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Chapter 63 Villain

 The sudden appearance of SWAT officers made the people, who were waiting for news and seeking refuge in the lobby of the villa, very anxious. Only a few people, who thought that they had very high social status, and they did not need to be scared of those SWAT officers, could still remain calm. And after realizing that it was just a few SWAT officers, and there was no one important following them, they were completely relieved.

They were not like ordinary people, who would be afraid of the police, but they were afraid of the people, who were behind the police.

Most of the people here had high social status, and they did not commit any serious offense before, so when a group of SWAT officers pointed their guns at them and ordered them to stay back, they felt offended and humiliated.

This was not something that they could tolerate! So none of them were in a good mood.

However, they shouldn't blame those SWAT officers, they were just following the order. It was all because Chu Yunsheng had asked them to use the fastest method to control everyone in the villa. That was why they used this method.

But Chu Yunsheng also did not have other choices. He must get the second pendant immediately. The white shadow was just right behind them. To make sure that he got the pendant, he had to take drastic measures.

"Who sent you all here? Do you know whose villa this is? Who is your leader? I'll definitely file a complaint to the city office!" A slightly chubby woman in her forties cried out as her face red with anger at the "disrespectful" behavior of a SWAT officer.

However, only a few people in the villas said something to support her. The guns in the hands of those SWAT officers were not a joke, in face of this situation, most people thought that the Liang family was in big trouble. Although they were dissatisfied by the way the SWAT officers shouted at them, they still stepped back. After all, it was not their problems, they'd better not get involved. However, they had completely forgotten the fact that they were originally here to seek help from the Liang family.

They feared the identity of the SWAT officers and their weapons, so they did not dare to resist. Moreover, they still have not seen anyone from the Liang family come out, so while they moved back to both sides of the lobby in a cooperative manner, they were constantly talking to each other while pointing their fingers at the SWAT officers. Because they were sure that those SWAT officers would not dare to do something just because they were pointing their fingers at them.

In everyone's whispering, a young man without a police uniform appeared in the middle of the lobby, followed by a dark-skinned, serious-looking SWAT commanding officer and a frail figure.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( ot a kutl .bl og s po t . co m)

Immediately, this group of celebrities and tycoons started to guess the identity of this young man. He, who was able to bring a group of SWAT officers into the Liang's family's villa, was definitely not an ordinary young man.

The lobby was full of people, who had interactions with the people from the upper class, and even though most of them could not make friends with people from the top, they were familiar with most of the senior officials in the provincial capital. Some of them had even seen some of the important people in the capital from a distance, but they still could not recognize the young man.

Everyone in the lobby was unfamiliar with the young man. It could even be said that there had never been such a person in the upper-class social circle. There wasn't anyone who looked similar to him, so there was no way to find clues from his appearance.

Then looking at the appearance of those SWAT officers, some smart people began to guess that they could be sent here by deputy chief Liu from the provincial capital. It was said that deputy chief Liu was the best friend of the deputy secretary Fang of the party committee. The Fang family and the Liang family were not on good terms because of a land dispute in the past. It was with the help of the Zhu family that they were finally able to settle this dispute. Could it be that the Fang family wanted to take revenge now?

The more these people thought that way, the more they believed it. If it was indeed like what they thought, probably the military would intervene soon. It was said that the Liang Family has done many things for the Zhu's family, not to mention that they were currently tied together in this preparation, so the Zhu family, which had a powerful military background, would definitely come out to help the Liang family.

Sure enough, as soon as the young man talked, everyone believed what they thought even more. In the light of the lobby, he looked around and said in a heavy voice, "where is Liang Xicheng?"

Then he moved aside to reveal another person behind him, a woman, whom most of the people in the room could recognize at a glance, and especially those people in the same industries as hers.

It is Lin Shuiyao!

Isn't she doing promotions in Shanghai?

Why is she here?

It seemed that what happened was indeed the grudge between the Liang family and the Fang family. It was said that Fang Yuesen, the son of the deputy secretary Fang of the party committee, and Liang Xicheng both have some interests in Lin Shuiyao. This was no longer a secret in their social circle.

Even if the young man in front of them was not Fang Yusen, he was probably the man that was appointed by him. He probably wanted to use the conflict that they had in the past to force the Liang family to give them the important materials that they had prepared these days.

After Lin Shuiyao appeared, everyone was even more sure about this.

