how fast Chu Yunsheng's attack was, so he knew that he would not have a chance to block it with his sword.

In that moment, and in the screams of all the girls around the basketball court, the white shadow man completely gave up defending Old Youling and the swat police's attack. He instantly converged all his energy to his shoulder. Compared to the speed of raising the sword, the speed of moving energy inside his body was much faster

Under Chu Yunsheng's sword, only less than 30 centimeters away from his shoulders, appeared many dense and tiny swords that made of pure Yuan Qi energy. It covered the entire shoulder of the white shadow man like a hedgehog's back armor, each of the swords was sharp and cold.

Then the little Yuan Qi swords that were less than an inch long, rose from his shoulder like countless rocket launchers, and shot into the air, colliding with the blade that was hacking down on the white shadow man's neck.

In less than 30 centimeters of distance, countless small swords bombarded Chu Yunsheng's sword repeatedly, their speed was so fast, and their number was dense that even with Chu Yunsheng's sharp vision, he also could not see it clearly. He could only feel the sword in his hand was suddenly slowed down as if he had cut into the viscous liquid!

The power from the jumping hack was also slowly diminished a little by little.

Chu Yunsheng was extremely worried, if this attack failed, he would not have a second chance. He couldn't help but frown, grit his teeth, and let out a shout. His hand clenched the sword even harder and the muscles on both his arms exerted even more strength onto the sword, and all the energy whether it was black gas or Yuan Qi was all infused into the sword to increase the power of the attack.

If he couldn't hack the sword down, he would not be able to get the second jade pendant!

Two huge forces collided in this small area, causing the sharp sound like a sharp knife scraping on the diamond, the glass below the third floor all shattered, and the white shadow man's legs were forced into the ground, forming a deep and shocking crater on the basketball court.

But all of this only happened in an instant, and before other people reacted, a crater had already formed on the ground. And Chu Yunsheng's sword also slid down from the white shadow man's shoulder as he landed on the ground.

Others only saw the results after that instant attack, but Chu Yunsheng and the white shadow man actually experienced a life and death battle.

A trace of red blood appeared in the white dress and dropped on the cold and sharp blade. A dozen bullets were shot towards the white shadow man and Chu Yunsheng, but all of them were bounced off.

The white shadow man was kneeling in the crater while holding his sword. He was injured. But how bad his injury was, Chu Yunsheng didn't know. However, there was one thing he knew, it was that he finally regained control of the situation.

"I said you couldn't run away. Hand it over and tell me who you are. I can spare your life."

Chu Yunsheng has used up the last bit of the black gas, and the battle cloak has also returned to red color. But he said quietly because he didn't want other people to hear too much about this conversation.

The origin of the white shadow man was very strange, and if it weren't for the jade pendant, he really did not want to kill him. To him, he was a clue. From him, Chu Yunsheng believed that he might be able to find a clue to the reason why the timeline was changed.

Among them, his biggest worry was that the No.1. That old man might have been hiding something from him. In the face of these highly intelligent people, he had to be careful.

Moreover, he was not much better than the white shadow man at the moment. After his Yuan Qi and black gas were exhausted, he was no different than an ordinary human being, what if the white shadow man could still fight, he would not be able to suppress him.

Raising his head, the white shadow man simply looked at Chu Yunsheng and shook his head, "I didn't want to run, I want to take you here and show you something."

He said very casually, which implied that if he wanted to go, Chu Yunsheng would not be able to catch him.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng didn't respond, he stood up and said, "the jade pendant, I will return to you later, but you need to come with me to see something first."

Chu Yunsheng didn't move, he just said coldly, "give it back to me before you move one more step. I don't believe you."

Although he had indeed run out of Yuan Qi and black gas, it didn't mean that he didn't know how to bluff.

However, that didn't seem to work on this white shadow man, "if I am not wrong, you are exhausted, and you have also used up your black energy. You can't kill me."

Although Chu Yunsheng's bluff was exposed, he didn't have any reactions, he simply said, "I have guns, and this battle cloak, you can try it, If you don't believe me."

The white shadow man looked at him quietly for a while, and then suddenly burst out laughing, "you are like your ancestor a lot. I can give it to you. But if you want to know my background, follow me. I need to show you something."