At this time, Liang Xicheng came down from the stairs. At first, he was surprised to see Lin Shuiyao, and then he quickly turned his attention to the commander of the SWAT officers, and the last, it was the young man, who had just spoken.

He wasn't sure that the person that was in charge was that commander or the seemingly insignificant young man.

This was not his fault. After all, he had met with all of those who had some power or those who had higher social status than the Liang family in the province before, but he had never seen this young man.

Liang Xicheng managed to remain calm, and as he walked down the stairs, he adjusted his emotions and asked, "I am, and you are?"

Lin Shuiyao nodded gently to the young man, who was beside him as if to confirm something. Then that young man was no longer talking. In the next second, he suddenly started to run toward him at an extremely fast speed.

Liang Xicheng was startled, and just when he was about to shout, a white shadow appeared out of nowhere and ran past him at an unimaginable speed from his side, then he felt that something was missing from his neck.

The sudden change made the celebrities and tycoons in the lobby extremely agitated, the special police with guns were also very nervous. All the guns were instantly aimed at the white shadow.

On the contrary, the young man was very calm as if he had expected it. While he was still running towards the stairs, he took out a scroll and surrounded it with a trace of black gas that no one knew where it came from and said in a cold voice, "if you dare run away, and I will destroy this!"

But unexpectedly, that white shadow did not turn around. It leaped over people's heads like a gust of wind and dashed out of the villa in the blink of an eye. Such a "lightness skill", it was like magic, made everyone's mouths wide open in shock in the lobby.

"Want to run? Let's see who is faster!"

Then they saw the young man take out a fiery-red cloak, put it on, and dashed out of the lobby like lightning.

"Get him!"

The swat commander was dazed for a second and then immediately gave the order. The group of swat officers immediately lowered their guns and headed back to the helicopters, leaving a room of people gasping in both shock and confusion.

But for them, this was also a sign that the forces that seemed to be hidden behind the decision-making level began to emerge. However, why was it so shocking when they appeared? Since when did the Liang family's villa become a supermarket that people could come and go whenever they like?

The first person that chased out of the Liang family's villa was Chu Yunsheng, although he did not know how the white shadow got rid of the military's chase, he, who had already thought of the worst-case scenario, was prepared for this moment.

With the partial memory of Fiery figure that Old Youling had devoured, the cloak that Chu Yunsheng had just obtained, could easily be unlocked, and with the Yuan Qi and black gas that he had slightly recovered on the way to here, coupled with the black gas that he had taken back from Old Youling, he was confident that the was able to catch up with the white shadow.

In addition, Chu Yunsheng believed everyone had a limited amount of energy. After running for such a long distance, the white shadow definitely would not have much energy left.

It was now almost seven o'clock in the morning, and even if the nights during winter were long, the sky gradually became brighter at this time. Probably because of the large number of troops stationed in the city and the city had contingency plans, the order of the Nanjing city was obviously much better than that of Wuxi city. Many people still got up as usual and went out to look for whatever they could buy.

There were a lot of cars on the streets, and all the people looked very nervous. Some people wanted to go to the countryside because rumors were saying that there would be a big earthquake. Others thought that it was safer to stay in the city. The rumor about the Sun would disappear was also spreading in the city, so those, who believed this rumor, thought that once the Sun disappeared, they would only be able to survive in the much more organized cities.

Everyone had their own plans and ideas in mind, and they were doing all they could to prepare for the rumors they believed.

From the villa area of purple mountain to the city center, there was a road called East Zhongshan road. At the moment, people were moving hurriedly on the street while their minds were filled with panic and anxious feelings. Those people had gotten up very early today, hoping to find some more supplies they could stockpile. Suddenly, they noticed a white shadow with an ancient sword on its back was moving fast like a gust of wind from one roof of a car to another roof of a car.

Behind it, closely followed a man in a cloak, and the color of the cloak gradually changed from red to black during the chase like a threatening aura around it. When it ran past them, they could see a thin, narrow blade under the cloak.

One white one black, one was running at the front, the other was chasing close behind. Both people were running at an incredible speed. The people on both sides of the street had already stopped to watch this incredible scene. The people that were originally driving cars, had also stopped the car and gotten out of their cars to see this chase.

On both sides of the street, the residents on the high-rises and the office workers that were originally busy packing their stuff in the business buildings, all called over their family members, friends, and colleagues to gather near the windows. Quickly, the quiet and gloomy street was bustling with noises like a circus had arrived in a village.

But the speed of the black and white two shadows was too fast. In just a few moments, they appeared from one end of the street to the other end of the street. Most of the people were only able to hear people exclaiming in amazement, but when they followed the voice, all they could see was the vague views of their backs.

Because of the angle, only the residents in the high-rises and the employees in the tall office buildings could still see everything clearly. Seeing such an incredible high-speed chase, all of them immediately took out their phones to capture it, especially those who liked to use Weibo/Twitter. After capturing the video, they immediately uploaded it onto the internet.

Yuan Xiaoyi was also a hardcore Weibo/Twitter user. But she wasn't a white-collar. She was just a student at Nanjing University. When the black and white two shadows were running from the East Zhongshan road to Zhongshan road, from Zhongshan road to Gulou area, and eventually broke into this famous university, Yuan Xiaoyi was wearing soft milky white pajamas, holding a pink cup sleepily brushing her teeth

Sleepily, she glanced at the message that had just popped up on her phone that was placed on the bathroom basin. There was a blurry picture in the message, which showed a black and a white, two shadows, jumping from one seemingly moving car to another seemingly moving car. There was a line of text below it with several exclamation marks, "HOLY SHIT, SUPERHUMAN APPEARED!!!"

"So many strange news stories recently. It looks like it is really the end of the world..." Yuan Xiaoyi grunted and continued to brush her teeth with her cute toothbrush.

But when she looked up again, she was stunned, her body instantly became stiff, and her eyes suddenly became wide open.

Through a thin layer of condensation on the window, she saw two shadows suddenly break into the basketball court below the dormitory building like lightning and clashed together violently.

"Ah!" as she let out a surprised scream, she quickly picked up her phone and opened the message. After comparing it for a few times, they looked almost the same.

The only difference was that the two shadows in the picture that was uploaded by someone on Weibo/Twitter still had some distance between them, while what she saw was that the black and white two shadows had already collided into each other.

A fierce battle instantly broke out in the basketball court!

The white sword and the dark blade collided into each other fiercely, causing visible shockwaves constantly as if they could tear air apart. And the two shadows' speed was extremely fast. Yuan Xiaoyi opened her big eyes, but she still could not see it clearly.

The basketball hoops were cut into two, the dormitory walls appeared many cracks all of sudden, and the broken cement and broken glass were flying everywhere, and the ground was like the wrinkles on an old man's face. There were deep and shallow scars everywhere, which perfectly demonstrated the destruction of violence to the students around it.

More and more people were startled by the noise, many students popped their heads out cautiously from the dormitory buildings on both sides of the basketball courts, watching this strange fierce fight. Many students came out of the canteen, which had already been taken over by the government, and gathered around the basketball courts.

No one knew what was happening, and fear made those students want to stay far away from the basketball court, however, curiosity made them want to get closer to see the fight.

Suddenly, the two shadows were separated and stood quietly on each side of the basketball court.

At this time, Yuan Xiaoyi, who was on the third floor, finally had a chance to see the appearance of the two shadows. One was a swordsman in a simple white dress, the other one was covered in a gloomy black cloak.

When the fog that was caused by the white sword Qi and the black blade gradually dispersed, Yuan Xiaoyi picked up her phone excitedly, zoomed in, and wanted to take a closeup image of the white swordsman. However, when she saw the face of the white swordsman, she was instantly stunned.

He was so handsome, so cool, so perfect! She almost could not find a trace of the imperfection, even that casual expression would make girls lose their mind.

There was actually such a perfect man in the world! He was also so handsome that she could not stop her heart from beating rapidly when she looked at him.

She thought that she was almost going to pass out in his handsome appearance.

And she was not the only one that felt this way. All the girls in the dormitory felt exactly the same.

There was actually a kind of man that could make women lose their minds, and this man was clearly standing on the basketball court right now.

Although his look was so perfect, all the boys in the boy's dormitory did not feel envious at all. Because the feeling he gave off to other people would only make them unable to help themselves but admire him and respect him.

It was in such a short period of time, all the boys and girls that were around the basketball courts thought that the white swordsman was a good guy, and supported him secretly in their minds. In terms of the dark and gloomy cloaked man opposite the white swordsman, of course, he would be considered as a bad guy.

"You can't get away!"

The man in the black cloak spoke. As they expected, it was cold, murderous, and menacing, which sounded exactly like a villain.

Then the fight broke out once again!